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best portable cooler

Do you live in the driest regions of the country?  Have you been looking for affordable ways to cool but finds an electric fan wanting, and a fixed type air conditioner inappropriate for use? Sit back and relax for I got you covered. Here you will find the best portable cooler opportune for use in the most arid regions of the country. 

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Summer is just around the corner and you are probably on your toes looking for that perfect destination to spend some time with your family and/or friends. Like you, most people take advantage of the summer days to move away from their normal busy lives. However, more than planning your upcoming summer getaway you also need to be one step ahead of the discomforts summertime may bring.

As you know, summer is the time of the year when the sun’s heat gets too warm for comfort. It can leave you feeling all stressed out, irritated and uncomfortable. It can even cause serious injuries to your health such as those of a heat stroke and dehydration.

Knowing how dangerous the dog days can get it is equally important that you pay special attention to finding ways on how to keep you and your homes shielded from the discomforts and perils of summertime. Find out how by reading through the entire article below..

How to Stay Cool During Hotter Days

There are quite a handful of ways on how you can cool your homes down for the summer.  Technology has provided you with state of the art appliances to help you stay comfortable and protected against the scorching heat of the sun. There are also simple tricks that can help you cool away the summer heat naturally by following these tips and tricks:

  • Stay Hydrated by drinking lots of fluid.
  • Take frequent bath and stay away from the direct heat of the sun.
  • Make smart food choices, eat more fruits and vegetables than meat and poultry.
  • Take shelter in a well ventilated area with your doors and windows left ajar so soft breeze may come in.

However, there are instances when natural ways won’t be enough to keep you comfortable. Since the earth’s temperature has risen up too much over the years,we get heat waves more often than we used to have in the past. At these instances, natural methods will not be enough to keep our home’s temperature down for comfort. We have to rely on what technology has to offer with regards to maintaining favorable temperature conditions.

Here are some home appliances that you can use for this purpose:

  • Electric Fans
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Evaporative Coolers

For this particular review let me bring your attention to an appliance that lies in between technology and the natural methods of cooling your livings spaces. 

What is an Evaporative Cooler?

An Evaporative Cooler also known as a Swamp Cooler is the best portable air conditioner cooler to use in areas with dry climate and low humidity levels. It simply uses water, both or either in its liquid or solid form to keep your surroundings cool. They function primarily in adding moisture to dry environments letting you and your skin breathe with ease.  Now if you live in the Southwestern Region of the country, an evaporative portable electric cooler is something you should invest on.

How does an Evaporative Cooler Work?

The best portable evaporative cooler works by taking advantage of the evaporation process. Evaporation is a naturally occurring phenomenon that you are encountering on your everyday life. A great example, which I assume you have experienced, is the sudden chill you feel the moment you step out of the pool on a hot summer day. The cooling effect is the result of dry air that passes over the pool and absorbs some of its moisture. Cooler air is then produced as water molecules turn into gas with its temperature switching from higher to lower degrees.

In the case of a portable electric cooler – the swamp cooler in its simplest sense, a fan draws in dry and stale air and cools as it passes through a cooling pad moistened with water. Cool air is then blown out of the system to almost about 20 degrees lower than what was drawn in. Since cool air is continuously circulated in and out of the system then the temperature you are likely to feel should be around four to six degrees lower than the actual temperature. 


The Pros and Cons of Using A Portable Air Conditioner Cooler

As I have been saying over and over again, appliances work in its maximum potential when used under the conditions that best serves their purpose. The same principle applies when using a portable swamp cooler.

Portable swamp coolers are more ideal for use in areas with low humidity and dry climate. There can be no better way than knowing the advantages and disadvantages it to help you decide whether your conditions warrants the use of portable air conditioner cooler or a different appliance.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using an evaporative cooler for your cooling needs.


  • They are portable and offer great mobility and easy maneuverability.
  • There no installation costs.
  • Do not need vents thus you can just plug it and use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Environmentally friendly as they do not use chemical refrigerants.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Available at a lower price point.


  • They do not function as well in areas with humid climate.
  • They do not get as cold as the built in air conditioning systems.
  • Requires constant refills of ice and/or water.
  • Warrants regular draining of its water by products.

