EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews: A Glimpse At EdgeStar’s Kegerators Series

EdgeStar Kegerator

Are you looking for a brand new kegerator? Have you been considering buying an EgdeStar beer dispenser but just can’t decide on a particular unit? Sit back and relax as I give you a wide range of kegerators from one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of home appliances – EdgeStar.

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Before you take on reading this review, I hope that you realize how important it is to take caution when shopping for your home devices online. If you have been reading my reviews on other home appliance products, you would know that each of the products I am reviewing are exceptional in their own special ways.

As I always say, what works for you may not necessarily work for others and vice versa. Therefore, you need to spend some time to do your research before you make a purchase. It is a necessary step to take not only to find the best appliances in town, but to find that perfect piece that will best complement your needs and lifestyle.

Remember that the only way for you to maximize the use of your home appliances is to make use of these devices relative to your needs, aspirations and financial capabilities.


So….. Why An Edgestar Kegerator?

As being among the best manufacturers of home appliances, EdgeStar continually develops technologically advanced and ergonomically sound solutions to make its consumers’ lives easier and comfortable. With hard work and dedication, they have become one of the few reputable makers of home appliances that has gained the trust of consumers around the world.

EdgeStar is known for the production of distinctive home appliance units that offers portability, functionality and exquisite style. It has become a household name among people looking for highly efficient yet cost effective home appliance brands.

Consequently, this company produce a wide range of cooling devices for different types of beverage. Among these are wine and beer that often floods parties and social gatherings. In fact, they are one of the top producers of the finest kegerators, crafted to deliver optimum convenience and satisfaction to both its potential owners and users.

Now if you have been looking for a kegerator for personal use or for your business, here are some of the many reasons why you should consider getting an EdgeStar Kegerator.

They Offer Wide Range of Options

As you read through the rest of this EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews, you will be able to find out the different types of models that would seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. With the wide range of options, you will never have a reason not to own an EdgeStar kegerator. They have exactly anything you want or at least something that is more than close enough to cater to your needs. Also, they have specific products that are fit for use in outdoor applications.

They Are Easy To Use

EdgeStar makes a long line of products that offers flexibility of use, ease of operation and maintenance. Each EdgeStar Kegerator is ergonomically designed so users will enjoy using them. You see machines are supposed to make our tasks easier and make our lives more comfortable. After all, that is what home appliances are for. They ought to make our lives more convenient and enjoyable; and not the other way around.

Their kegerators have excellent and technologically advanced features that users can take advantage of. Hence, they make an exceptional option for beer afficionados looking for an efficient and effective way to  cool and serve beer in the most appropriate ways.

They Are Sold At A Competitive Price

Having been produced a wide range of kegerators, EdgeStar is able to cater to a variety of social classes. Those who have been wanting to own a kegerator but are on a limited budget can now afford to have one at a very affordable price. Whatever budget you may have to spend for a beer dispensing device,you will find an exceptional piece that will deliver to your expectations.

They Have An Excellent After Sales Services

When I was doing my research on kegerators, I was able to read a couple of EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews saying that they are one of the few company’s that offers excellent after sales services. This is where many manufacturers are falling short of. There are some who don’t think much of their customers welfare after the purchase has been made.

Some even and leaves issues and concerns for the owners to resolve on their own. Most often ends up hiring the expertise of appliance technicians, or worse ditching their appliance for a new and different brand. With EdgeStar, it is entirely the opposite. Their excellent customer service is probably among the best reasons why EdgeStar has become a common household brand for home appliances.


Your Guide to EdgeStar’s Wide Range of Kegerators

Compared to other companies that produces the worlds’ kegerator units, Edgestar has a wide range of product line. With EdgeStar, you will be able find a particular product that caters to the varying needs of people with different demands and lifestyle.

To assist in finding out which among the different models presented in these Edgerstar Kegerator Reviews, have a look at some of the most distinctive features each of the beer dispensing models posses. You can use the following as a guide in finding out which among the different models presented in this review will play an integral part of your social adventures and beer drinking activities.


Edgestar Kegerators are available in three sizes. As a matter of fact,  they have a long list of products that can accomodate different kinds of kegs depending on a particular unit’s capacity. Please note that the basis of this category rests on the width of each of the kegerators that you will find in this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews. The width determines what sizes of kegs it can hold, and up to how many would fit inside it.

