The ABC’s of Beermeister Kegerators


Have you ever heard of Beer Meister kegerators? Have you ever considered buying one from its wide range of beer dispensers? Beermeister is the first and the Original manufacturer of the World’s Kegerator. If you like the sound of that, then let me walk through fine points of this brand. 

For consumers, nothing can ever be more inviting than having a particular product that is being referred to as “the original”. Most people are under the impression that an original, as being the first in the market that delivers to the expectations of many with high efficiency and accuracy.

Having been around for years, long before competition brands existed; the original manufacturers have already established a very good reputation to its consumers. Moreover, they are most likely to have gained the trust of consumers worldwide.

People give high regard and consideration to manufacturing companies that have delivered to the expectations and the needs of many. It’s all right for consumers to be skeptical of the products they intend to purchase, however it wouldn’t hurt to keep an open mind in finding out which among the different brands and models will work best for you.

When it comes to kegerators, Beermeister is the pioneer of the production of beer dispensing units. They were the first to realize the need for such an appliance and thus have exerted so much effort to deliver to the demands of beer enthusiasts across the country.

In this review, I look into the different kegerator models that Beer Meister has to offer.

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 “The Original” Beer Meister Kegerator

Beer Meister has been known as the pioneer of the production and distribution of beer dispensing units-the kegerator. They started the production from way back since the 1960’s and have continually provided consumers with highly efficient and stylish kegerator appliances.

For several decades, Beermeister has continually produced kegerator products for a wider range of  consumers. They offer high quality kegerators that people of everyone can afford. In fact it is safe to say that you will be able to find a highly efficient kegerator of your choice regardless of your financial situation.

Another great thing about this company is that they are also producing beer brewing supplies which makes it possible for homeowners to brew their own beer. They too have excellent customer support services ensuring that you get the most out of your kegerator units. Consequently it makes your beer dispensing and brewing experience more convenient and fun.


The ABC’s of Beermeister Kegerators

As I have mentioned, beermeister has a wide array of kegerator products to choose from. Whether you are thinking of getting a beer dispenser for home use or possible commercial enterprise, name it and they’ve got it.  In order to assist you in making a smart choice among an array of equally efficient products here are some of basic know-hows that you should know when looking for BeerMeister Kegerator.

Types of Use

Technically there are 4 different catergories to choose from with regards to its intended use.  As I always say on my other reviews the very first step in identifying which particular product suits you best is to understand how to make use of your appliances.

Home Brew

Beer Meister Homebrew kegerators are for beer lovers who love to brew their own beer. These units are primarily used if you want to customize the carbonation of your draft beer. What sets these units apart from other Beermeister Kegerators are the connections that are being used in these devices. These components can either be a pin lock or ball lock and connects into your Cornelius kegs or corny kegs.

Corny kegs among other types of kegs are best used for home brewing. They are much more easier to fill, clean and maintain thus giving it’s users the best experience in brewing their own draft beer.


Under this category, beer lovers such as you have a wide range of options. They are easy to use and install, and as such spares you of the hassles of having to set up a beer dispensing unit of your own. These units are more ideal for people who consume draft beer on a regular basis. You will find these units ideal for hosting small gatherings and parties.


Commercial grade Beermeister kegerators obviously are more expensive than the other types. Having been built to withstand constant use and abuse, these devices are made from high quality materials and components. Hence, they are able to deliver heavy duty performance compared to other types.

These indoor type kegerators have no plastic components and come with everything you need to set it up.

Built-In/Undercounter Use

What sets these units apart from the other type of Beermeister kegerators is that they are built capable to be installed into confined spaces. You can place them under your kitchen counters and existing cabinets without having to worry about breaking the unit. They come with front ventilation systems allowing you to use these units even with zero clearance at its rear and sides.



Kegerator taps come in a number of varieties from single tap to dual, up to triple taps. These taps are generally meant for dispensing beer into your glass and thus the classification under these category are only based on the number of glasses it can service in an instant.


