Best Built Wine Coolers

I know for a fact that as a wine lover yourself you are well aware of the importance of wine coolers. I hope that you also realize that you cannot rush into buying this appliance thinking that any model and brand will do and that quality is the greatest feature of the best built wine coolers.

They may be built for the same purpose of getting your wines to their optimum structure. However, you have to understand that there are certain brands or models that will deliver better results than the other. And so the hunt for the Best Built Wine Coolers begins.

In this article I will help you look into the nitty gritty of the Best Built Wine Cooler brands you can find online. Not only that I will provide you with the best wine coolers to choose from.  I will also be giving out piece by piece information on what exactly to look for in a wine cooler. I’m here not to tell you exactly what to buy but rather teach you how to make the perfect choice.

Remember that it’s always not enough to get something that works, you must always choose the best among the bunch.  That way there’s no telling yourself that “I wish I could’ve bought this or that” or maybe, “this is a wrong choice, I should’ve bought that “.

Regrets are signs of dissatisfaction and I do not want you ending up wishing for something better when you already spent for it. So, read on and learn.

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Know What You Really Need

In all aspects of life, it is always difficult to make choices.  More so at times when you are torn between getting what you want versus what you really need. I know like me you too experience this kind of situations. Like when buying for clothes, gadget, appliance, car etcetera. Quite stressful isn’t it? The solution however is to know what you need and then choose from a variety of options. I’m not sure whether you will agree on me on this but there are some things that even though we want so much they are just not right for us.

The same goes for your wine coolers, I do know that you probably already have in mind the kind of wine fridge you want to have.  But have you asked yourself if is it the right choice? Or if this wine cooler will serve you well enough and be satisfied with it. If you have read my post on Wine Cooler Reviews, then you know that there are a couple of important points you need to consider before buying a particular wine cooler. Now if you intend to have the Best Built Wine Cooler that more than what you want, would cater to your utmost needs then take time reading this post and then decide.

Set Your Criteria

In order for you to make a sound decision on your search for the Best Built Wine Cooler, think of yourself as a judge and the different wine cooler brands as candidates. Have a particular set of criterion just as so you have a definitive sets of standards as your points of comparison.  I have made a few myself so hopefully you will find these helpful.

  • Temperature Accuracy

    Get a wine cooler that has had a good reputation on keeping your wines exactly within the temperature range as indicated. It will be wiser if you try to find out if your options can indeed cool your wines to their perfect serving temperatures. Read wine cooler reviews such as mine and participate in online forums.

  • Durability

    Your wine coolers should have withstood the test of time. No person would ever want a unit that claims to be the Best Built Wine Cooler when it could barely last a year or two. Dedicate a lot time in researching how your products of interest are faring with regards to its length of service. The best way to find out is thru reading feedbacks from users who had a firsthand experience with your cooler of interest. Better yet read my posts for reliable and unbiased reviews.

  • Design and Features

    This is where different brands and models are beating each other out neck to neck. And this is also where consumers get torn deciding on which among the units are for keeps. Let me point it out clearly that more than the design, you also need to look into its features. There are some products that will captivate you with its beauty only to find out in the end that the less appealing counterpart does a better job. Be very critical and pay very strong attention to ergonomics as much as you do with aesthetics.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Often times we relate quality to cost. The more expensive a wine cooler is the more efficient it is. Methinks that isn’t always the case, there are a great deal of wine coolers that in spite of its affordable price outdoes the more expensive brands. The Best Built Wine Coolers are those units where you get the best value for your money. Why go for more expensive brands when there are more affordable competitions that can equally do its job. Why settle for cheap and highly affordable units when you can only have them for less than a year or worse several months.

Focus on Important Features

As you look into the different wine coolers you have as options, carefully look into each built and features in a detailed fashion. Doing so ensures that you are not missing out on its important attributes and flaws. This way you will be able to discern at what aspects these models may be falling short or under what circumstances they work best. It is in simple terms finding out their strengths and weaknesses and weighing out which is the Best Built Wine Cooler among the rest.

To assist you in finding out which among your choices would serve your interest well, have a look at the sets of features and helpful tips below to help you decide.

Thermostat and Control Panel

What more can ever be as important as the thermostat and control panel? This is the control center of your wine cooler that lets you manage its functions. It is through this component that you get to adjust the temperature and activate some of its special features such as alarm, lighting and temperature readings. In order for your potential wine fridge to qualify as among the Best Built Wine Coolers, it has got to have a user friendly control panel and a precise thermostat.

There are basically two options to choose from, manual and digital. Since we are already in a digital age, I will have to say that a wine cooler with digital temperature controls and display is the one for keeps. Though manual thermostats are quite easier to use, the digital counterparts are much more accurate and precise as its temperature can be set at 1o increments.

Helpful Tips
  • Get a wine cooler with easily understandable controls. You can’t go wrong with a unit that just with the looks of it explains exactly how it operates.
  • A programmable thermostat is always a great thing as it gets you to keep your wine coolers temperature settings within its optimum range.
  • Choose a wine cooler model whose temperature settings can be controlled from the outside, it spares you of having to open your wine cooler when you need to adjust the temp or switch off its lighting.
  • Digital thermostats with intuitive control panels and digital display provide ease of use and more efficient temperature management. Now if you want more time for more important things to do than keeping an eye on your wines, go digital.