Slim Size

These are edgestar kegerators having a dimension of approximately 34″ H x 15″ W x 24″ D. Since they are slim and compact, they are well suited for people living in small living spaces such as condominium and apartments. However, you only have limited options with regards to the types of kegs it can hold.

On a positive note; with this devices, you never have to worry about finding a space for your kegerator to sit on. Lastly, they are lightweight and can thus be moved around with ease.


If you are looking for a kegerator that is neither too big nor too small, then you came to the right place. Edgestar offers you a range of kegerators that are built suitable for any home setting. The KC2000 series which I am proud to say are the coldest in the market has a dimension of 48″ H x 20″ W x 24 13″ D including the draft tower. Although you cannot fit over-sized kegs inside it, it can hold more types of kegs than the slim kegerator units.

Full Size

People who are at the habit of throwing parties or social gatherings and even those who consumes large amount of beers on a regular basis warrants full sized kegerator. It can hold almost all types of keg leaving you with a wider option of flavored beer to serve.

As you go through the rest of this EdgeStarKegerator Reviews, you will be able to find a number of units that are spacious enough to hold any keg. In fact the They are apprtoximately  34″ H x 23″ W x 25″ D, not including the casters and the tower. The KC3000 and KC7000 series falls under this category.



Edgestar offers you two different options with regards to color. Either way, both types generally exudes high class and sophistication. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed that your beer dispenser will perfectly complement your home setting.

Stainless Steel (SS)

These are kegerators having a black cabinet and stainless steel door to accentuate its all black casing. If you are not into getting an all black home appliance, then you have the option to avail of this unit.

Black (BL)

These black on black kegerators are built in elegant jet black cabinet with a black wrapped stainless steel door. They make a perfect choice for people looking a sophisticated all black piece that will highlight their simple and plain looking home interior.


No of Taps

Edgestart kegerators have a variety of products that are able to dispense beer from a few number of people to a crowd. No matter type of beer enthusiast you are, or for what purposes you are planning to use them, EdgeStar offers you different means of conveniently serving your beer.

Furthermore, its dual tap and triple tap units gives you the opportunity to simultaneously serve several types of beer in one single unit.

Single Tap

A single tap kegerator is ideal for use amongst people who consumes beer on a regular basis. It only dispenses one type of beer at  a time and are therefore more opportune for use in serving beer for personal consumption. Likewise, you can use these units to dispense beer for few number of people.

Dual Tap (TWIN)

If you are regular party thrower or perhaps someone who is serving draft beer for business then a dual tap kegerator will work for you well. It is able to dispense two different or similar flavor of beer simultaneously. And as such it  and eliminate long lines of people waiting to take a shot of your fine tasting home brew.

Triple Tap(TRIP)

The triple tap kegerator is a the best option for large gatherings and for small business where you plan on serving 3 flavors of beer in one kegerator. These units work well on large scale events where you need to dispense draft beer as fast as possible to avoid people lining up for their favorite alcoholic beverage.


Your kegerators can be used in three different ways. You can either have them freestanding, built into your existing cabinetry or use them for outdoor gatherings and special occasions. In order for you  to get the most of your kegerators, it is important that you purchase your unit with consideration on how you plan on using them.

EdgeStar beer dispensing devices have different kegerator units constructed for use in specific settings. They are as follows:


These are kegerators that are more appropriate for use to be left alone standing side by side your counters or any other appliances for that matter. They usually vent from the rear, hence incapable of being used for built in applications. In rare occasions, you can use them flushed against a wall or underneath your kitchen counters. That is possible if and only if you will be able to provide its much needed space to breathe.


These are kegerators equipped with ventilation that makes them capable of being built into your existing cabinets and under counters. They have front ventilation systems that allows the unit to be installed even inside confined spaces. Another great about Built-In kegerators is that they give your interior setting a more integrated look and appeal.

Outdoor Use

One great thing about some kegerators today is that they are now capable of being used outdoors. These devices are built with high quality and durable materials that enables them to stand against the harsh conditions of outdoor environments.  They make a good investment for people who often throws out a party at their patio or garden. You can stop thinking of your kegerator’s condition and concentrate more on the enjoyment that you and your guests will derive once booze is served and kept flowing.

EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews: A Glimpse of EdgeStar’s Finest Kegerator Series

Now that you are made aware of the distinct features and characteristics that sets each of EdgeStar Kegerators apart from each other, let me walk you through its finest line of beer dispensing units. In this EdgStar Kegerator Reviews, we will be looking into the different EdgeStar kegerators designed and crafted for varied applications.

In order for you to make a smart choice, I strongly suggest that you look into the units with your personal circumstances in mind. Your wants and your needs are two different things. If you want to make the most of your future kegerator, find a compromise between the features you love most and the functions that will let you use your kegerators in their fullest potentials.

Let’s now, have a good look at some of the best pieces that will not only perfectly satisfy your needs and lifestyle but also fits into your budget and personal taste.

K1500 Series

The K1500 Series is comprised Edgestar Kegerators that are more appropriate for use in tight living spaces. Kegerators under this series are slim and sleek, perfect for those who dwell on condominiums and apartments. Each of the units that fall under this category has a with of 15″. Hence, they will not take up too much space off your floor area.

There are only a few models available for this particualr series. However, you will be able to find a slim kegerator of your choice to fit into your beer dispensing needs. They have units suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for built in applications.

Let us see what the the K1500 series of EdgeStar Kegerators has in store for you.

EdgeStar 15″ Built-In Black Stainless Steel Kegerator (KC1500BL)

First on out list is the base model of kegerators in this series KC1500BL. This is an all black beer dispensing unit made suitable for built in applications. It has a front ventilation system that enable the unit to be placed into your under-counters and existing cabinets.

This unit has a forced air refrigeration system that ensures you get fine tasting beer without the foamy texture on the first tap. It is equipped with an electronic thermostat control that gives you the freedom of adjusting the temperature according to your preference. Furthermore, its LED lighting further accentuates its interior especially when viewed at night.

Like most EdgeStar Kegerator Units this sexy and elegant kegerator has a reversible door hinge. Therefore, you will not have a hard time adjusting its door swing as warranted by the circumstance as to where you are planning to house it in.

For great deals and offers on this particular kegerator, please check it at amazon.com by clicking here.


EdgeStar 15″ Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator (KC1500SS)

If you are not so much into black colored home appliance then this unit is your best option. It has the same feature and function of the former except that it has a stainless steel body and door. With its color, you will be able to cleanly integrate this unit into your existing home interior. It will perfectly blend into your decorations without getting too conspicuous or the exact opposite – obscured.

Like most Kegerators that you will find in this EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews, this unit unit promises to deliver ease of use and operation.

IF this particular kegerator interests you, click staright through to amazon.com by clicking here.


EdgeStar 15″ Built-In Outdoor Kegerator (KC1500SS0D)

If you are planning on keeping a slim kegerator that you can use safely for your outdoor parties and gatherings then this particular unit is the one to buy. The KC1500SSOD enjoys the same feature and function as those of the kegerators that appeared before it in this review.

One thing that sets this particular unit apart from the other models are the materials from which they are built. Having been made suitable for outdoor use, this piece appliance are made from reinforced stainless steel and high quality components. Consequently, it is electrically rated and ensures the safety of its users and the appliance itself when used in outdoor environments.

This unit eliminates your worries of getting your kegerator damaged whenever you hosts a party outside your homes. You can be confident that your unit will be able to withstand constant use and abuse even in harsh circumstances.

Ready to make purchase? Click here for exciting offers on this product.

Most Pressing Questions

Do these series have dual tap and triple tap kegerators?

I’m afraid they don’t. However you can check KC2000 for duals and KC3000 and KC7000 for triples.

What are the dimension of these kegerators?

The Kegerators under this series are approximately 34 1/8″ H x 15″ W x 24″ D. However, the dimensions mentioned only applies on the refrigeration unit. The casters and the tower are not included.

How cool can these units get?

You can set the temperature from anywhere between 32-60 degees.

Can the Outdoor model be used indoors and vice versa?

Yes and no. Outdoor units can be used inside your homes. However, those that are built for indoor use must remain inside your home if you want to keep it running for a long time. Outdoor units are built more robust than indoor kegerators. As such your indoor beer dispensers are not likely to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor settinsgs.

What types of keg can be used for these kegerators?

Since they are slim, you have very limited options with regards to the types of kegerators you can use. They can only accomodate kegs under these configurations.

