Danby Wine Coolers

For the past few days, I have been searching for a more affordable yet efficient brand of wine cooler. My search has brought me to a Canadian appliance manufacturing company named Danby.

Danby is well known for its high quality appliances made available to consumers at very competitive prices. They have a very wide range of products to choose from with noteworthy features you probably wouldn’t expect from less expensive brands and models.

With regards to wine refrigerators, I have found a number of Danby Wine Cooler products available in the market today. Each unit has unique and exciting features built to equal if not surpass the benefits of owning a more expensive brand.

With a vast list of models that you will see as you scroll past through this article, I’m certain you will find the model you are looking for.

To be able to provide information on all of the types, models and features on the one page has created a very long post. To assist in finding the type or model you are after, please click on your particular item/s of interest below;


Let’s take a look at some Danby Wine Coolers and explore each unit’s state of the art technology.  You should find a model that is also easy on your budget. You will be surprised to see unique and exciting features on units that are not as expensive as other brands.

For a better understanding of each of the Danby Wine Cooler Products, let me present to you these models in three groups.  They are Single Zoned Temperature Wine Coolers, Dual Zoned Temperature Wine Cooling Units and Beverage Centers.  Beverage Centers allow you to cool other beverages as well as your wine in the same cooler.

Single Zoned Temperature Danby Wine Coolers 

Danby 17 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator DWC172BL

Among the wide range of Danby Wine Coolers, DWC172BL is probably the most compact and the most affordable of all. Its sleek design allows it to be placed over or under your counter tops. It has a molded worktop that you can use as additional storage for accessories.

With its size and ease of operation, it is ideal to be used in mini bars, office and in any kitchen setting.

Danby Wine Coolers 17 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator DWC172BLHow Cool?

This freestanding Danby Wine Cooler only has a single zoned temperature feature. It has a temperature range of 43oF to 57oF, which is limited as compared to other Danby wine cooling units.

My View

This is a great little unit with excellent value for money that is ideal for regular wine consumers with no interest to collect wines. Its small size means it is not intrusive and easily placed in virtually any home setting.  For current pricing and availability, click here.


Danby 27 Bottle Silhouette Wine Cellar DWC276BLS

This 27-bottle capacity unit with all black interior radiates a traditional wine cellar experience. It is sleek and slim, crafted to take up as little space as possible.

DWC276BLS Danby Wine Cooler is merely 12 inches wide, making it ideal for safekeeping wines in small kitchens, wet bars or dens. It is perfect even for smaller living spaces such as those of constrained apartments and condominium units.

Like all Danby Wine Cooler products, it has tempered glass doors and reversible doors swings for left and right door opening to suit the space it occupies.

It also has a digital LED display that allows for easy monitoring and maintenance of ideal temperature conditions for your wines.

Will larger wine bottles fit?

Yes, the shelves slide out so you can easily remove one rack to accommodate larger bottles of wine at a vertical position. This model ideally holds up to 27 bottles of wine; its total capacity depends on the sizes and shapes of wine bottles stored.

Is it lockable?

Yes, the model comes with an integrated lock and key.

How big?

The model is true to its size, it can fit to replace your outdated trash compactor should you decide to ditch it.

Are its shelves removable?

Yes, the shelves are removable but you will have to swing its door open widely to slide the shelves out.

How Cool?

DWC276BLS has a programmable temperature range of 39oF to 64oF.

Its frost free system feature ensures that you don’t get unwanted temperature swings that have been proven to have a great influence on wine structure.

This unit however, is a single zoned temperature wine fridge so you can only store one type of wine at a time.

My View

Similar to the DWC172BL but more capacity.  This is a great wine cooler for the regular entertainer or someone that takes pride in having a larger selection of wines at the right temperature.  It’s still very affordable at mid range and also offers excellent value for money.

For current pricing and additional protection packages, please click here.

Danby Professional 34 Bottle Built in Wine Cooler DWC031D1BSSPR

Danby DWC031D1BSSPR 34 Bottle Built-In Wine CoolerPut your wine collection in an elegant display with DWC031D1BSSPR Danby Wine Cooler. This built-in wine fridge can hold up to 34 bottles of wine. It has a newly designed wine shelves that float along silicon buffers. They function mainly to minimize the disturbance caused by the compressor’s vibrations.