Key Features to look for in a Best Portable Swamp Cooler

As you search for the best evaporative cooler that you can use for your cooling needs, carefully look into some of its key features. Doing so ensures that you get the best experience of your best portable cooler, plus the added comfort and convenient operation.

Here are some key features that you need to put into consideration as you search for the best portable cooler for your needs.

Speed Settings

The speed settings dictate how many options you have with regards to its ability to keep your surroundings cool. The more settings your portable swamp cooler have the more control you will have on keeping the air around you moist and cool.

Tank Size

The tank serves as the water reservoir of your swamp cooler. It is where you pour in the water needed to circulate cool air within the desired room to cool. The larger the water tank, the more water you can put it. Hence the larger the tank the longer your best portable swamp cooler can run.


In any appliance a built in timer is one of the main features to look for. It lets you save energy by programming when it should automatically turn on and off. Additionally, it gives you the luxury of getting your air cooler ready before you use it the moment you step into your room. You can sleep soundly without having to worry of leaving it switched on for quite a while. It spares you of having to wake up in the wee hours of the night to switch it off.

Remote Control

There can be no better way to relax on the hottest periods of dog days than lying on your couch while a soft cool air circulates and is blown into your face. Having a remote control that lets you control your best portable evaporative cooler  from a distance is indeed comfort and convenience at its best.


The Best Portable Coolers

Now that you are made aware on how the best portable swamp cooler works, let’s start weighing down your options. You see, there are tons and tons of brands and models to choose from and there’s no way you’ll end up without a portable evaporative cooler to help you  beat the heat of the midsummer’s sun.

Here are some of the Best Portable Coolers that you can find in the market today.

Luma Comfort EC220W High Power 1650 CFM Evaporative Cooler with 650 Square Foot Cooling

The Luma Comfort is a portable electric cooler that efficiently cools environments with dry climate and low humidity levels. They work best in the most arid regions of the country particularly on the states that lies on the Southwestern and Midwestern regions. This particular model is the best portable cooler in Luma’s Comfort series having been the largest and most powerful evaporative color in its line.

It can efficiently cool any room with an area of up to 650 sq.ft. It has a powerful blower design with widespread oscillation features that lets you feel cool and refreshed in any setting. This unit features a water reservoir that has a maximum water capacity of 10.6 gallons. You can fill it manually or take advantage of its direct water line connection feature for a continuous operation.

How long does it last using its 10 gallon capacity water supply?

It depends on the setting that you have and on the temperature of the area you are to cool. But it will be safe to say that this particular unit can run for about 6 hours.

Doe this system require outside venting?

Unlike the other portable air conditioners that warrants the installation of ventilation kits, evaporative coolers don’t. However, you may need to have some sort of ventilation that will help circulate air. Thus, it must be placed in areas near opened windows and doors else your rooms will become too humid for your comfort.

If a continuous hose is set up will it not overfill?

No it won’t, it has an automatic shut off feature that shuts off when full.

Does this unit work better when outside air is drawn into the system? Or will the air that circulates inside the room enough to keep cool air flowing.

With regards to evaporative coolers it is highly recommended that there is a continuous supply of fresh air to cool. It also needs adequate ventilation to get rid of the humid air so you won’t be swimming inside a closed room with high humidity levels.

Will it automatically shut off when the water runs out?

I’m afraid it won’t. It automatically shuts off when the water tank is filled so it won’t overflow but the unit doesn’t automatically shuts down when it runs out of water.

Is it noisy?

It’s as noisy as a fan. Noise is relative, if you a find the sound a fan makes noisy, then you will find this unit kind of noisy.

Can it be used in a data center or computer server rooms?

Definitely no, it uses water and adds humidity to the atmosphere. Water is a big no no for electronics; don’t even think about using this to cool your computer server rooms especially when there is no ventilation.

My View

This is probably among the most budget conscious yet highly efficient best portable evaporative coolers that you can use in beating the heat out of the dog days. It has enough water capacity to let you sleep through the hottest nights of summer with ease and convenience as it can give you a continuous supply of cool breeze for up to 6 hours.

You will be surprised to see how powerful this small unit can get in spite of its relatively small size. This just proves that you cannot judge an appliance by merely looking at its physical attributes.

