Cheap Kegerators For Budget Conscious Beer Enthusiasts

If you have been enjoying your favorite beer for years, then perhaps you may have overlooked how much you have spent on your beer during those happy days and happy hours. Presumably until now, you are still not paying much attention to how much you are paying for your favorite beverage whenever you devour them. Perhaps its not that you don’t care; maybe, you just don’t mind spending a bit extra for it.

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I perfectly understand that it is innate for humans not to mind how much they spend for the things they love to have and do. There is no questioning to the fact that money can’t buy real happiness. But when it comes to your passion for beer, more money means more booze. However, I don’t think it is a wise to splurge on things such as beer when there are in fact a lot ways to enjoy them without overspending.

If you think about it and start calculating how much you have been spending on this alcoholic beverage, you will be surprised to find out that you have in fact spent more than you would have imagined. Moreso if you are a regular customer to a nearby restaurant, pub or bar.  The same thing goes if you are a type of person who hoards dozens of bottled and canned beer.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with spending on the things that comfort you but what if there are ways to enjoy them without exhausting your financial resources? Would you be willing give it a chance?


Kegerators: Cheap Option To Enjoy Beer

Kegerators are undoubtedly the most cost effective solution to your beer drinking needs. It definitely costs less to own one than having your beer at a restaurant, a pub or at a bar. More so, they are more cost effective than having to spend money on dozens and dozens of beer cans and bottles. In fact, with kegerators you get to save as much as 100% on buying pre-packaged beers or having them at your local pubs and wine bars.

Not only that they cost less, your beer drinking experience will be more satisfying and exhilarating with kegerators. Why? It’s because beers served from tap tastes way fresher than those served in cans and bottles. And as such they are are worth your try.

One reason why I always recommend that beer enthusiasts invest in a kegerator is because it saves money in the long run. Most especially for those who consume beer on a regular basis. Now if you are one of them, a kegerator will benefit you in a lot of ways. You get to spare yourself from the clutter of beer cans and bottles and you also get to save on money by buying draft beer in bulk.


Are Kegerators Cheap?

Honestly, most kegerators do cost several hundred dollars. In fact, not too many may afford to have one. But, if you are to think it through you will find out that there is a good trade off between the money you will spend for a kegerator and the convenience and satisfaction that you will derive from it. The money you spend on these devices will be worth the benefits you gain from them.

There are a multitude of cheap kegerators that you will find in the market today. Most home appliance companies manufacture them. They come in wide range of prices that you will not have a hard time looking for a particular unit to fit into your budget. Prices do vary depending on the make, brand and model. They usually range from 400 to a thousand dollars and even more depending on the brand.

But wait, now don’t you worry yourself for there are kegerators cheap enough for you to afford. You see you really don’t have to be well off to have your very own kegerator. In fact as you read through the rest of the article below you will find out that cheap kegerators are just within your grasp.


Are Cheap Kegerators Efficient?

As what I have been saying in my other home appliance reviews, you cannot render your judgement on how an appliance works by merely looking at its price tag. There are those that come cheap but are surprisingly able to deliver beyond your expectations.

The same principle applies when looking for a kegerator cheap enough to fit into your budget. You have to realize that what matters most other than the price tag is the way you can make use of your devices. They have to efficient and should deliver the convenience you expect to derive from them.

With regards to cheap kegerators, I am certain that upon reading my review you will find something that is a perfect fit to your budget and your lifestyle. All it takes is just a little patience and diligence in sorting through a long list of options.

Remember that it always pays to do some research before you make your purchase.

4 Different Ways To Own Cheap Kegerators

There are several ways on how you can find the cheapest kegerators for your beer drinking needs. One of the best places to look for it without tiring your feet is of course through the internet – online shopping. Now if you are not so keen on shopping for your home appliances online, doubtful if you will be making the right decisions; will be very happy to assist you.

To continue, here are some of the best ways on how you will be able to come across the cheapest kegerators that you can find online.

DIY Kegerators

If you have an old refrigerator sitting on storage, you can bring this oldie go back to life by transforming it into a kegerator. Not only that it puts your old refrigerator to good use but it is a more affordable than buying a brand new kegerator.

With this DIY project, you will only need to purchase a kegerator conversion kit, a keg and a CO2 tank and regulator. However, you may need to have patience and hardwork to get this done. Remember that a little passion and craftsmanship goes a long long way.