Another exciting feature is the presence of durable ball bearing shelf that glides smoothly along its guides. Such a feature allows for full extension and easy access to your delectable wines whenever you want it.

How Cool?

Its highly reliable and programmable thermostat allows you to keep your wines at a temperature range of 39oF to 64oF.

Since this unit only has a single compartment, you only get to keep one type of wine at a time. If you plan to keep both, go for dual zoned temperature wine coolers.

My View

We are starting to head into the professional series, so this is the base level for when wine storage becomes serious at home or for small restaurants, bars and BnBs.  The features are very professional and apart from a smaller capacity than some larger commercial wine coolers, this will serve you and/or your customers very well.

Prices vary but you can expect to invest at mid range.  For current pricing and great deals click here.

Danby 3.7 Cu.Ft Bottle Silhouette Wine Cooler DWC1534BLS

What more can you ask for in a Wine Cooler that not only does its job of cooling wine but also enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Danby DWC1534BLS 3.7 Cu. Ft. 34-Bottle Silhouette Wine CoolerWith its exquisite and elegant design, the Silhouette series of Danby Wine Coolers are to die for.

DWC1534BLS is a trendy Danby Wine Cooler that adds a contemporary and stylish ambiance to your home.

It can chill up to 34 bottles of wine on their side.

Like most Danby Wine Coolers it is equipped with a reversible hinge that allows for left or right opening, ideal for use even for left-handed persons or in tight spaces.

This unit is highly fashionable. Its sleek stainless steel body can perfectly fit any space you would wish your wines to be stored.

It also has a cool blue LED track light system that illuminates the interior without the added heat of using an incandescent bulb.

It also has an integrated lock with keys that keeps your wines away from unauthorized access, such as children or adolescents.

Will Larger Wine Bottles Fit?

Technically, larger wine bottles will fit once a rack is removed, however not all wine bottles fit in nicely.  Champagnes in particular don’t fit quite as well as those of the most common wine bottle “Bordeaux”.

I guess you just have to be more creative in finding ways on how to arrange your wine bottles neatly into your wine cooler. Don’t worry when removing the racks as they slide off easily and they come with stops.

Can its feet be adjusted to fit into tight under counters?

Yes, this wine cooler has leveling legs which you can adjust to fit into your under counter.  If you have issues on opening its door inside tight spaces, have your wine cooler sit an inch outside the counter. This should allow you to swing its door open effortlessly.

How Cool?

DWC1534BLS has a temperature range of 39.2oF to 64.4oF. It is single zoned so you only get to keep either red or white wine.

Its UV protected glass doors should be good enough to keep your wines fresh even on occasional exposure to UV light.

My View

This is a really good and attractive domestic wine cooler and it’s main feature apart from its functionality is it’s looks.  If you are ultra selective in what furniture to put in your home, then this is the unit to purchase.

It is well priced at mid range and comes with a massive 10 year warranty on major components.  Please click here for current pricing and availability at amazon.com

Danby DWC 350BLPA 35 Bottle Wine Cooler

If you are on the hunt for a much more affordable wine cooler then DWC350BLPA might just be your thing.  It has a simplistic yet efficient features good enough to store your wines under optimal conditions at a more affordable price.

Danby DWC350BLPA 35 Bottle Wine CoolerThis Danby Wine Cooler however is only available for freestanding application.

It is single zoned temperature unit that can accommodate up to 35 bottles of either red or white wine.

How Cool?

This may sound a little laid back but it comes with a manual thermostat that you can set under three different control settings.  It has a temperature range of 42.8oF up to 57oF, pretty much lower as compared with other Danby Wine Coolers available in the market today.

It does however possess an auto cycle defrost system that makes it a bit easier to maintain.

Does it have an LED light?

No, it only comes with an incandescent bulb.

Is this unit thermoelectric?

No, it uses a compressor.