  • (1) Cornelius Homebrew Keg
  • (1) Pony Keg
  • (1) Slim Quarter Keg

My Personal View on KC1500

The EdgeStar Kegerators under these series are a great option for people living in tight spaces. For those who live in pads, apartments and condominiums, they will find the KC1500 a perfect choice. Because of their slim and small built, they wont take so much off your floor area thus giving you more space to move around while enjoying your glass of beer. Moreover, with these units you wont have a hard time transferring it from place to place should you decide to move into a different home.

One great thing about this unit is that in spite of its rather small built, they are equipped with the finest technologies and features that would benefit both its owners and potential users. This just proves that small things can do wonders.

What seems to be lacking in this series is the presence of the dual and triple tap options. But, come to think of it, considering the width of its body these units will not be able to hold more than one keg. Hence, an additional tap is really unnecessary.

Priced at mid range these units promises to deliver great value for your money considering the benefits that you can derive from them. They may not be the cheapest option with regards to Edgestar Kegerators but you can be rest assured that the benefits you will derive for these units are worth more than what you pay for. 

K200 Series

The Ultra Low Temperature Full Size Kegerators (KC2000 and KC2000SS)

This Edgestar KEgerator is a perfect unit to use for home brewers who love to serve cold draft beer. It can go as low as 30o – the coldest kegerator in the market to date. These kegerators can in fact easily convert into a refrigerator.  As such, they can accommodate other types of beverage or food for that matter.

These kegerators are able to hold ½ and ¼ kegs as per US standard. However, they cannot hold over sized kegs as those of Coors and Miller. These units come with its own 5lbs Co2 tank and ships empty. You will need to have them filled by a dealer near you.

When it comes to ease of operation, this unit is sure to deliver maximum convenience to its users. They have a reversible door hinge that allows you adjust its door swing from either left or right. They are also equipped with smooth gliding casters that will make it easier for you to move this unit from one place to another.

The basic model of this series is available in two options. They are in fact one of the cheapest kegerators EdgeStar can offer you. Apparently these units are among the most affordable kegerators in the market today.

If you prefer to have an all black kegerator, have a look at EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler (KC200), here.

If you prefer a unit that will blend into any home interior I suggest you have a look its stainless steel door model by clicking here.

EdgeStar Ultra Low Temperature Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler w/ Cleaning Kit (KC2000CLEAN)

This particular model is similar to that of the KC2000 except that this particular unit comes with a cleaning kit as a bonus.  Make sure to clean your kegerator every keg. Please be reminded that the cleaning kit will ship separately.

If you want to have a good look on this rare bundled offer, you can go straight to amazon.com by clicking here.

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Kegerator with Keg – Black (KC2000HBKG and KC2000SSHBKG)

Most kegerators ships without its own keg. Often times you will be required to buy one depending on what type of keg will fit into the unit or what keg you prefer to have. As mentioned on the discussion on KC2000 of this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews, not all kegs can fit into the kegerators of this series.

Now if you want to spare yourself from the hassles of buying your own keg then this particular model is the one for you. This black to black KC2000 comes with its own ball lock keg that ships empty and will be most likely delivered separate from the kegerator.

The HBKG series of edgestar’s kegerators are most appropriate for use in dispensing wine.

To avail of this exceptional offer, you can click straight to the amazon site by clicking here.

The same offer exists on this unit’s stainless steel  model and you can check this item out by clicking here.

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser (KC2000TWIN and KC2000SSTWIN)

If you are on the hunt for a double tap kegerator, then this unit will be an exceptional choice. This unit like the single tap version the KC2000 is able to keep your keg of beer within a temperature range of 30o to mid 40’s. It has an elegant all black to black finish accentuated with chrome railings and tower that will allow this elegant kegerator to seamlessly fit into any home décor.

Similar to the KC2000, this kegerator can  easily convert into a refrigerator. The only feature that sets this particular unit apart from the KC2000 is its tap. The KC2000TWIN is a dual tap,ulta low temperature kegerator that can dispense beer into two different cups simultaneously.

This unit is a perfect choice for people who throw regular parties or a get together of a number of people. And since this unit is able to dispense to two glasses at the same time, it eliminates the long line of people waiting to get their cups filled.

To find out more about these two kegerator models, please click on a link below.

