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Adult Party Fun: 101 Party Drinking Games You Won’t Remember

beer pong

It has always been a puzzle that in spite of hangovers and potential health risks, people always tend to serve and consume alcoholic beverages over parties and other special events. Alcohol has indeed become a part of every social gathering to the extent that it has assimilated into the culture and traditions of many.  In fact it had grown to become a lifestyle to people of every generation.Continue reading

What Is A Wine Cooler? A Guide to Wine Storage, Preservation and Service


Have you ever wondered how wine aficionados are paying attention to the manner they store and serve their most favored wines? As I have observed, people have always been fund of having wines on their tables. Sadly, only a fraction really knows how to handle and store them in the right way. In fact, most are at the habit of throwing their wines into their regular kitchen refrigerators. They think it’s enough to keep them chilled just the way they want it. But have you ever wondered if it is indeed the right thing to do?

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How to Wine Taste Like a Pro

wine sniffing

Want to learn how to wine taste just like a Sommelier?  Want to turn yourself into a wine tasting expert? Develop your skills in wine tasting using this simple guide and deepen your appreciation for fine wine. Let your senses do the work as you search into the finest wine the world has to offer.

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How To Bring Out The Best In Your Wine

How to get the best out of your wine

Ever thought there was something missing from your wine when you drink it but can’t just seem to put your finger on it?  Sit back and relax as we help you open up your senses to the world of fine wine. This simple guide will help you broaden your horizon to wine preservation and preparation and how to bring out the best in your wine. It also seeks to provide you with a better perspective on the discovery of your palate for wine.

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