My View

Due to its minimal features and simplistic design, this model is among the most affordable wine coolers available on the market.  It is still attractive and does a great job but if you are after better automation, LED lighting, noise dampening or extra capacity, this may not be the unit for you.

If you are after a very good budget conscious unit that does it’s job well without the bells and whistles, then this is excellent value for money, see for yourself here.

Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler DWC93BLSDB

If you are looking for a fashionable yet economical way to showcase your wine then this model might just be the one you need.

Danby Wine Cooler 36 Bottle Capacity 1 Temp Zone Blue LED Light Reversable Door Hinge DWC93BLSDBR1At 3.3 cubic feet it can accommodate up to 36 bottles of wine, perfect for wine lovers who don’t like to store a lot but always want their wine available at all times.

Like most Danby Wine Coolers it is equipped with elegant blue LED light that wonderfully illuminates the interior, allowing you to showcase your prized reds and whites through its UV protected glass door.

It has a reversible door swing handle, ideal for left and right door opening and for tight spaces. It also has a smooth back panel allowing you to install this cooler flushed against the wall

Are the shelves adjustable?

No the shelves are not adjustable but they are removable. You can take the shelves out to accommodate bigger bottles of wine.

Are the racks flat or scalloped?

They are flat so you can keep five bottles across.

Can this unit be enclosed in a cabinet or used built-in?

No, this unit is for freestanding application only. It needs fresh air and plenty of space to breath.

Is it quiet?

It does make a rattling sound once the compressor starts but it only lasts for a few seconds. It is typical to an appliance that runs on compressor to make some noise; it depends on the users’ threshold if they find it bothersome or not.

Does this unit run on compressor or thermoelectric?

It is cooled by a compressor, thus not as quiet as thermoelectric units.

Can this unit be used for sodas and beer?

Yes and no.

Yes you can keep them but I don’t think your beers will get cold enough using this model.  Also, this unit is a single zoned temperature model.

You cannot keep different types of beverages under one temperature, since their temperature requirements varies.

Wines are delicate beverage, they need specific temperature to mature and maintain its structure. If you are to keep everything inside, get a dual zoned temperature wine fridge, better yet a beverage center.  This way you get to store everything without compromising your beverages’ taste and structure.

For units that are specifically designed to cool sodas and beer, see below under the heading “Beverage Centers”.

Can you turn off the Blue Light?

Yes, there’s a switch you can flip on and off.

Does it come with a lock?

No, unlike other Danby wine cooler units, this one doesn’t have an integrated lock.

How Cool?

DWC93BLSDB Danby Wine Cooler is a single zoned temperature wine refrigerator. That being said you cannot store two types of wine at the same time.

Its temperature ranges from 43oF to 57oF. With no incandescent bulb, you can be sure that your wines are kept at an optimal condition, without the added heat of an incandescent bulb.

My View

The DWC93BLSDB is the next step up from the DWC350BLPA and not much more expensive. Extra features include the LED lighting and UV protection glass over the DWC350BPLA so temperature control and UV control are well with the extra.

It comes with 1 year warranty on parts and labor via home service. For current pricing and great offers on this unit click here.

Danby Designer 50 Bottle Wine Cooler DWC508BLS

If you are looking for a Danby Wine Cooler that can house about 50 bottles of wine then DWC508BLS might just be the one you are looking for.

Danby DWC508BLS 50 Bottle Designer Wine CoolerIt has a stainless steel body that can be used free standing or for built in application with zero clearance.

DWC508BLS has 6.5 sliding black wire shelves with beech wood face. This feature allows ease of access to your wine as you pull the bottles out of the wine fridge.

It is also equipped with precise digital thermostat that comes with an electronic LED display. This makes it easier for you to monitor and control the temperature condition for your wines as they sit in storage waiting for you to consume.

How many wine bottles can it accommodate?

As mentioned it can hold up to 50 bottles, but if wines are staggered properly it can hold even up to 57 bottles. Be careful though as its racks may not be able to put on with too much weight. Stack up at your own risk! You wouldn’t want your wines crashing down on the floor.

Is it quiet?