KC2000TWIN Black

KC2000SSTWIN Stainless Steel

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs – Black and Stainless Steel (KC2000SSTWINHBKG)

This particular Edgestar Kegerator is the stainless steel model of the KC200OTWIN. This is a dual tap ultra low temperature edgestar kegerator that is able to dispense to 2 cups or glasses of wine simultaneuously. With this unit you will be able to dispense two different types of beverage provided that you have two different kegs for each type of beer.

The Edgestar KC2000SSTWINHBKG comes with a bonus offer. When you buy this product you get to have 2 reconditioned ball lock kegs that you can readily fill with your desired type of wine.The home brew keg is what sets’s this particular unit apart from the standard unit.  If you do not have the time or the patience to purchase your kegs, this offer is something you shouldn’t let slip away from your hands.

If you want to take advantage of this exciting offer on this EdgeStar kegerator, please click staright through to amazon.com here.

Most Pressing Questions and Answers

How long does beer stay fresh on this unit?

A tapped beer on keg can stay fresh for as long as 3-4 months.

How long does its 5lbs CO2 last?

It depends on how much CO2 you allow to flow through the system via its regulator. It also depends on how often you tap beer and how long you leave it open each time. Although ideally, a 5 lbs CO2 can lasts for 4-5 kegs.

Should you turn off the keg coupler and CO2 when you are away?

There’s no reason for you to turn off your keg coupler and CO2 whenever you leave unless you will be away for a very long period of time.

Can these units be used outdoors?

No Im afraid you cant, there are models that are built for outdoor use and you can find them as you read through the rest of this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews. Check the KC7000SSOD for units that are built for outdoor use.

Do these units come with racks?

Yes, there are two. You can use these racks when you transform these kegerators into a mini refrigerator.

Can you use these units flushed against a wall?

Possibly, if you can ensure that the pressure supply line is long enough for its tank to be kept on its side. There is already a CO2 mount at the back. But I think the Co2 tank is better off at the back.

What Types of Keg can fit into these kegerators?

These kegerators can hold kegs of the following configurations:

  • (1)Full Size Keg, 1/2 Barrel (124 pints)
  • Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • Slim-Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • Up to (2) Sixth Barrel kegs, (42 pints each)
  • Up to (2) Cornelius Homebrew kegs, (40 pints each)
If a kegerator is seldom used, how long will it take before something goes bad?

With proper CO2, your beer should last for quite some time.

For dual tap models, can you have two different flavored kegs with each valve giving different flavors?

Yes you can keep two kegs of different beer flavors. However your kegs must be  1/6 so both kegs can fit inside it.

Is it possible to change and use a different faucet?

Absolutely, you can screw the tap handle out and change them with ease.

On its stainless version -the KC2000SSTWIN, what is the loose metal plate that comes inside it?

The plates should be placed at the bottom of the kegerator. This is where your kegs will sit.

Can you place these units under the counter and detach the tower such that you can place the tower on top of the counter?

I believe you can. You can detach the tower, drill a hole on your counter top and attach it back. However you will need to use a longer bolt for it to work. Similarly, make sure that you give your kegerator enough room to breath. That’s if you intent to place them under your kitchen counters.

Has anyone had issues CO2 leak? How do you resolve this issue?

Yes it is very common that you get CO2 leaks more especially if your clamps aren’t tight enough to seal the gas in. You can resolve this issue by checking on the clamp and replace them when needed.

How loud are these units?

This particular unit isn’t that loud at all. The sound it generates is similar to that of your regular kitchen fridge.

Do these units support a keg with a pin lock system as that of a Corney?

When this item is shipped, it is configured to for a Sanke Connection configured for most US kegs. Ask an expert on how you can have this unit to accommodate a Corney keg.

Are the Co2s tank inside or outside of the unit?

Outside, in fact it has an CO2 mount at the back of the unit.

Are the doors reversible?

Yes you can have your doors swing from either direction (left or right).

Do the KC2000 series have triple tap kegerator models?

No, if you will be needing triple tap kegerators then you can check the KC3000 series of Edgestar kegerators.


My Personal View on KC2000

If you are looking for an affordable EdgeStar Kegerator then the KC2000 series is an excellent option. These units are for the budget conscious beer enthusiasts looking for an efficient beer dispenser within a limited budget. If you are lucky, you will sometimes find bundled offers on these products which will give you more savings.

Since they are priced lower than other kegerator models, you have to expect that some of EdgeStar’s finest features cannot be found on these units. To be specific, kegerators under the KC2000 have manual temperature control knobs. Also, they are not equipped with an automatic defrost system which you will be able to find on the more expensive yet highly advanced kegerator series.