These are kegerators with single faucets and can dispense beer into a glass or cup one at a time. Under this type of kegerator you can fit a huge keg into your kegerator’s compartment. Single tap kegerators are an excellent choice for those who eyes off a beer dispenser for personal use and occasional social events and gatherings.


Dual tap kegerators are able to dispense to two cups or glasses at the same time. You can in fact service two different types of beer in one kegerator for as long as you fill two different kegs with a different type or texture of beer. These units make an excellent for people who prefer to serve varying types of beer or are serving a number of people.


If you are setting up a kegerator for business applications or for hosting large occasions then you can put a triple tap kegerator to its best use. It can dispense three different types of beer from one unit simultaneously. This eliminates that awkward situation when guests line up for a glass of draft beer. Triple tap kegrators let you dispense beer to a number of people at a much faster pace as compared to using a single tap.


Value Line

The value line of Beermeister kegerator caters to the needs of common household owners aspiring to own a kegerator of their own on a limited budget. These units are affordable enough for budget conscious beer enthusiasts looking for an efficient and effective way to serve draft beer within the range of your financial capacity.

Priced at several hundred dollars, you will be able to store and serve fine tasting brew in the comfort of your own home.

Premium Line

Premium Line can be used for both built in and free standing applications. They are ideal for both residential and commercial use hence are able to withstand extreme conditions better than the Value Line range of Beirmeister Kegerators.

What makes the Premium Line a great buy for beer enthusiasts is they present superb functionality and exquisite appeal to any home setting. Having been built with premium grade components, you can be certain that your kegerator will be able to serve its purpose for the longest time possible.


Beer Meister Kegerators comes with two color options. The distinctive reference for these two rests on the color of it’s doors. They can either be in the classic all black cabinet with an exquisite black door finish or a stainless steel door.

  • black door
  • stainless steel door


Different Beer Meister Kegerator Units

Home Brew Beer Meister Kegerators

Value Line

Beer Meister dual tower with black door kegerator- homebrew value line (no kegs included)

This dual tower beer meister kegerator is equipped with noteworthy features that every home brewer can take advantage of. It comes with an elegant all black cabinet and door that exudes high sophistication and class. This particular unit is equipped with an electronic temperature control panel. Temperature readings can be clearly seen through its LED display. Such a feature gives you enough leeway to set your beer’s temperature as you like it.

When it comes to usage, this is among the most user friendly kegerators that offers ease of use and maintenance. They come with everything you need except for the kegs that you need to purchase seperately. It easily installs too, sparing  you from the hassles and added expense of calling in a technician.

This unit is a dual tower kegerator that is able to dispense to two glasses/cups of beer in the same instance. It also gives to the opportunity to serve two types of beer in one dispensing unit.

If you think this particular unit best serve your beer dispensing needs, click here.


Beer Meister dual tower with stainless steel door kegerator- homebrew value line (no kegs included)

This particular unit is the stainless steel door version of the former Beermeister dual tower kegerator. If you are not so much into black colored home appliances then the stainless steel door model is a perfect choice. With this unit, you get to enjoy the same benefits of having the former model, but with a cleaner and lighter appeal.

To have a good look at this particular model, you can check it out at by clicking here.


Beer Meister triple tower with black door kegerator- homebrew value line (no kegs included)

If you have been to parties where people tend to wait in line to get a cup of freshly brewed beer, then you know how frustrating and exasperating such an occasion would be. To avoid people lining up to serve themselves with draught beer, you need to have a kegerator that is able to dispense beer to several glasses of beer at the same time. In this case, your best option would be a triple tower Beermeister Kegerator.

The triple tower beermeister kegerator can fill up to three cups or glasses with beer simultaneously. In fact you can even serve three different beers at the same time. You can have a lager on one keg, and an ale and stout on the other two. Wouldn’t it be great to serve three different types of beer when hosting a party to a large group of people you value?