It does make some noise; some find it bothersome while others don’t. If you are too sensitive when it comes to the sound of compressors and fans, then go for models that are thermoelectric or those that are soundproofed such as Eurocave’s INOA.

How Cool?

Like most Danby Wine Coolers, DWC508BLS has a temperature range of 39.2oF to 64.4oF. This model, however has a single zoned temperature compartment that allows to you keep only one type of wine at a time.

My View

Obviously the largest of the Single Temperature Units. Whilst not in the professional range, it is still a great unit for bars and restaurants or for the more serious domestic wine drinker and entertainer.  It has great features and can store up to and over 50 bottles.

It comes with an 18 month warranty on parts and labor but you have the option to take up Danby’s 3 or 4 year home appliance protection service for extra cost.  For more details on this great product click here.

Dual Zoned Temperature Danby Wine Coolers

Danby 38 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler DWC113BLSDB

If you are looking for a mid-size Dual Zone Danby Wine Cooler, then this freestanding unit might just be the one you need.

Danby DWC113BLSDB 38 Bottle Wine CoolerThe DWC113BLSDB is another efficient yet affordable wine cooling unit from Danby that can store about 38 bottles of wine on its 2-upper and 4-lower beech timber shelves.

It is not too small nor too big but perfect for wine enthusiasts looking for a stylish and organized wine storage unit.

Its cool blue LED lighting technology creates a simple but striking ambiance giving you and your guests an elegant view of your delectable red and white wines.

How Cool?

This wine cooler has two different temperature zones controlled by state of the art thermostat that can be adjusted from anywhere between 39.2oF to 64.4oF.

The lower and upper shelves are controlled by two different thermostats, allowing you to keep both your red wines and white wines within the same unit at different conditions at the same time.

With the DWC113BLSDB, you never have to worry about defrosting your unit time and time again. It has a frost free operation feature that prevents frost formation in the first place.

My View

This is a great unit for people who don’t have much wine to keep or for someone who has just started his/her collection. With its mid range size, you get to keep 38 bottles of wine and will have no trouble finding a space for it to occupy.

Now if you live in a condominium or an apartment where you don’t have too much space, this unit is perfect.

It’s quite easy on the budget too as being priced for the budget conscious. With this model, you get to enjoy the benefits of having a great wine cooler without exhausting your financial resources.

For up to date pricing and availability, click here.

Danby Designer 38 Bottle Dual Zoned Wine Cooler DWC114DLSDD

Who can resist an exquisitely designed dual temperature zoned Danby Wine Cooler as that of DWC114DLSDD.

This free standing black, stainless steel and glass built wine refrigerator is a great addition to your home interior with its chic and modern appeal.

Danby DWC114BLSDD Designer 38-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine CoolerIts white LED interior lights will allow you to showcase your prized wine collection without needing to worry about sudden temperature increases brought about by an incandescent lightbulb.

It features magnetic door gasket seals on the inside, thus retaining its cooling power whilst maintaining ideal humidity levels.

Like other Danby Wine Cooler models, it is equipped with a reversible door swing, ideal for use for left-handed wine enthusiasts.

It can hold up to 38 bottles of wine that can be stored at two different temperature zones.  Be it whites or reds, or even both, you can be sure that they are well kept and stored at optimal conditions.

Do the Shelves Pull Out?

Yes, the shelves can slide out.

How well does it hold temperature?

Very well, it has a high quality rubber seal and tempered glass doors built to maintain a constant temperature. There are customers though who claim that their units reset to factory settings at the event power interruptions.

Can it really hold 38 bottles of wine?

It depends on the sizes and shapes of your wine bottles as well as on the manner you stack them inside. If you put regular wine bottles alternately (back/front) then you should be able to store 38 bottles of your precious wines.

How Cool?

With Danby’s avant-garde technology, you can keep your reds and whites at their ideal temperature at the same time.

It has a programmable temperature range of 39.2oF to 64.4oF, ideal for maturing and storing wines.

Its tempered glass door provides additional protection from the harmful effects of UV light exposure.

My View

This model is almost similar to DWC113BLSDB with regards to features and appearance. The only difference I see is that this model has steel trimmed wire shelves as compared to the other model’s beechwood shelves. Other than that they are very much the same.