However, in spite of the fact that these units are a little laid back than the others. These beer dispensers are the coldest in the market. Unlike the KC1500 series, you will now find dual tap kegerator models under this line of kegerators from EdgeStar.


Kc300O Series

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerators with Digital Display (KC3000 and KC3000SS)

Here’s another range of kegerator models from one of the worlds’ finest makers of home appliances – Edgestar. The K3000 series of Edgestar Kegerators is the digital version of the K2000. Digital in a sense that it has a digital display and intuitive control panel as compared to the former models’ mechanically operated knobs.

The digital display and control gives you the upper hand in adjusting your unit’s desired temperature settings. You can set its temperature from anywhere between 32-50oF. They may not be able to go as low as the KC2000 but you get more control on your beer’s temperature. Another extra feature that sets these units apart from the former model is the presence of its Deep Chill Mode.

In Deep Chill Mode your kegarator will be able to cool a new keg more faster than other kegerator brands and models. The Deep Chill Mode sends the compressor of the unit into an overdrive when pressed and reverts back to its normal cooling when pressed again.

The KC3000 is a range of full sized kegerators that are able to hold larger sized kegs such as those of half-barrel, slim quarter, corny, and sixth barrel kegs. It also has an integrated dip tray so you won’t have to drain them quite too often especially when you are too drunk to do it yourself.

The KC3000 base model is available in two options:

If you want the Black on black cabinet and door, please click here.

If you prefer to have the stainless steel model, you can check it out by clicking here.

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display (KC3000TWIN and KC3000SSTWIN)

The KC3000Twin is the dual tap version kegerator of EdgeStars KC3000 series. The KC300TWIN is basically similar to the standard model – KC3000 excepth for its dual tap feature that is able to dispense beer for two glasses at the same time.

You can in fact opt to dispense two different flavors of beer provided that they are on separate kegs and these two kegs will fit right inside the cabinet. This particular  unit is great for those who regularly hosts gatherings among a relatively a large number people. Dual tap kegerators prevents people from lining up to get their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Ready to make your purchase? Click here.

The dual tap KC3000TWIN is also available in a stainless steel door model KC3000SS color. You can check it out at amazon.com by clicking here.

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Kegerator with Digital Display (KC3000TRIP and KC3000SSTRIP)

If you like throwing a party or a get together to a huge group of people then perhaps it is way more convenient for you to have a triple tap kegerator. The KC3000TRIP might just be the perfect beer dispenser and cooler for your party drinking needs.

With this device, you will be able to dispense freshly brewed beer to your guests in no time! You will be able to dispense 3 glasses of beer simultaneously. Now everone will have no other excuse not to get so drunk.

Get to know more about the KC3000TRIP by clicking here.

If you want the Black on stainless steel door model- KC3000SSTRIP, click here.

Most Pressing Questions and Answers

Does these units come with casters?

Yes they do, and these caster will make it easier for you to move them around from place to place.

Does these unit have an external tank mount?

Yes and it is located at the back of the unit.

Can the K3000 kegerator series be used for built in applications.

Maybe, if you will be able to make enough room for these units to breath. You see they are built for freestanding applications and I honestly think they will serve you better when they are used as they were intended.

Do you need to defrost this unit? Or does it defrost automatically?

Yes and No. Yes you need to defrost this unit and you will need to do it manually. The KC300 kegerators are not equipped with automatic defrost systems.

What type of kegs can be used in these kegerator models?

They will be capable of holding different sizes of kegs on the following configurations.

  • Oversized Keg, 1/2 Barrel (124 pints)
  • Full-Size Keg, 1/2 Barel (124 pints)
  • Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • Slim-Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • Up to (3) Sixth Barrel kegs, (42 pints each)
  • Up to (3) Cornelius Homebrew kegs, (40 pints each)
  • Slim Quarter & (1) Sixth Barrel Keg
  • Slim Quarter & (1) Cornelius Keg
Can these unit be kept outside?

These models are not for outdoor sure. There are other edgestar kegerators that are built for outdoor applications that will discussed on the succedding sections of this  Edgestar Kegerator Reviews.

Will triple tap models consume CO2 faster than single tap models?

Obviously triple taps will drain more CO2 than single taps since it dispenses air for 3 faucets vs 1. That being said your CO2 might get used up faster than those of a single tap.

