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For the past week I’ve turned the internet upside down researching Eurocave Wine Coolers.  My research confirms that Eurocave is among the leading wine cooling and storage systems available on the market today.

Being the pioneer on the design and manufacture of wine storage units, Eurocave has been consistently providing wine lovers with cutting edge wine coolers and cabinets on top of their perfect ergonomics and design. They have become the “it” thing among wine drinkers across the world, so much so that cool wines and Eurocave Wine Coolers go hand in hand.

They more or less wrote the book on wine coolers, so you know you are teamed with the experts should you be one of the fortunate owners of a Eurocave Wine Cooler. Their exquisite designs and state of the art technology when it comes to wine storage and preservation is very worthy of your investment in perfect wine temperature.

For 30 years they have perfected keeping wines at their finest structure. That being said, Eurocave Wine Coolers are more of a necessity than a luxury, especially for people that have developed a real love for wines.

Eurocave offers a variety of wine coolers, from those gigantic cooling systems down to that compact yet efficient wine fridge. They are bound to have a cooler to suit your needs and budget.

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Let me walk you through the Eurocave Wine Coolers available in the market today;

Eurocave Wine Art

Eurocave Wine Art is among the most affordable cooling products of Eurocave. It is ideal in storing bottles of wine that have been uncorked but left unconsumed.  If you can’t get through your bottle in one sitting, it’s there un-spoilt for your next.
It has an amazing vacuum sealing system that delays the effects of oxidation.   Oxidation is the main culprit of why unfinished bottles of wine lose their flavour.   This of course is unpalatable for anyone.

With Eurocave Wine Art you are ensured of having that perfect bottle of wine all week long for many sittings. Its state of the art technology allows you to keep your wine fresh and preserved for up to 10 days once opened.

It is able to hold two bottles at a time, with each compartment having its own temperature control.

Therefore you can store two similar or two different kinds of wine under different conditions at the same time in the same cooler.

The Wine Art is compact and can snugly fit into your countertop. It is neither too big nor too small and perfect even for smaller living spaces, such as apartments and condos.

How Cool?

Temperature plays a very important role in bringing out the best out in your wines. Wines served at their perfect temperature generally taste better than those that aren’t.

Eurocave Wine Art is temperature controlled and is preset to 46ºF for whites and 60ºF for reds. All you need to do is to toggle the button in each compartment and choose whether it’s a red wine or white, and voila your wines are ready to be served in minutes.

How Much?

Eurocave Wine Art is relatively less expensive than most other wine coolers. This is due to the fact that it is compact and its features allow a simple process in bringing up your wines to their perfect serving temperature.

Prices do vary from time to time and you can check Amazon for current pricing by clicking here.

Eurocave INOA

Eurocave INOAIf you have a large wine collection and are in the process of creating a wine cellar or replacing your current cellar cooling unit, the Eurocave INOA can transform any room into a wine cellar by replicating the conditions ideal for maturing wines.

The INOA has been built with a sound proof box and solid blocks and as a result this single unit wine cooler is the quietest wine conditioner in the world and will not become a noisy distraction.

It is also energy efficient and eco-friendly, making it ideal for use in the modern age of energy conservation, meaning your electricity cost will be less and the reduction of greenhouse gas will help protect the environment.

One ‘cool’ feature of the INOA Wine Cellar Conditioner is that it automatically heats and cools. This feature allows you to keep your wine cellar’s temperature stable at all times, so you can be assured that your wines are kept in perfect condition so to continue to mature your precious beverages.

Another great advantage with the INOA is its ease of use and maintenance. You have the freedom to choose where and how you install. You can have it mounted on a wall or leave it standing, so it is ideal for fixed cellars or converted rooms.  They are ideal even in rented homes and apartments.

It also comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to monitor and control your wine cellar’s temperature, even when watching TV.  Just be careful it’s the TV remote you’re using when changing channels!

How Cool?

In order to maintain a stable temperature within your wine cellars, it is important to take note of your room area.

INOA is available in two models, the INOA 25 and INOA 50. Some stores have them as INOA 600 and INOA 1200 respectively. Don’t be confused by the numbers, as they only represent the ideal size of the room of use for each model.

For rooms that are less than 82 sq ft (25m3), you can use INOA 25 otherwise known as INOA 600. If your room or wine cellar is between 82 sq ft (25m3) to 164 sq ft (50m3), choose INOA 50 or INOA 1200.

To ensure that the INOA wine conditioner operates properly, have it placed at a location where the ambient temperature is between 23ºF to 95ºF. INOA is preprogrammed to maintain a constant temperature between 48ºF to 59ºF.

A rise in temperature, even for just a degree on your preprogrammed temperature, automatically activates your wine conditioning unit. The built in heater also protects your wines from sudden drop of temperature.

How Much?

With Eurocave INOA’s highly sophisticated features, it is really for dedicated wine enthusiasts that invest a lot in wine and have a large collection. Eurocave INOA ranges from $3500 up to $4999 depending upon the model you intend to purchase.

INOA 25, which caters to smaller rooms, is priced at almost a thousand dollars less than the INOA 50.

For current pricing and availability, you can check out Amazon for the INOA 25 by clicking here or the INOA 50 by clicking here.

Artevino II 200 Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cellar

Artevino II is another state of the art product from Eurocave.  It is a great alternative to Eurocave’s high end cooling system, where your collection is extensive but you don’t have a cellar or a room dedicated for storing your wine.

The Artvino II wine cellar replicates the conditions ideal for maturing wines within a single stand-alone unit, similar in size to a single door refrigerator. It also protects your wines against external influences such as sudden drop and increase in temperature, allowing a constant temperature for your wine at all times, which allows your wine to mature into its ideal wine structure.

Equipped with 7 solid beeches that can slide, it is flexible enough to hold wine bottles of different shapes and sizes. Artevino II can hold up to 200 bottles of wine, depending on how the bottles have been arranged and their physical shape.

How Cool?

Artevino II has a single zone temperature of 23ºF to 95ºF (+/- 62ºF). With its controlled hydrometry and circulation features, it automatically heats and cools as needed to maintain a constant temperature. Its warming feature even allows it to be set up inside a garage when the snow is piling up outside. Just be careful when parking the car!

How Much?

With its simple yet efficient features Artevino II is priced at around $2,999, about the same price as a good refrigerator. It comes with a 2 Year warranty when purchased new. For current prices and reviews from from Amazon, click here.

Final Word

The Eurocave name stands alone as one of the best and most innovative brands in today’s wine cooler market. You get the old adage that you get what you pay for. In the case Eurocave Wine Coolers, whether you want the 2 bottle, 200 bottle or the cellar unit, you are investing in perfection.

Perfection not just for the unit itself but for the wine it matures and preserves and for this you may need to pay just that little bit extra.

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