It is almost within the same as DWC113BLSDB  at mid range with this model at a slightly lower cost. Now if you are really on a tight budget, then perhaps you can consider this model.

Have a good look at this model by clicking here.

Danby 38 Bottle Dual Zoned Wine Cooler DWC040A1BDB

The DWC040A1BD Danby Wine Cooler is a 4.03 cu.ft wine cooler that can hold up to 38 bottles of wine.

It has an attractive black casing with stainless steel trimmed door frame and handle that is further enhanced with stainless steel blackwood trimmed shelves.

Danby DWC040A1BDB 38 Bottle Duel Zone Wine CoolerHow Cool?

Like most Danby wine cooling units it has a temperature range of 39oF to 64oF. Temperature readings can be viewed and accurately set with its precise digital LED display.

My View

This is another mid-sized range wine cooler that falls under the same class as the other two 38 bottle models above.

This model however has a more sophisticated look with its black cabinet and stainless steel trimmed frame with handle. Matching stainless steel trimmed wire shelves add more class to its already stylish appeal.

This unit is priced a little higher than the other two 38 bottle wine coolers mentioned above. If you wish to pay a bit extra for your wine cooler’s style then this model is definitely a good choice.

For great deals and offers you can check this item out at Amazon by clicking here.

Danby 24 inch Sonoma Wine Cellar in Stainless Steel DWC053D1BSSPR

For wine collectors who have the habit of presenting their guests with perfectly chilled and full flavored wine, the DWC053D1BSSPR Danby Wine Cooler is a perfect choice.

Danby DWC053D1BSSPR 24 inch Sonoma Wine CellarLike other high-end Danby wine coolers discussed in this article, this model is equipped with cutting edge technology with regard to expert wine storage and preservation.

The Danby Sonoma can accommodate up to 51 bottles within its two zones. The upper zone can house about 16 bottles of wine while the lower zone can hold up to 35 bottles of wine respectively.

It has a smudge resistant, easy clean stainless steel stamped door equipped with LOW-E glass doors for improved energy efficiency.

That being said, you are assured that your wines are kept in storage at optimum conditions all the time.

Does this wine cooler come with a left and right handle?

No, there is just one handle. However, it has a reversible hinge door that you can adjust to swing open from the left or from the right.

How Cool?

This DWC053D1BSSPR Wine Cooler, as mentioned, is among the most advanced wine coolers manufactured by Danby.

It is dual temperature zoned with each zone controlled by a highly efficient programmable thermostat, with temperatures ranging between 39oF and 64oF.

My View

With this cooler being among the Professional line of Danby’s wine coolers, this model is rich with features that a wine lover like you is eyeing off. With its stylish design and advanced features you can be sure that your wines are well taken care of as they sit in a wonderful display. That’s efficiency and aesthetics at its best.

Priced at mid range, it pays to spend as much as that for a wine cooler that performs as good as how they look. It ships for free, so there are no additional charges.

Get your very own Sonoma Wine Cellar by clicking here.

Danby 5.1 Cu.Ft. 51 Bottle Sillhouette Wine Cellar DWC518BLS

Danby DWC518BLS 5.1 Cu. Ft. 51-Bottle Silhouette Wine CellarThis 5.1 Cu ft. Danby Wine Cooler is built to accommodate around 51 bottles of wine.

It can be used for built in cabinet applications or free standing.

Like other models of Danby Wine Coolers, it has an adjustable hinge for left and right door opening.

It has a tempered glass door that protects your wines against premature aging, as caused UV light exposure.

Its LED lit interior allows for an elegant showcase of your wines through its highly reliable shatter free glass doors.

Does this unit feature humidity control?

No it doesn’t, but it has a digital LED thermostat display that allows you to keep track of the temperature through its glass door.

It also has an audible alarm system that sends out a warning when the door is left ajar or when there is a sudden temperature change inside the cooler.

How Cool?

This Danby Wine Cooler is equipped with a precise digital thermostat that allows for setting accurate temperatures for more efficient wine maturing and storage.

It has dual temperature zones that range from 39oF to 64oF in each compartment.