For cheap kegerators that you yourself can build check out my post on How To Build Your Own Homemade DIY Kegerator.

Refurbished Kegerators

Another good option is to look for refurbished cheap kegerators for sale. Now wait, you may have second thoughts on these devices thinking that they may not work as good as the brand new ones. Well, honestly most people are not so keen on buying refurbished appliances thinking that they won’t work long enough to render it services.

But just so you know, these appliances are those that were returned to manufacturers for various reasons. Two of the most common reasons are factory defects or the item or box is damaged during shipping. Sometimes when a manufacturing company downsizes and disposes of leftover stock, they sell them as refurbished items.

You see refurbished kegerators aren’t so bad at all. For all you know they are returned to their respective manufacturers, repaired and resold at a much lower price. Now if you are low on a budget and are looking for the cheapest kegerator, refurbished kegerators may just do the trick for you.

Used Kegerators

Now if you are not at all sensitive to buying second hand appliances, then a used kegerator might suffice. Buying used kegerators is the most affordable option however you will need to be extra careful when making your purchase. You have to make sure that they work perfectly well before you buy them.

Carefully inspect the product from the inside out to ensure you are not wasting your money on kegerators cheap enough on the outside but has internal defects. Do not overlook every minute detail when purchasing a used kegerator as they are at high risk to malfunction.

However there are tons of sellers across that sell their well loved kegerators in perfect condition. In fact you can have a look at some of these used kegerators cheap enough to fit into your budget here.

Great Deals and Exciting Offers

If you are a type person who prefers to own brand new home appliances then i suggest you look into the cheapest kegerators for sale in various websites. One of the best places to check them out is at The succeeding discussion in this review includes the cheapest kegerators that you can find online.  Prices range from a few hundred dollars and below half a thousand bucks.

Different Factors That Affects The Price Tag of Kegerators

Like other appliances there are several factors that directly affect how your appliances are priced. Having a good grasp on these factors will help you understand whether a kegerator is offered at a reasonable price or not. Your awareness on these factors gives you the added advantage of knowing what kind of kegerator best suits your lifestyle and budget.

To help you decipher which among the different types of kegerators will give you great value for your money.  Here are some of the factors that affect how cheap kegerators can get:


The brand has a great say on how products are priced in the market. You will find the most reputable brands priced a bit higher than those produced by recently established manufacturers. However, that isn’t always the case for there are well known brands known to manufacture affordable lines of kegerators. These units come at reasonable price and superb quality.

That being said, remember that you shouldn’t look at the brand name per se. You should consider some other factors that I will further discuss below.


Obviously the more updated and the more advanced your kegerator is, the more pricey it can get. With that, I’ll leave it all up to you to make your choices based on your personal preferences and needs. But what I can share with you is that you really don’t have to get the most advanced kegerator of all, especially when you are low on a budget.

The best thing to is to find a particular unit that will seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and financial capability. If you can’t afford those with state of the art technology then you can settle for simple yet highly efficient devices.


It almost always follows that smaller kegerators tends to be cheaper than the larger chunks of beer dispenser. That being said it is safe to say that the cheapest kegerators are those that come compact and are a tad smaller than the larger counterparts. If you are not so much of a party thrower and intend to keep beer for personal consumption and the occasional get-together activities then you can make do with smaller kegerators.

To get the most out of your appliance it is a golden rule that you get them in the correct size.


As you have observed, appliances these days are sold in so many ways. You will find them sold brand new, refurbished and used. Obviously brand new kegerators cost more than used and refurbished ones. Now if you have a very limited budget to spend on a kegerator then you can consider buying a used or a refurbished one. Just make sure to pay extra attention to every minute detail of the item you intend to buy. Learn how to manage your expectations yet be critical on what is a wise buy and what is not.

The Best And The Cheapest Kegerator For Sale

I have compiled four of the cheapest kegerator for sale at Amazon and they ares follows:

Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser

The Nostalgia KRS21005 is among the best selling kegerators that you can buy. In fact it has had a lot of good reviews among consumers who’s had a firsthand experience on using this device. This kegerator keeps your draft beer perfectly chilled and fresh, all set to quench you and your guest’s thirst.

It has an elegant black and sleek body that complements its chrome plated tap. It is 5.1 cu.ft and weighs 75.6 lbs.  This kegerator is equipped with casters giving you the added mobility of moving it around with ease. It is lockable too that ensures it locks into place unless of course your crowd gets too drunk and rowdy and bumps into it.