Does the tower have forced air circulation?

Im afraid they don’t, they just have a cold plate at the back of the unit that helps keep it cold. If you can just read through the rest of this EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews, you can check the section on the KC7000 series.


My Personal View on KC3000

If you are willing to pay extra for a kegerator that has a more updated thermostat control panel, the kegerators under the KC3000 series is the most reasonable option. Priced at mid range,  they cost a bit higher than the KC2000 but still remains affordable for people having a limited budget for a beer dispensing unit.

The highlight of this series is the presence of the Deep Chill Mode. I find it very useful for various occasions when you need to serve perfectly cold and fresh tapped beer to a number of people. The great thing about these units is that they can quickly chill your beverages. You no longer have to wait for hours to bring your new kegs into their perfect serving temperature.

Unlike the former two kegerator series discussed in this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews, we now see triple tap units that can dispense 3 glasses of beer at a time. And the good thing is you have the option to serve 3 different flavors of beer in one beer dispensing unit.


K7000 Series

EdgeStar’s Kc7000 series is comprised of various kegerators that are built for either outdoor and indoor use. It is the only line of EdgeStar kegerators that is equipped with an automatic defrost system. As such, these devices are far more convenient to use because of its low maintenance features.

For this particular topic on this EdgeStar Kegerator Reviews, allow me to present to you the different kegerators under the KC7000 series based on their applications.

Built In Capable, Indoor Use Kegerators

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator KC7000SS

First on our list is the the standard model of this series which is a single tap kegerator built in black cabinet and stainless steel door.  Equipped with a front ventilation system, these units are capable of being built into your existing cabinets and under counter. No matter how your interior decoration has been set up, this piece of appliance is sure to seamlessly fit into your home décor.

It has a durable and spacious cabinet that can accommodate kegs of all sizes. You surely won’t have a hard time fitting in oversized kegs even those with rubberized and beveled edge kegs. With its reinforced stainless steel floor, these units are able to withstand constant loading and unloading of kegs with minimal damage on the unit.

As compared to the two other series discussed in this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews, the KC7000 has several additional features to boasts. Among them are the LED interior lighting system, the auto defrost feature, integrated door lock and the forced-air cooled beer tower. These 4 functions are among the most important updates on the previous models that were presented above.

The auto defrost system eliminates the constant need to manually defrost the unit. On the other hand the forced-air cooled beer tower lets you have a more consistent and fine tasting beer at all times. With this feature you won’t be pouring foamy beer to your guests.  Additionally, its powerful  forced-air refrigeration technology evenly distributes cool air all throughout the unit. It helps maintain the desired temperature ensuring that you get a continuous supply of  ice cold beer served from tap.

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EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator – Black and Stainless Steel (KC7000SSTWIN)

This is the dual tap model of the Edgestar Full Size Built In Kegerator. This isn’t really different from the single tap model except of course that this particular unit is able to pour 2 glasses of beer in one instance. You can in fact serve two types of beer at a time without the need to use another kegerator. They are ideal for use among people who regularly hosts social gatherings and beer party at home.

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EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Kegerator – Black and Stainless Steel (KC7000TRIP)

This is the triple tap model with a black on black cabinet and door design able to dispense 3 glasses of beer at a time. You can serve 3 types of beer in one kegerator provided that you will be able to fit in 3 kegs of different or similar favored beer in its interior. For that purpose I suggest that you use Sixth barrel kegs or Cornelius home brew kegs.

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Kegerators For Outdoor Use

As I have mentioned the KC7000 EdgeStar Kegerator series is comprised of both built-in  and outdoor beer dispensing units. The Outdoor kegerator models are generally more robust hence are able to withstand the extreme heat and humidity of outdoor environment. Furthermore, they are electrically rated and are safe for outdoor use.

Having been built with reinforced stainless steel-wrapped cabinet and high caliber components, these units will be able to work efficiently even in harsh environmental conditions. You will find these units a bit pricey than the others but will always be worth more than what you will pay for it.

The only things sets these following kegerators apart from those mentioned in this series is its capability to bring the joys and comfort of having a kegerator from the confines of your home into the great outdoors.

The following kegerators enjoy the same features as that of the indoor models under this series. The only difference lies on the materials used in its body and the electrical circuits.