It has an auto cycle defrost system that makes it much it easier to maintain.

My View

This impressive wine cooler is among the best wine cooler products Danby has to offer.  I personally was impressed with the way Danby pulled this model together. It’s undeniably attractive and equipped with highly advanced features that can win the hearts of amateur and professional wine collectors alike.

Priced at mid range, this model is certainly something you should consider. It is affordable for most yet promises to bring out the best out of your wines. It will also most certainly look good on your kitchen or wine bar.

For great offers and protection plan programs for this model you can visit amazon.com by clicking here.

Danby Silhouette Select 24 In Built-In Wine Cellar DWC408BLSST

If you own an extensive wine collection then the DWC408BLSST is definitely a staple. This model is among the high-end wine cooling units manufactured by Danby.

Danby Silhouette Select 24 In. Built-In Wine Cellar DWC408BLSSTIts 24-inch wide wine cellar can either be used built it or free standing.

It is generous enough to accommodate up to a massive 146 bottles of wine.

Its uppermost shelf can actually hold magnum wine bottles with a diameter of 3 5/8 inches.

Other than its size there are a number of features noteworthy on this Danby Wine Cooler;

Its all black interior visually re-creates that of a traditional wine cellar with a touch of modernity.

Its LED track lighting feature is great upgrade from coolers that were lit with incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are likely to interfere to a cellars ideal temperature conditions due to added heat.

How Cool?

It is very typical for a Danby Wine Cooler to possess a temperature range of 39oF to 64oF.

What makes this model special is that it has a LOW – E glass door that aside from being energy efficient protects its contents against the premature aging effects of UV Rays.

The DWC408BLSST is a dual zoned temperature wine cooler that allows you to keep two different types of wine at different temperature settings. Each compartment has its own precise digital LED thermostat display for easy monitoring and accurate setting of temperatures.

It also has a frost free, fan forced cooling system that helps bring up a more consistent internal temperature. This makes it way better than the automatic defrost features of other Danby Wine Refrigerators.

My View

Presumably the best Wine Cooler model Danby has to offer! This model I think is something every professional wine collector should get. It is spacious enough to hold a vast collection of wine that can cradle most wine bottle types even magnums.

You can proudly showcase your wine collection with its perfectly executed design while its cutting-edge features ensure that your wines are kept in optimum condition. Now that’s functionality and aesthetics rolled into one.

This cooler high end and you may find it quite expensive.  But  with its design and its features you will surely get more than what you pay for. Oh, and by the way, it comes with a generous 10 year warranty on major components and it ships for free.

Danby Professional 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler DWC140D1BSSPR

The DWC140D1BSSPR is another Danby Wine Cooler built to cater to wine lovers with a vast wine collection.

Danby Professional 24inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler DWC140D1BSSPRIts elegant column design is sure to deliver a unique statement that reflects the owner’s innate passion for wines.

Its cutting edge technology features stable shelving via neatly designed wine shelves that float on silicon buffers. This protects the wines from possible disturbance as the compressor generates vibrations while it operates.

How Cool?

With two compartments, both with a programmable highly accurate thermostat, you will be able to cool two different wine types at two different temperature settings at the same time.

This Danby Wine Cooler can keep your wines perfectly chilled all the time within a temperature range of 39oF to 64oF.

My View

This wine cooler is another great option if you have an enormous wine collection. It can hold as many as 129 bottles, a little less than the 24 inch Danby Silhouette that can house about 145 bottles of wine. Other than its capacity, there are no significant differences between the two as both units were built with features that can keep a large number of wine bottles free from external influences.

This model along with Silhouette Select 24 is among the high end wine cooler models of Danby. You don’t need to spend the extra dollars to splurge on a spacious unit as that of the one mentioned above this model, however this unit even with its slightly less capacity is one for a professional setting or look.

This unit has a Home Appliance Protection Plan option, however additional charges may apply.

For more details and updated pricing visit amazon.com by clicking here.

Beverage Centers

Danby 4.3 Cu.FT Beverage Center DBC039A1BDB

DBC039A1BDB is a Danby Wine Cooler that can store both your wines and other beverages under one cooling system.