With the Nostalgia JRS2100 you will be able to have your beer just the way you like it. It’s adjustable thermostant and CO2 and PSI control lets you control how cold and how carbonated your precious beverage will be.

Does this unit come with its own CO2 tank?

Yes it does, it’s 2.5 lb and you will need to have it refilled as it ships empty.

Is a Keg included? What size of keg can it accommodate?

I’m afraid you need to purchase its keg separately. It can accommodate kegs of these following types:

  • 1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons)
  • 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons)
  • 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons)
  • 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons)

Can you use a bigger sized CO2 tank?

I see no reason why not, for as long as you drill into the right places to connect the CO2 line into your tank’s regulator. You may want to check in the product manual to find out where the cooling lines are running so that you won’t accidentally hit them.

Can you put this unit under a table?

Yes but it will take a lot of customization that can be rather difficult. If I were you I would rather leave it standing or ask an expert to do it for you.

Can you replace the sankey to fit into a European sankey?

Yes the sankeys are replaceable.

How long will a keg of beer stay good on this?

It depends on different factors such as the temperature, the pressure and the type of beer stored. However it is safe to say that your keg will be good for up 4-6 months.

Does it have an exhaust? If it does where is it?

Yes it does and you can find it in the rear.

Why is the CO2 empty?

Most of the time Co2 tanks are shipped empty due to safety and regulation issues.

Does it come with a shelf? Can you use this like a regular kitchen fridge?

Yes, it comes with 1 large removable shelf. You can use it to cool some of your goods as your regular kitchen fridge as long as you keep your keg small.

My View

I highly recommend the Nostalgia KRS 2100 to beer enthusiasts looking for cheap kegerators that other than it’s efficiency it offers great mobility and easy maneuverability. This unit is for budget conscious individuals who prefer to have brand new kegerators than having to build one for themselves or purchase refurbished and used models.

As being among the smallest kegerators that you can find, it is made available to you at a much lower price. 

If you want to find out more about this particular product you can check it out at by clicking here.


Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser, Black W/Platinum Finish Door

Just because you live in a small living space such as a condominium or an apartment it deprives you of the opportunity of having a kegerator at home. Kegerators come in wide range of sizes including those that you can use for your countertops.

The Avanti 1.7 cu.ft beer dispenser will come in handy for people living in areas where owning large appliances isn’t a practical choice. With this kegerator you get to enjoy the benefits of having a kegerator of your own at a much smaller scale.

It is compact so you can easily slip it into your countertop or minibar. It holds approximately 5 liters of beer and keeps it pressurized to perfection. With this kegerator you are ensured of having great tasting fresh tap beer whenever someone shows up on your doorstep for a drink.

Will it accommodate Heineken kegs?

Much to your delight, yes it can accomodate Heineken kegs.

Does it come with its Co2 tank?

No it doesn’t you have to buy it separately.

Does it come with a keg?

No it doesn’t, you have to purchase it separately. The good news is you can store two kegs of beer in this unit.

Does it run on a compressor or thermoelectric? Can you adjust the temperature?

Compressor cooled. And yes you can adjust the temperature as it has an adjustable thermostat and control.

Do you have to keep the pressure on as long as you have beer inside it?

Yes you do, keep it on for as long as you have beer in it. Just make sure you adjust its pressure to its appropriate settings. Turning it down when not in use will be beneficial too.

What is the average temperature range?

It can cool your beer between 39-41 degrees.

How do attach a Heineken Keg? Do you need to charge it with CO2?

You just have to attach the adapter that goes with your Heineken keg. Now with Heineken you don’t need to apply pressure at all. Heineken kegs are pre charged with CO2 and are ready to use.

My View

This kegerator is a perfect choice for those living in small living spaces. Also, they make a great companion for beer lovers who consumes beer on a regular basis.

It is highly affordable too that every budget conscious beer enthusiast can afford. What is great with this unit is that you can adjust the texture and consistency of your drinks with its adjustable CO2 regulator.  With these extaordinary features, you gain full control on the temperature and the carbonization of your prized beverage.

Find out more about this great unit by clicking straight to here.