To know more about Luma Comfort Ec220W, please visit the amazon website by clicking here.


Hessaire MC37A 2200 CFM 3 Speed Evaporative Cooler

If you are in search for the best portable swamp cooler that offers great portability and power, then this particular model of evaporative cooler might just be the one you need. It’s lightweight and compact yet performs as well as the larger evaporative coolers you can find in the market today.

This swamp cooler is ultra portable and is equipped with wheels that allow for ease of transport and movement to and fro the destination of your choice. It can cover an area of at least 750 sq. ft, even bigger than the areas covered by certain evaporative cooler brands. It’s three solid cooling media helps disperse a large supply of cool breeze into your area. It provides airflow of about 2200 CFM for maximum cooling and is equipped with oscillating fans and multiple cooling and fan speeds making it among the best portable evaporative cooler to use.

It has an intuitive control panel that lets you adjust the settings according to your preference. You will find its timer control and automatic shut off features well suited to your busy lifestyle. You can easily program when it will automatically shut off. It comes with a 3 speed option to choose from.

How big is its water reservoir?

Its water reservoir can hold as much as 10.3 gallons of water enough to keep you cool for 3-4 hours. However, it’s still depends on the existing temperature within your area. When it gets too hot expect its water consumption to be faster than the usual.

Does it come with an intuitive digital control panel?

I’m afraid the controls aren’t digital.  You can set this evaporative cooler to your desired settings via its mechanical control knobs for power, fan speeds, cooling levels and oscillation.

How do you fill it in with water?

You can fill it with water manually or you can have it connected to a garden hose. Connecting it to a garden hose gives you the opportunity to make use of its continuous water supply feature without having to worry of spillage. The float valve inside its reservoir prevents the unit from over filling.

Can you add ice to the water tank?

I think you can but you have to be cautious enough to ensure that smaller ice pieces will not clog the suction tube. Use ice at your own risk. You can use it but I don’t recommend it. There are evaporative coolers that offer separate compartments for ice and I suggest its best that you purchase those types instead.

Is it quiet?

The two lower settings are fairly quiet but the number 3 setting can be quite loud for comfort. It still depends on your noise threshold.

My View

This is a great unit for budget conscious people looking for an effective means to stay cool over the hottest days of summertime. What makes this particular model stand out from the others is the power and the cooling prowess that it possesses regardless of its relatively small built.

It even comes with programmable timer and automatic shut off features allowing you to set when it will automatically shuts off. It’s great to use at nighttime as you drift away to dreamland without having to worry of leaving your air cooler turned on for long hours.

Find out how this unit will deliver to your convenience by clicking straight to the amazon website here.


Hessaire MFC6000 5,300 CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler

This evaporative cooler from Hessaire is among the best swamp coolers you can use outdoors. It offers the same features as that of the 2200CFM model but at a much larger scale. It can cover an area of about 1600 sq.ft almost twice as much as that of the Hessaire MC37A.

Its 14.6 gallon water reservoir can cool your surroundings for about 3-4 hours when filled. This particular model is the best evaporative swamp cooler in its class being able to function as a cooler, fan and a humidifier at 5300 CFM. It operates simple and has a user friendly control panel that lets you adjust its settings with ease and without any complications.

It also has a 3 sided pad intake that promotes greater air flow and an air swing deliver system for maximum coverage. Because it doesn’t use chemical refrigerants like fixed air conditioning system does it makes a very eco friendly alternative to your cooling needs.

Is it quiet?

Since there is no compressor, it’s just as quiet as a fan.

Does it come with casters?

Yes it does. You will not have a hard time moving it around and transferring it from one room to another.

Can this unit be used indoors?

Absolutely for as long as you provide an ample amount of ventilation. You can simply open your windows or doors just as so you won’t end swimming inside a very humid environment.

Can you put ice in this unit?

Yes you can but I don’t recommend it as it may clog up some parts of your cooler and damage it. Just plain water is enough to keep you cool during dog days.

What is meant by its 3-4 run time?

It means you can run this unit when filled with water for 3-4 hours. But if you connect to a water supply through a garden hose, you get a continuous supply of water that automatically shuts off when the tank is filled. In that case, you’ll get to run your unit continuously for very long hours.