Beer Meister triple tower with stainless steel door kegerator- homebrew value line (no kegs included)

The Triple Tower Beermeister homebrew kegerator also offers units with stainless steel doors. These kegerators are ideal for people with a great appreciation for polished and glamorous looking appliances.

These units enjoy the same features as that of the dual tower beer meister kegerator except that its tower is able to serve three glasses at the same time. Like most kegerators it comes with its own CO2 tank although you will need to have them filled by a dealer near you.

With triple taps, you may need to refill your CO2 tank more often than single taps coz they tend to use up carbon dioxide faster than the other models.

If you feel a stainless steel door Triple Tower Beer Meister kegerator best fits your home interior, click here.

FAQ’s on HomeBrew BeerMeister Kegerators

How cold can these kegerators get?

These Homebrew Beermeister Kegerators can cool to as much as 32 degrees and can dispense beer with a temperature of 36 degrees.

What kind of kegs can be used in this beermeister kegerator?

The Beermeister Dual Tower Kegerators can hold kegs of the following configurations:

  • one 16 gallon ( ½ barrel)
  • 1 slim 8 gallon keg (1/4)
  • two 5 gallon (1/6 barrel)
  • three homebrew kegs
Do these units come with their own keg?

No they don’t, you need to purchase it separately.

How big are these kegerators?

The Beermeister dual and triple tower kegerator both approximately measures 47” H x 24 1/4″ D X 24″ W.

Does it automatically defrost?

Yes it does.

Can these units be used outdoors?

These kegerators are built for indoor use; however you may use it outdoors provided that you store it back inside your homes after use.

Can you install these units flushed against a wall or enclosed inside a cabinet or undercounters?

Maybe, if you provide enough space for these units to breathe. The absence of a front ventilation system makes it unsuitable for use with zero clearances from all sides. I suggest that you have a look at Beermeister Built-In Kegerators that you can find as you read through the rest of the review below.

Will dual and triple tower Beermeister Kegerators use up more carbon dioxide faster than a single tap?

Yes indeed. You may need to refill your CO2 tank more often than single towers.

My View

Homebrew kegerators are perfect for people who love to make their own brew. In fact you can choose to purchase several types of beer extract and follow through some of the best beer recipes you can find online. One good thing about Beermeister Homebrew Kegerators is that they are easy to fill, use and clean. You surely wont have a hard time serving beer for yourself and for your friends.

Priced at mid range, these kegerators are something most people can afford. They are neither cheap nor expensive to cater for most beer enthusiasts. Before buying your very own Beermeister Kegerator for home brewing, find out the number of taps that you need. The triple tower is priced a bit higher than the dual tower model but both are equally efficient and effective.

Residential Use Beer Meister kegerators

Value Line

Beer Meister single tower with black door kegerator – Value Line

Beer Meister holds several beer dispensing units that caters to the brewing needs of the middle class. They are highly affordable yet functions similarly as those of the premium line. You can find these units in single, dual and triple towers.

This particular unit is by far the cheapest among Beer Meister’s line of kegerators. At 47″ H × 24 1/4″ D × 24″ w; it is able to hold ¼, ½ , and 1/6 kegs. It is spacious enough to hold at most You 3 homebrew Corney kegs right inside its compartment. Like the rest of Beermeister kegerators it is equipped with a digital thermostat with an led display that lets you monitor and adjust the temperature of your kegerator.

Having been equipped with noteworthy features, this beer dispensing unit is easy to use and maintain. Its auto defrost system spares you from the hassles of having to drain it with water manually. It has casters that make it possible for you to move them around from place to place without exerting too much effort.

If this particular model of Beermeister Kegerator interests you, you can find more about it by clicking here.

Beer Meister single tower with stainless door kegerator- Value Line

If you would rather have a kegerator that exudes a more simplistic and clean appeal to your existing home décor, then you can choose to have a stainless steel door unit. It works similarly as that of the former except it looks quite a bit different on the outside.