Vinotemp VT-BEER 5-Liter CO2-Powered Tabletop Beer Dispenser, Silver and Black

Next on our list on cheap kegerators for sale is the Vinotemp VTE. This tabletop and compact beer kegerator is one of the best kegerators to use for people living in condominiums and apartments. Its highly attractive design and ergonomics will perfectly fit into your modern lifestyle.

It has digital temperature controls that give you the freedom to adjust the serving temperature of your beer to your liking. The Vinotemp kegerator is a thermoelectric device. It spares you from the added noise of using a compressor cooled device and is more energy efficient than it’s compressor cooled counterparts.

The Vinotemp VT-BD is able to hold about 5L of your favorite beer and has 3 CO2 filled cartridges ready for use. Another great thing about the unit is that it has a digital control and display that lets you use this unit effortlessly. Plus, it includes everything you need to use to this device and keep your favorite booze flowing anytime you want.

What is the temperature range of this product?

This countertop kegerator has a temeperature range of 38-54oF.

Can you use this to dispense non pressurized kegs?

Yes you can, it has everything you need to dispense both pressurized and non pressurized kegs of beer.

Will it be able to accommodate Heineken Kegs?

Yes, as I’ve said this product has everything it needs to dispense your favorite beer.

My View

If you love your beer but hate to often go out on errands to buy some other components, then this kegerator is best for you. It has everything you need to start dispensing your favorite brew.  In fact you no longer need to have it’s CO2 tank filled. All you need to do is to fill in your keg with your favorite brew, plug and play and voila, fine tasting beer served from tap ready to please your taste buds.

Now if you think that you cannot afford to have this device, well its time for you to celebrate as it is among the most affordable units budget conscious beer enthusiasts can afford.

To find out exciting deals and great offers on this product, click here.


Draft Beer Dispenser Mini Kegerator Countertop Portable Keg LED Stainless Kitchen Bar Entertainment

If you are looking for an attractive and highly efficient countertop kegerator then this kegerator from Sunpentown is one of your best options. This kegerator is cheap enough to fit into your budget and promises to deliver to your expectations with comfort and style.

It can hold as much as 5L of your favorite beverage and can house any standard 5L kegs including those of Heineken. With this kegerator you will be able to dispense and serve your beer just the way you like it. It also has an adjustable temperature and CO2 pressure control. These components give you the upper hand in getting your beer’s temperature and consistency just the way you like it.

With this device you will be able to keep your beer fresh for up to 30 days. It has a a stainless steel casing that not only looks good but also ensures your gadget remains rust free in spite of continuous exposure to moist and cold.

Does it have all the necessary components needed to for non pressurized kegs?

Yes it does, it has everything you need to tap both pressurized and non pressurized kegs.

How long does its CO2 cartridges last?

It depends on how often you tap your beer and for how long you keep them open. But the cartridges are most likely to last for one keg.

What if there are ice build-ups on the cooling plate inside the unit. Is it safe to add salt to the water such that it wont freeze up and chills even more?

Salt is a no no! What you can do is to turn it off, unplug the unit and drain it. To ensure your unit will function to its best potential, you have to drain it with water once a week.

Can it accept a gas line from a regulator?

I’m afraid that you cannot do that with this particular unit.

Will it work on 220V?

No it wont, just 110V. Please remember that once used outside the United States, warranty becomes void.

Does it cool with a compressor or thermoelectric?

Thermoelectric, hence its quieter and more energy efficient than other cheap kegerator brands and models.

My View

This kegerator from Sunpentown is one of my personal favorites. Not only does it look good but it also promises to render the services you are probably looking for in a kegerator. With its wide range of temperature settings, you have more freedom to serve your beer as cool and carbonated as you like.

Having been made affordable for budget conscious beer lovers, this is among the most cost effective kegerators in the market today.

For exciting offers on this particular product, you can check it out by clicking here.


Final Word

If you are under the impression that just because you are on a low budget you cannot afford to have your own kegerator, then you are wrong. A kegerator is just within your grasp. In fact, there are a number of ways on how you can have a kegerator without hurting your budget.

Whether you DIY your kegerator, buy it refurbished, used or brand new; you cannot discount the fact that you need a kegarator in your life. This is especially if you love to enjoy your beer on almost every occasion. What you need to do is to carefully weigh down your options. Find out what particular type of cheap kegerator will work for you best. Lastly, use them exactly the way they should be and enjoy a perfect ice cold beer straight from the tap in the comfort of your own home.

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