My View

This particular model is among the best portable swamp cooler you will handy for your home cooling needs. It offers the same features as the other Hessier air cooler mentioned above except that this is built to cool a much larger area. This unit maybe priced a little higher than the more affordable model but is still available at a very budget conscious price.

To know how this unit will deliver to your expectations, you can check this product out at the Amazon website by clicking here.


Honeywell CO60PM 125 Pt. Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – White/Grey

This Portable Evaporative Cooler is a non compressor system that cools naturally without the use of common refrigerants such as Freon. It makes an efficient and inexpensive alternative to air conditioning systems particularly in areas with dry climate and low humidity level.

It has a separate compartment for ice better than other brands and models that does not have a separate compartment for ice nor recommends the use of such. Ice helps cool the air further thus putting the comfort you get from this unit at a higher level than the competition.

Like other evaporative coolers, this model is equipped with features that allows for a continuous supply of water thus provides for a continuous and uninterrupted operation. It has four double wheel casters that make it easier for you to move them around.

This model can efficiently cool a room with an area of up to 850 feet with a powerful airflow of 1540 CBFM (cubic feet per minute).  It is UV and water resistant making it ideal for use even outdoors.

Will it work in a non ventilated area such as an office?

No, I don’t recommend using it in areas with no ventilation else it will get really humid inside, you’ll end up agitated than comfortable.

Is it noisy?

Dpeneds on your threshold, if you are aware of the sound your fan makes then it’s kinda like that.

Does it automatically shut off when the water runs dry?

No it doesn’t. However if you use the garden attachment then most likely the water will not run dry.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

Depends on how long you have been using it. Be mindful of some indicators that will tell you that it’s time to have the media replaced. One is to check on the media, if it no longer gets soaked due mineral build up then it has to be has replaced. Another key indicator is the presence of mildew or unpleasant odor.

What power supply is required to run it?

It needs a regular 110 V.

Does it come with a remote control?

No it doesn’t, you will need to set it up using its mechanical control knobs to adjust its swing, speed and cooling options.

How long will it run when filled with water?

When the garden attachment is not in use it can keep you cool for about 6 hours but it still depends on the outside temperature.

My View

This budget conscious portable air cooler is a great alternative to using a more expensive and less energy efficient air conditioning systems for your homes. This particular brand although equipped with mechanical controls still provides ease of operation when adjusting its swing, speed and cooling options depending on your needs.

It also comes with a garden attachment that spares you of having to refill its water tank every once in a while. With its price, I see no reason why you shouldn’t invest in getting one of these units to cool your homes during the hottest days of the year.

For more information and exciting offers on this particular Portable Electric Cooler, click straight through to the Amazon website here.

Honeywell CO70PE 148 Point Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler, Grey/White

This particular model is among the best portable evaporative cooler Honeywell has to offer. It is built capable of cooling both your indoor and outdoor environments thus giving you the freedom to use it anywhere you please. It Is ideal for use in mid-sized to large rooms with an area of up to 342 sq.ft, perfect for your garage, patio, deck backyard and indoors.

As being among the portable electric coolers, it makes a good alternative to air conditioning systems that runs and cools using chemical refrigerants. They make a very good option for people looking for a more energy efficient, affordable and natural air cooling systems. It cools naturally using plain water and does not require power hungry components such as those that run on refrigerants and compressors.

Although large in size, it’s lightweight enough to be moved around and transferred from one location to another.  Its casters let you roll it from room to room with ease.

Will it be able to withstand weather conditions when used outdoors?

Definitely, it is built weather resistant that makes it durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

Can you use it in a room that has no ventilation?

I’m afraid you can’t use it in areas that are quite tight on ventilation. This particular unit needs to be placed near an open window and door so it can do its work more effectively.

Can you use Ice instead of water?

Yes you can use ice and in fact it has an ice compartment. However, you can’t just use ice it needs water.

How do you fill it in with water?

You can fill it with water in two ways, either you do it manually or attach it to a hose. You can even fill it in with water automatically by using its continuous water supply connection.

How much water can its reservoir hold? How long will it last?

Its water reservoir can hold as much as 18.5 gallons of water, enough to keep your surrounding for longer hours. It comes with an alarm that alerts you when the water gets low and needs to be refilled.