Check out the stainless steel door kegerator at by clicking here.

Beer Meister dual tower with black door kegerator – Value Line

The Beer Meister Dual tower kegerator is best for people who frequently hosts parties and get togethers. This unit is the dual tap version of the Residential Beer Meister Kegerators that can dispense perfectly chilled and carbonated beer into two glasses or cups at the same time. If you have a got a couple of heavy drinkers as your company, then this kegerator is your best bet.

If you feel this type of kegerator best fits your beer dispensing needs click here,

Beer Meister dual tower with stainless door kegerator – Value Line

If you prefer to have the dual tower with stainless steel door Beermeister kegerator, you can check it out at by clicking here.


Premium Line

Beer Meister single tower with black door kegerator – Premium Series

If you have the luxury to spend on a kegerator that not only looks good but works with high efficiency then I suggest you have a great look at the premium line of Beermeister kegerators for residential use.

You will certainly fall in love with this unit by simply looking into its design and finish. It comes with a with a 304 grade stainless steel top and handles that instantly makes it an eye catching master piece. From the look itself alone, you can tell that these units are hard wired from the inside out.  They are bigger, fuller and bolder can be used for built in and freestanding applications.

At 5.6 cu.ft, these premium residential kegerators can accommodate large sized kegs including those of a Miller Coors. It has a beautiful LED lit interior that adds class and value to the product in the occasion that someone takes a peek on what’s inside.

Equiped with a digital thermostat, you will have no problem adjusting and monitoring your beer and your units temperature. Therefore, you are ensured of serving perfectly chilled beer for you and your guests to enjoy.

To find out more about this product, click straight through to here.

Beer Meister single tower with stainless door kegerator- Premium Series

This kegerator is the silver door model of the former. They look and work in the same way except that this particular model has a  stainless steel door for a cleaner and elegant appeal. They make an excellent option for those who are not so keen on having black home appliances.

If you think this unit will look better on your home bar, click here.

Beer Meister dual tower with black door kegerator- Premium Series

If you are eyeing on a kegerator that is able to service two glasses or cups of beer at a time, this particular unit is one of your best choices. It comes with a dual tap tower that you can use to dispense two similar or different types of beer at a time. This Beeirmeister Kegerator comes with a sturdy compartment with stylish black cabinet and door.

It has a stainless steel top, guard rail and door handle that adds a sophisticated contrasting effect to its all black cabinet and door.

In order to find out if this unit perfectly fits into your home setting, click here.

Beer Meister dual tower with stainless door kegerator – Premium Series

The dual tower premium residential kegerator comes with two different color options. This unit makes a statement of its own with its all shiny and glamorous appeal. having been built with an all stainless cabinet and door handles, it perfectly complements any kind of interior decoration that you may have.

Just like the rest of all the other premium kegeratprs, this particular unit has an internal CO2 tank mount, therefore making it suitable for used under your existing cabinetry and under-counters.

For interesting offers and great deals on this product, please see this item at by clicking here.

Beer Meister triple tower with black door kegerator – Premium Series

If you are looking for a kegerator with superior quality and functionality then the triple tower premium residential kegerator is your best bet. Not only that these devices look good in the naked eye, they are also a cost effective solution to your home brewing needs.

Now you may raise your eyebrows on the fact that I consider these units cost effective considering the high end price of these products. However if you are to analyze all the benefits that you will be able to enjoy with these device, you will come to realize that this particular unit will be worth the money you will spend for it.

This triple tower kegerator is spacious enough to accommodate three 1/6 kegs to dispense three different types of beer to three different glasses simultaneously. Consequently, this prevents people from lining up to get their priced alcoholic beverage. You never have to worry if your guests are having the time of their lives whenever you celebrate a special occasion and event.

Beer Meister triple tower with stainless door kegerator- Premium Series

This is yet again another stylish and superior triple tower kegerator from Beermeister. This is the stainless steel door model of the former, ideal for people who prefers to have a more neutral and lightly colored home interior setting. It works similarly with the other triple tower premium residential kegerator only with a different color.

