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Adult Party Fun: 101 Party Drinking Games You Won’t Remember

beer pong

It has always been a puzzle that in spite of hangovers and potential health risks, people always tend to serve and consume alcoholic beverages over parties and other special events. Alcohol has indeed become a part of every social gathering to the extent that it has assimilated into the culture and traditions of many.  In fact it had grown to become a lifestyle to people of every generation.Continue reading

How To Build Your Own Homemade DIY Kegerator

DIY Kegerator

In case you do not know, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest and one of the most popularly known beverages next to tea and water. A great fraction of the world’s population, young and old is fond of having beer on a variety of occasions.  They have essentially become a staple to every social gathering alongside wines and other liquor.

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