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel (KC7000SSOD)

This is the base model of the outdoor KC7000 series that are well suited for outdoor parties and social gathering.

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EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel (KC7000SSODTWIN)

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EdgeStar Full Size TripleTap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel (KC7000SSODTRIP)

If you are a person who regularly throws a party to a crowd, the triple tap version of this unit is your best option. Since this unit is able to dispense 3 cups or glasses of beer at time, you will be able to serve beer to your guests in no time. Just make sure you have extra kegs to quickly replace a keg once empty. An

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Most Pressing Questions and Answers

What specific types of kegs can these kegerators hold?

The K7000 series in general can hold kegs of the following configurations:

  • an Oversized Keg
  • 1 Full-Size Keg
  • a Pony Keg
  • 1 Slim Quarter Keg
  • Up to 3 Sixth Barrel Kegs
  • Up to 3 Cornelius Homebrew Kegs
  • 1 Slim Quarter & (1) Sixth Barrel Keg
  • 1 Slim Quarter & (1) Cornelius Keg
Can you make the unit dual tap?

Yes you can, all you need to do is to buy and screw in a dual tap tower. However, it might be a better idea if you will purchase the dual tap model of the KC7000 which is KC7000TWIN.

Is it quiet?

It is fairly quiet, it wont be much of a distraction at all.

Does the height listed 34 3/8 include the caster wheels?

No, that height is just the refrigeration unit. Including the wheels, its height should be around 37.5” tall.

Can you reverse the door swing of this unit?

Yes you can, it has a reverversible door hinge that you can adjust according to your preference.

How cool can these units get?

They can go as low as 30’s. You can set the anywhere between 32-60oF on its electronic control panel.

Does it have everything you need to set it up?

Yes but one, you have to buy your kegs. And also you need to have the CO2 tank filled by a distributor.

Can you use indoor models for outdoor parties and gathering?

Yes you may but I dont recommend it. The K7000 series is the most expensive of all EdgeStar Kegerators. I suggest you use each of these units as they were intended. You wouldn’t want your money go down the drain right? So, if you need a kegerator for activities outside your homes try to consider the KC7000SSOD, KC7000SSODTWIN and KC7000SSODTRIP instead.

Can you make the taps to face the other direction?

Yes you can, all you need is to unscrew the tap and rotate it 90 degrees such that it will face on the other direction.

Can you mount the air cooled tower on a bar or on a countertop?

Yes you can but it would require some work. If you’re not too sure on how to mount it in the proper way, call an expert.

Will this unit work outdoors during summerdays?

Definitely not, more especially when the temperature gets really hot. I suggest you buy the outdoor kegerator models of this series which you will find at the later part of this Edgestar Kegerator Reviews.

Are kegerators in these series loud?

They can be rather loud but not the type that you will find bothersome. It’s the price to pay for a unit that brings about your beer into its proper cold temperature.

My Personal View On KC7000

The KC7000 series of Edgestar Kegarators belong to high-end kegerator units in the market today. Knowing that each of the units that belong under this line posses highly advanced features and functions, it is not much of a surprise that they are priced higher than the rest of EdgeStar Kegerators.

Yes they may be rather expensive, but they are surely worth the money you pay for. Nothing can be more convenient than to have a kegerator that not only looks good but works as good as how it appears to be. With its advanced features you can use each of these units with optimum convenience and satisfaction.

Moreover, these beer dispensers are made from high grade materials; hence, are likely to serve you longer than the others. They may not be cheap nor affordable but I am certain that these units will deliver great value for your money.

Lastly, what i really love about the KC7000 series is that it has a wide range of products to choose from. They got everything from single tap, to dual tap and even up to triple tap units. Additionally, you also  have the option to choose a specific kegerator that is opportune for use indoors and outdoors.


Final Word

Yet again, EdgeStar has proven itself to be among the best manufactures of home appliance technologies. It is a brilliant move for them to cater to the needs of a wider consumer population. Its wide range of products have given more people the opportunity to enjoy freshly brewed beer served from tapregardless of their social class. Whatever budget you may have, you will surely find an EdgeStar Kegerator that best fits your lifestyle and financial capability.

When looking for your ideal kegerator, do not come up with a decision with your personal preferences as the sole basis. Find out which among your options will let you make the best out of your units. Find a particular model that more than what you like, is in fact what you really need. It is the only way that you can fully enjoy the perks of having a kegerator.




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