If you prefer to have triple tower premium residential kegerator,  click here.

FAQ’s on Beermeister Kegerators for Residential Use

What are the dimension of these units?

These kegerators approximately measures 39 1/4″H x 23 7/8″W x 24 7/8″D (w/o tower, w/o guardrail, w/ caster).

How cold can these premium line of kegerators get?

You can set the temperature of these units from anywhere between 30-50 degrees.

Do they come with adjustable feet?

Yes it does you can adjust the legs to make it fit into virtually any space that you please.

Do they have casters?

Yes they do, you can move them from place to place with less effort.

Do they have an integrated door lock?

Yup, it is located at the bottom along the vents. You can be sure your beers are safe against unauthorized access.

Do you have to manually defrost the unit?

No need for it has an automatic defrost system.

How do the residential kegerators differ from homebrew kegerators?

The only thing that sets homebrew kegerators from residential kegerators are the types of kegs and disconnects that you use. Homebrew kegerators in general requires corny kegs with pin locks and ball locks. These components are a prerequisite in brewing your own beer.

What Kind of kegs can fit inside it?

The premium line of kegerators can accommodate kegs of the following configurations:

  • 1 Full Size Keg, including the oversized Miller Coors Kegs
  • 2 Slim 1/4 Barrels
  • 3 1/6 Barrels
  • 3-4 Cornelius Kegs (4 is a very tight fit)
Do these units have a CO2 tank mount?

Yes they have you can find it inside its compartment.

Do they vent at the rear?

No they dont. Since these units are built compatible for both built in an free standing applications they come with a front ventilation systems.


My View

The Beermeister kegerators for residential use comprises a large number of beermeister’s kegerators. It holds a wide range of products from the most affordable ones to the more pricey high-end beer dispensers. You will also find different types of kegerators based on the number of glasses or cups they can serve in an instance.

Prices do vary depending on the line and towers. Prices go up as the number of taps increases, therefore you will find single tap models more affordable than the dual and triples. If you are on a very limited budget, then you can choose from the Value Line of  Beermeister Kegerators.  Much to your dismay, the value line only holds up to dual tower kegerators and does not carry triple tap beer dispensers.

If you regularly hosts parties to a crowd then i suggest you get the triple tap kegerator from Beermeister’s premium line instead.  But, if you are on a strict budget you can choose the mid-range triple tower homebrew kegerator that was previously discussed in this review.

Beermeister Kegerators for Undercounters and Built-In Applications

Premium Line

Beer Meister single tower with black door built-in kegerator – Premium Series

This Beermeister Kegerator is built specifically for built in applications. This unit is a classic and elegant all black beer dispenser highlighted with stainless steel handle and tower. These units do not come with guard rails and can be easily installed under your kitchen counters even with zero clearance.

They come with everything you need to install your units inside your existing cabinets and undercounters. One feature characteristic to these devices is the presence of front ventilation without which will make it impossible to be installed in tight and enclosed spaces.

Like most Beermeister kegerators, this unit comes with a digital thermostat and LED display. This feature lets you adjust and monitor the temperature inside the compartment. It is also equipped with a tower cooler that ensures your beers are poured at their proper serving temperatures at all times.

As being among the premium products of beermeister kegerators, this particular model has the added advantage of having an integrated door lock. This way you can be rest assured that your alcoholic beverage is free from unauthorized access more especially if you are living with minors.

If you think this kegerator will make a good addition to your home bar, check it out at by clicking here.

Beer Meister single tower with stainless door built-in kegerator – Premium Series

If you want to enjoy the perks of having a single tower built in kegerator but with a more glamorous and clean appeal then this unit is your best choice. It works similarly with its black counterpart except for its outside appearance.

If you prefer to have this product, click straight through to by clicking here.