Danby 4.3 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center DBC039A1BDBHowever, it holds limited number of wines, 7 bottles to be exact as compared to its beverage compartment that can hold 88 beverage cans.

At 4.3 cu ft. this free standing beverage center has an elegant tempered glass door with stylish steel trim.

It has an electronic thermostat with digital LED display that allows for easy monitoring and control of temperature from the inside.

It also has an integrated door lock with keys, so you can keep your cool wines and beverages off limits to other people, particularly minors.

If you are an occasional wine drinker, then you probably would want to own one of these. However, if you own an extensive amount of wine bottles then perhaps you should invest on a much larger wine cooling system like those described above.

Are the shelves adjustable?

I believe not, but they are removable. You can easily take it out by tilting the shelf then pulling it outward. To reinstall; secure the shelves on its support brackets push it inward and lock it into place.

Can the Blue LED lights be shut off?

Yes, there is a switch you can flip to turn off its continuous lighting. Once off, the lights would only light up when the door is opened.

How Cool?

The DBC039A1BDB can store your wines and beverages at an ideal temperature from anywhere between 39oF to 64oF.

My View

If you have more beverages to keep than wines then this model would certainly be a good choice. Since it only has a 7 wine bottle capacity, the temperature requirement for wines won’t really be much of an issue as your wines won’t be sitting in there for a long time.   Well my wine doesn’t last that long at least!

This is a great unit for individuals who are occasional wine drinkers and those who don’t have too many wines to keep but will give a great selection of wine and beverages for your bar or home.

This model is very much affordable as it is priced reasonably for the the budget conscious.

For more current pricing and availability you can check this model out at amazon.com by clicking here.

Danby 24 Inch Stainless Steel Beverage Center DBC2760BLS

If you are looking for a multifunctional beverage cooler than can hold both your wines and your favorite beverages in one refrigerator, then let DBC2760BLS do the trick for you.

Danby DBC2760BLS 5.0 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage CenterThis 5.0 cu.ft beverage center can hold up to 27 bottles of you precious wines and 60 cans of your favorite beverage at the same time.

Built in rich black stainless steel, this unit is a great addition to any home setting.

Its sophisticated appeal is further enhanced with its cool blue LED lighting system that illuminates the interior of your beverage cooler.

It is also equipped with integrated door locks for added security against unauthorized access.

Is the glass on this unit UV Resistant?

No, it is not UV Resistant.  However its tinted tempered glass door should be enough to protect your beverages against the harmful effects of UV Light.

It is still best though to keep this unit away from areas with direct ambient light to keep your wines and beverages to their perfect serving temperature.

Can you remove the shelves for the cans, so that the one side could be wine and the other beer bottles?

Yes you can, it can accommodate beer bottles even at a vertical position. To remove a shelf, carefully tilt and pull it out of the wine fridge.

Does it have an efficient lock?

It does have an integrated lock, but it is not that efficient as it can be turned with a wrench or a screw driver in the absence of its key. Nevertheless, it should be safe enough to keep your wines and your beverages away from your kids and minors.

How Cool?

This Danby Wine Cooler has two compartments, each independently controlled by a thermostat of extreme accuracy. This allows you to preserve your wines and beverages within the same unit at different temperature conditions.

It can hold your wines and beverages at an ideal temperature from anywhere between 39oF to 64oF.

Its fan forced cooling system combined with a digital thermostat provides a more consistent internal temperature, as compared to those with automatic defrost system.

My View

This model is also a great option for a person who always wants a variety of refreshments readily available as needed. You can keep your wines perfectly chilled under their proper temperature on one side and have your sodas and beer on the other.

The great thing is you get to independently control each compartments temperature that you have the freedom to choose what goes in and out of your cooler.

Priced at mid range this model is a great addition to your kitchen. You get to have a refrigerator that’s dedicated for your favorite refreshments.

Get to know more about this model by clicking here.

Danby 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage Center DBC514BLS

Danby DBC514BLS 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage CenterThe Danby Beverage Center DBC514BLS is a chic alternative to a compact fridge.

