Adult Party Fun: 101 Party Drinking Games You Won’t Remember

beer pong

It has always been a puzzle that in spite of hangovers and potential health risks, people always tend to serve and consume alcoholic beverages over parties and other special events. Alcohol has indeed become a part of every social gathering to the extent that it has assimilated into the culture and traditions of many.  In fact it had grown to become a lifestyle to people of every generation.Continue reading

Used Kegerators: A Smart and Cost Effective Alternative to More Expensive Kegerator Brands


Most people are under the impression that just because something is old and used they don’t work as good as the brand new ones. True, however it is not always the case. You see there are some appliances that only tarnish on the outside yet remains functional and efficient even with prolong use. Among them are kegerators that you use to store and serve craft beer.

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Cheap Kegerators For Budget Conscious Beer Enthusiasts

If you have been enjoying your favorite beer for years, then perhaps you may have overlooked how much you have spent on your beer during those happy days and happy hours. Presumably until now, you are still not paying much attention to how much you are paying for your favorite beverage whenever you devour them. Perhaps its not that you don’t care; maybe, you just don’t mind spending a bit extra for it.

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How To Build Your Own Homemade DIY Kegerator

DIY Kegerator

In case you do not know, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest and one of the most popularly known beverages next to tea and water. A great fraction of the world’s population, young and old is fond of having beer on a variety of occasions.  They have essentially become a staple to every social gathering alongside wines and other liquor.

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What Is A Wine Cooler? A Guide to Wine Storage, Preservation and Service


Have you ever wondered how wine aficionados are paying attention to the manner they store and serve their most favored wines? As I have observed, people have always been fund of having wines on their tables. Sadly, only a fraction really knows how to handle and store them in the right way. In fact, most are at the habit of throwing their wines into their regular kitchen refrigerators. They think it’s enough to keep them chilled just the way they want it. But have you ever wondered if it is indeed the right thing to do?

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Portable Air Conditioner For Car Owners

portable ac for car

One of the worst things that could happen to you whenever you are driving for work or to some place else; is to find out that your car’s air conditioner has suddenly run warmer or worse, broken down. If you haven’t been on that kind of situation yet, then perhaps you can already imagine how horrible and uncomfortable it would seem, to be caught in such an annoying situation.

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Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

quiet portable ac

Portable Air Conditioners generate different intensities of sounds. How these sounds are perceived, as to whether they can be considered as noise, varies from person to person. Noise is subjective. How you interpret them depends upon your threshold and your tolerance level. Additionally, what may be unbearable for you might just be normal and significantly quiet for others and vice versa.

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Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Portable Air Conditioners

Are you contemplating on buying an air cooling appliance to help you chill out from the hot periods of summer days? Have you been looking at Portable Air Conditioners for quite some time but just couldn’t decide? Ease your mind as i help you come up with a a smart choice by learning how to read through Portable Air Conditioner Reviews. Let me walk you through the best portable air conditioners you can find, so you can fully enjoy the warm  days of summertime.

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