Beer Meister dual tower with black door built-in kegerator – Premium Series

Dual tower kegerators such as this Beermeister beer dispenser are for those who serve beer to number of people. If you regularly throw a party or a simple gathering to a number of people then you should definitely consider getting a dual tap.

Aside from being able to cater to the demands of a relatively large number of guests, this unit also lets you serve two types of beer at a time. All you need to do is to fill in two different kegs with two of your favorite brew. Now you and your guests gets to enjoy different types of beer in one party setting

Want to find out more about this Beermeister Kegerator? Click here.

Beer Meister dual tower with stainless door built-in kegerator – Premium Series

Yet again this is the stainless door model of the dual tower Beermeister built-In Kegerator. This unit make an excellent addition to your wine bar if you prefer to have a lighter and cleaner approach to your home interior.

Regardless of the difference in door color, this particular unit functions in similar ways with the black door model.

You can check this item out at by clicking here.

Beer Meister triple tower with black door built-in kegerator – Premium Series

If you are considering getting a triple tap kegerator, then you are either a great host or a booze freak. Triple taps are generally for those who hosts parties and social gatherings on a regular basis. Otherwise you would be picking up on those single taps which are way cheaper than triples.

There are 2 different ways on how you can put your triple tap kegerators to their best use. One is to serve three different types of beer in one kegerator.  And the other is it prevents guests from piling up in long lines for beer.

Ready to make your purchase? Click here.


FAQ’s on Beermeister Built In Kegerators

Do these kegerators have casters?

Since these Beermeinster Kegerators are built for built-in applications, casters won’t be really much of a good use. Hence, the manufacturer has made these units with adjustable legs so that it can fit most undercounters and cabinets.

How cool can these Beermeister Kegerators Get?

You can set the thermostat from anywhere between 30-50 degrees.

Why do these units do not have guard rails on top?

Guard rails wont be much of a good use. Remember that these kegerators will be placed under your kitchen counters and cabinets. You can choose to have one installed, but you will have to screw it on top of your cabinet or your counter.

How do you install the tower into the unit when used for undercounters?

It’s quite simple actually but you have to be accurate when drilling a whole through which the tower can pass through and get connected to the refrigerator.

What are the dimensions of these beer dispensers?

These kegerators are at 5.7 cu.ft and has a dimension of 34 3/8″H x 23 7/8″W x 24 7/8″D.

What types of kegs can these kegerators accommodate?

The Built In Kegerator of Beer Meinster can hold kegs of the following configurations

  • 1 Full Size Keg, including the oversized Miller Coors Kegs
  • 2 Slim 1/4 Barrels
  • 3 1/6 Barrels
  • 3-4 Cornelius Kegs (4 is a very tight fit)
Do these kegerators come with other color schemes?

With Beermeister Kegerators, there’s only 2 color schemes to choose from. You can either have a kegerator with black door or stainless steel.

Are the doors reversible?

No, I am afraid the doors are not reversible. You have to think carefully on how you plan to install your unit and where you want to place it.

My View

Built-In Kegerators are a space efficient means to dispense beer. If you dwell in small living spaces then they are your next best option to counter-tops. You can install it under you kitchen counters or existing cabinets.  That way, your kegerator wont take additional space off your floor area.

They can be quite pricey as being among the high-end kegerators of Beermeister. However, they are priced several bucks cheaper than the premium residential use Beermeister Kegerators. Since they are available from single to dual and triples, you have a lot of choices with regards to the number of glasses/cups it can service.

Final Word

If there’s one thing that I really like about Beermeister Kegerators is that it offers options to consumers. No matter what kind of beer dispensers you are looking and for whatever reasons you may have in making a purchase, they certainly have something to offer.

Moreover, they have a wide range of products with prices ranging from mid range to high end. This is good news to all beer lovers looking for kegerators that not only fits into their lifestyle but to their financial capabilities as well.

In order to find great value for your money, always pay attention to the fine prints of the units you intent to buy. To make a smart choice, find a compromise between what you need, what you want and what you can afford. 


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