Cooling System

There are basically only two types of cooling systems used in wine coolers, these are compressor and thermoelectric.  I cannot say that the Best Built Wine Coolers are those that have a thermoelectric system or vice versa. Each type equally has its own capability and has been proven to be proportionately efficient.

Helpful Tips
  • Consider your tolerance to noise; if you can’t bear the sound a compressor makes as it cools then go thermoelectric.
  • If you live at an area where temperature conditions are erratic then compressor cooled systems are your best option. Compressors are more capable and efficient in maintaining stable temperature conditions even when outside temperatures fluctuate.
  • If you are on a low budget then choose among a range of thermoelectric wine coolers, these units are cheaper as they have fewer components.


The body is what holds and keeps everything together. It houses your wines and every piece of component the wine cooler has. It is important to choose your potential wine cooler with high regard on the make of its body.  It dictates how you can make use of your cooler as a whole.

Helpful Tips
  • Find a solid and durable body, this way you are ensured that your wine cooler will be able to hold its maximum capacity. Your best option should be those that are made from stainless steel. Not only are they durable but they also help keep your coolers’ interior cool.
  • Get a model with flexible installation options especially if you have a number of wines to store. There are models that are built compatible for both built in and freestanding applications. The Best Built Wine Coolers therefore are those that can be used for both purposes.
  • Get your coolers in their appropriate size, be mindful of the number of wines you need to store and the space you have for it to occupy.
  • Choose the design and color that would best compliment your interior decoration.


A wine coolers door does more than what you think. Not only does it seal your wines inside the wine refrigerator but it also helps keep the wine coolers interior cool. The door likewise protects your wines against premature aging that may be caused by UV light exposure. Additionally, it dictates how you can access your wines. Some doors come with reversible door hinges that lets you adjust its swing. Hmmm could be a great feature to look for in finding the Best Built Wine Cooler.

Helpful Tips
  • Get a wine cooler with doors that are UV protected as it helps filter out the harmful rays of ambient light.
  • Choose a door with a reversible door hinge so that you can have the freedom to adjust the door swing depending upon the location you plan to put in your cooler.
  • Go for a wine cooler that has an airtight door frame; it helps keep your wine coolers temperature stable as it seals off the cool air inside.
  • Do not overlook security and choose doors with locks to limit access to your wines especially from minors.
  • Choose a color and design that can perfectly compliment your interior.


As I was doing my research this is practically among the most commonly asked questions from potential wine cooler users. Their most common concerns are exactly how many wines a wine cooler can hold and if it comes with removable and adjustable wine racks.

Truly enough, shelving is important as it gives you multiple storage options. It even gives you the flexibility to keep varied sizes and shapes of wine bottles while keeping them free from external influences. The Best Built Wine Cooler therefore must be able to securely hold varied wine bottle types within its capacity.

Helpful Tips
  • Get a wine cooler with adjustable and/or removable wine racks, not only does it gives you multiple storage options but it also makes cleaning easy and hassle free.
  • Wine racks come in different makes. Choose a wine rack whose material and design would best suit your needs. You can find wine racks made from wood and metal chrome. Some models may even come in glass which I personally think is quite unsafe as your wines are likely to rollover.
  • Make sure that your shelves are durable; you would not want to send your wines crashing down the floor.
  • Take in consideration the manner how your wine bottles will nest on its shelves. Remember that it is always ideal to keep your wines in contact with the cork.

Ventilation System

A wine cooler’s ventilation system is among those features that are frequently overlooked. Let me tell you that you should never single out your wine coolers vents as it dictates how well and long your wine cooler will function. The vents help prevent heat buildup, keeping your refrigerators cool enough to chill your wines.

This is the very reason why most if not all built in wine coolers have front ventilation systems. It allows these units to breathe even when they are kept inside a cabinet or flushed against a wall. It also explains why some wine cooler models need to be installed with specific clearances or spaces on its side and rear. Now that you know, always be mindful of your appliance installation instructions and read their respective product manuals.

Interior Lighting

Almost every wine cooler has an interior lighting. They are installed to provide ample illumination for both display lighting purposes. You know very well how heat affects your wines taste and structure; you may want to choose a wine cooler that has an LED interior lighting as it doesn’t produce additional heat as that of an incandescent bulb.  

It would be even better if you look for a model that has a dedicated button for you to switch it on and off. Not only that it is more energy efficient but it also lowers the risk of getting additional heat to your wines.

My Personal Pick of The Best Built Wine Coolers

Now that you know exactly how to identify the Best Built Wine Coolers in the market today, you can start narrowing down your options. I’m pretty sure that just like me you’ll end up with fewer models on your list to decide on.  Have your choices ranked as per your preference and make a decision out of it as I have.

Here is a list on some of the models that I consider as among the Best Built Wine Cooler models we have today. We may have different preferences and needs but I hope somehow my choices can serve as your guide.

Read about these models on my Product Review Sections to fully understand why I considered them as the Best Built Wine Coolers of today.

  1. Eurocave Wine Art

  2. Danby 5.1 Cu.Ft. 51 Bottle Sillhouette Wine Cellar DWC518BLS

  3. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built In Wine Cooler Stainless Black (CWR301SZ)

  4. Haier HVTM12DABB 12 Bottle Dual Zone Mirrored Glass Door Wine Cooler

  5. Koolatron WC20 Mirrored Glass Door Wine Cellar (20 Bottle), Black