How many degrees difference can you expect when it is used in dry dessert like climate?

It depends on the area that needs to be cool and on the existing temperature within the area. You can add ice if you find plain water wanting.

My View

This is yet again, another budget conscious portable electric cooler from Honeywell. It is ultra portable and can be transferred easily from one place to another. Having been made appropriate for use in middle sized to large room areas, it makes a very good option to cool your bedrooms and home interiors.

The great thing about this unit is that it features an alarm that alerts you when you need to fill its tank with water. It somehow lowers risk of overheating and burning down the unit should you forget to refill it with water.

For exciting offers and great deals on this product, you can check it out at the Amazon website by clicking here.

PortacoolPACCYC02 Cyclone 2000 Portable Evaporative Cooler with 500 Square Foot Cooling Capacity, Black

This model is among the best portable evaporative cooler that you can use to provide comfort to an area of up to 500 sq.ft. It comes with highly durable casters that allow for ease of transport should you wish to move it from one place to another. The PortacoolPACCYCO2 Cyclone 2000 can lower your room temperature to as much as 30o with its 10 gallon capacity water reservoir. Its water capacity is more than enough to keep you’re surrounding cool for up to 6 hours.

This portable electric cooler can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its solid molded polyethylene body is durable enough to withstand tough environments making it free from rust, corrosion, and leak.

Can you use tap water to fill its reservoir?

Absolutely, in fact it uses all-natural water with no chemical refrigerants.

Can you use it indoors?

I see no point not to, except that it’s rather noisy and a bit bulky.  Now, if that doesn’t concern you, you will be very happy about this portable swamp cooler’s cooling ability.

 Does it have an automatic shut off feature when water runs dry?

I’m afraid it doesn’t.  But I suggest you take time checking on your tanks every 4 hours when the temperature gets really hot and dry just as so you can have it refilled.

In what areas does this unit work best?

This portable swamp cooler can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will make a good air cooler in your garage, porch and warehouse.

Will it work when used in areas with high humidity levels such as in Florida?

It will work but then not to its best. This particular model is well suited for dry and low humidity level climate. Using it in areas where there is high humidity may speed up corrosion hence should not be used outdoors.

Is it 110 or 220 volt?

110 V, but there are some units made that are 220V, kind of those industrial types.

Can you put some ice in its water reservoir?

My guess is yes, but I don’t recommend it.  Ice becomes smaller when it melts, it may clog the suction tube.

How long will it run when its reservoir is filled?

Ideally around 6 hours but depends on how hot the outside temperature is. Water tends to evaporate at warm temperatures. The hotter it is the faster the water in the tank runs dry.

My View

This middle ranged evaporative cooler is the kind of cooler I would recommend you buying. It offers great versatility for you can use it inside your homes and at the same time bring it outdoors for leisure applications. You should have no difficulty moving it around due to the mobility and easy maneuverability that it offers.

Having been made by a reputable company whose expertise lies on the production of cooling devices, this particular unit would surely let you beat the heat of the summer days. To know more about this product, please visit the Amazon website by clicking here.

Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone 1000 Portable Evaporative Cooler with 300 Square Foot Cooling Capacity

This Portacool PACCYC06 1000 is among best portable evaporative cooler that you can use for your home’s cooling needs. It is the smallest portable evaporative cooler from Portacool’s cyclone series built to keep a 300 sq.ft room cool and cozy amidst the scorching heat of summertime. Built to withstand tough environmental conditions, it features a solid molded polyethylene body that keeps it free from rust, leak and breakage.

It has recessed casters that allow you move it around with ease as you transport it from your patio to your garage. This is more ideal for use in the outdoors and is capable of lowering the temperature around your outdoor lounging area 30o lower than the actual temperature.

This particular model of portable electric cooler has an 8-gallon capacity water reservoir enough to keep you cool for hours depending upon the way you utilize its water fill options. You can have this unit filled manually or have it connected to a hose for a continuous and uninterrupted air cooling experience.

Where is this model more ideal for use?

This particular model of portable evaporative cool best serves its purpose when used outdoors such as your patio or garden. You can also use it for recreational and events applications.