Its spacious interior will allow you to store about 112 beverage cans and 11 bottles of wines on their side.

Its tempered glass doors and its cool blue LED tracking light system enables you to showcase your finest wines and beverage in a sophisticated manner.  With the absence of an incandescent bulb to light its inside, you never have to worry about sudden increase in temperature within the unit.

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, its frosted glass shelves can be adjusted into six 6 different built in mounts.

What are the minimum measurement requirements for the opening if this unit is to be installed under a cabinet?

If you are to install it inside a cabinet, the rough cabinet opening must be leveled on the floor with an area of at least 25 inches deep and 24 inches wide. The opening should also be at least 35 inches high.

How Cool?

DBC514BLS can store your wines and beverages at an ideal temperature range of 39oF to 64oF.

You can easily monitor and accurately set up optimal conditions for your wines and beverage right through its door via its precise digital thermostat with LED display.

My View

If you own a very extensive number of beverages such as sodas and beer and a relatively few bottles of wine, then this model is yours to keep. This is a great option for a refrigerator that you can use specifically for your refreshments, other than loading it all up inside your regular kitchen fridge.

However, if you own more than 11 bottles of wine or if you’re someone who drinks wine regularly then perhaps you should get a beverage center with more wine capacity than this model. Better yet get a wine cooler.

You can find this model usually priced at around mid range. Prices nay vary dependending upon its availability and promotional offers.

Fur current pricing and great deals on this model click here.

Danby Silhouette Built-In Beverage Center DBC056D1BSSPR

This Danby Beverage Center is considered as a great alternative for compact refrigerators.

It has a single door design built specifically for fully integrated, flush-in built application.

Danby DBC056D1BSSPR Silhouette Built-In Beverage Center, 5.6 Cubic FeetAt 5.6 cu ft, it can hold up to 126 beverage cans and 6 bottles of wine.

It has a bright white LED lighting that beautifully showcases its interior right through its exquisite glass doors.

Talking about state of the art technology, the DBC056D1BSSPR is equipped with audible alarm that sends an alert when the door is left open or when there is a sudden temperature change.  Now that’s sexy!

How Cool?

It has a single zoned temperature compartments with a digital programmable thermostat with digital LED display.

Its temperature ranges from about 39oF to 64oF.

My View

Now if you love beer more than wine then this unit is a perfect choice. Like DBC514BLS it houses more beverage than wine. They are somehow similar with regards to its features and appearance, with this model being a little bigger at 5.6 cubic feet. This model however comes with an alarm, that’s definitely a plus.

With regards to its wine capacity it is relatively few, it can only accommodate 6 bottles of wine, barely enough should you host a party or a special gathering. That being said this unit is the best choice for beer drinkers, but not so much for wine enthusiasts.

This unit is priced at around mid range and ships for free. There are home appliance protection plan programs you can avail with an additional charge.

If you want to find out more about this product, go straight to the amazon site by clicking here.

What others say about Danby Wine Coolers

Danby Wine Coolers are indeed a great alternative to the more expensive brands of wine coolers available in the market today and they have a very good following.

They are relatively more affordable yet function as well as the higher-end competition, such as the Eurocave Wine Coolers.

However, like other products it too has its own issues that need to be resolved.

As I was doing my research on Danby Wine Coolers, I bumped into several complaints about its cooling ability.

A number of owners have been complaining that their units are not cooling properly.

Some were even left disappointed that their wine coolers have ceased working after two years of use.

While I can only bring to you what I have found, there has been no real solution put forward to addressing some people’s concerns.  Is there a quality issue or just some faulty production items?

Most people are very happy with their Danby Wine Coolers, therefore they represent a great product and great value.  Warranties range from 1 to 10 years, so you have a very good level of protection against faulty units.

Final Word

Danby Wine Coolers are indeed a great alternative to the more expensive high-end wine cooler brands, such as Eurocave. You get the benefits of having a highly efficient wine storage system without having to spend more than you can afford.

To make the most out of your Danby Wine Cooling Units, find the model that best suits your needs and your home setting.

I hope I have in some small way made your choice easier for you.

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