Can it be used to cool studio type apartments?

I see no reason why you can’t. Just make sure your apartment has good ventilation else you’re apartment will be too humid for your comfort.

Do the louvers move to adjust airflow?

Yes you can adjust the louvers. And you get two different fan settings for your comfort. It can supply you with cool air at a rate of 1000 CFM.

For how long does its 8 gallon capacity lasts?

It depends on the temperature and the humidity levels in your area. But typically an 8 gallon of water would be enough to keep you cool for about 8 to 10 hours.

My View

The Cyclone series of Portacool features the best portable evaporative coolers in its line that caters to the cooling needs of common households. Having been made available at a very budget conscious price, this is something every individual can afford.

The great thing about these units is that they come really portable allowing you to make use of its state of the art features both on indoor and outdoor applications. It also allows for ease of operation as it spares you of the hassles of having to manually refill its water tank with water.

This particular model is similar with the Cyclone 2000 except that it covers a relatively smaller area than the other. Now if your rooms measures more than 300 sq.ft then I suggest you move a size higher and get the Cyclone 2000 instead.

To find out what other people thinks about this unit, you check this product out at

Portacool PAC2K36HPVS 36-Inch Portable Evaporative Cooler, 10100 CFM, 2600 Square Foot Cooling Capacity, Variable Speed, Black

If you need a portable cooler that you can use for your workers or perhaps at a function where you need to provide comfort to a number of people then this Portacool evaporative cooler will make a very good choice. These types of coolers are better utilized in industrial applications, in fitness gyms, aviation and even in the military. In short, this is the best portable evaporative cooler to use for large scale cooling needs.

This particular unit can cool an area of up to 2600 sq.ft at a speed of 10100 cubic feet per minute. It has a variable speed feature that lets you adjust its settings depending upon the needs of the people surrounding it. Having been made by a reputable company whose works specializes on the production of devices that gives comfort to the warmest days, you can expect this unit to deliver maximum comfort to you and the people around you.

The Portacool PAC2K36HPVS 36-Inch Portable Evaporative Cooler has a water tank capacity of 32 gallons, enough to supply you with cool and breezy air for several hours. If you intend to use it continuously without having to manually refill its water tank, you can attach it to a water source via its 3/4 inch diameter water hose connection.

Does this unit need a return hose from the outside?

No it doesn’t. It operates simply and needs only water and electricity.

Will it run long enough by just using the water reserve stored in its tank?

I’m afraid it won’t last too long more especially when the weather gets really hot. You will need to hook it to a water hose for a more continuous and uninterrupted cooling.

How do you make use of its variable speed feature?

Its variable speed feature can be likened to a dimmer switch; it will go from slow-fast to fast to slow. You can basically set it to any speed that you like.

Can you use this unit to cool your rooms, indoors?

With its speed, size and coverage I suggest you move away from using it in cooling your homes more so using it in enclosed spaces. This particular unit is more appropriate for open space cooling and for large areas.

My View

This particular model is the best portable cooler to use for larger environments. If you own a shop, a barn or probably those of business type establishments this unit will make a more cost effective alternative to fixed air conditioning systems.

I don’t suggest using it in the smaller confines of your home; this unit is way too big for comfort. Its priced quite expensively too having been built for larger scale applications. It comes at a very high-end price that not too many people will be keen on spending.

To find out how this particular unit will serve you, check it out at by clicking here.


Final Word On The Best Portable Cooler

If you live in the Southwestern and Midwestern regions of the country then an evaporative cooler will make a very good appliance for your air cooling needs.  It is at these places where the climate gets really dry with low moisture levels within the atmosphere. There’s no better way to cool down during the dog days in these regions but by adding moisture to the atmosphere. Doing so ensures that you and your skin can breathe easily,  leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed amidst the burning heat of the sun.

Surely an Air Conditioning system will be the most effective means to stay cool. However, they can be rather expensive as it draws in too much energy; leaving you empty handed with your sky high electricity bills.  One alternative is to switch to evaporative coolers that are not only affordable but are also energy efficient.

To make the best use out of you evaporative coolers use it under environments that helps bring out their best potential. Again let me remind you, that the manner your appliance serves you depends on how you make use of it.


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