Haier Wine Refrigerator Review

In my Haier Wine Refrigerator Review, I cover a variety of wine coolers Haier has to offer to the wine consumption and storage industry. They are among the world’s global leader on the manufacture of consumer electronics that had been able to establish a good reputation during their years and years of existence.

They have a wide array of wine cooling products that I know will solicit a great interest on your part.
They offer a broad range of wine cooling systems for both budding and professional wine aficionados.

Their line of Wine Cooler products can cater for everyone, with products ranging from as low as several hundred dollars to several thousands. Whatever budget you may have for your potential wine cooler, you will certainly find something at Haiers that more than you can afford can deliver to meet your demands and expectations.

Let’s have a good look at some of Haier Wine Cooler products that you may find useful for your wine storage needs.


Single Zone Haier Wine Refrigerator Models

Haier HVTS04ABB 4 Bottle Wine Cellar

If you are not much of a passionate wine collector but would want wines available for occasional personal consumption or for surprise visits from friends and colleagues, then this four bottle capacity Haier Wine Refrigerator is something you must not ignore.

This compact wine cooling unit can easily find its space on top of your kitchen counter. It’s nice all black cabinet and trim would seamlessly fit in your kitchen and your home décor adding up elegance and sophistication to your over all interior decoration.

It comes with adjustable leveling legs that allows for use even on unleveled countertops. Having been built exclusively for freestanding applications this wine refrigerator should never be used enclosed inside a cabinet otherwise you risk of a possible malfunction or shorten its length of service.

This Haier Wine Refrigerator has a double paned insulated glass door that not only lets you take a peek of what is stored inside but also protects your wine against UV light exposure.

It runs on a Peltier thermoelectric system, making this unit among the quietest eco friendly wine cooler in the market as compared to its compressor cooled competition.

How Cool

This ultra portable wine cooler can bring about your wines into their optimum serving temperature within a range of 46oF to 65oF. It is single zoned so you only get to keep one type of wine at a time if you want them chilled and served at their finest structure.


This cooler has three full width chrome racks that you can easily slide out and remove for cleaning purposes. You can have a wire shelf removed if you need more clearance when safekeeping wine bottle types other than a regular 750 ml Bordeaux.

Can this wine cooler be positioned horizontally?

No, just vertical if you want your wine cooler to serve you for the longest time possible.

Is it lockable?

I’m afraid it’s not so you better keep a watchful eye on your wines if there are minors and kids within your homes. Better yet let them know your this particular home appliance is off limits to their playful hands.

My View

This wine refrigerator is great for those who don’t intend to keep a generous amount of wine and for those who do not have the luxury of space to accommodate an additional appliance. This is perfect wine cooling unit if you live in small living spaces such as those of an apartment or a condominium.

The HVTS04ABB is a good example that quality products don’t have to be expensive. This highly efficient cooler is for the budget conscious population as it is made available at a price they can surely afford.

If you want this wine cooling unit, visit Amazon.com by clicking here. It comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26 Bottle Wine Cellar

This single zone wine cooler from Haier is manufactured suitable for both built-in and freestanding applications. It comes with front ventilation that allows the unit to breath in fresh air and function to their fullest potential even inside the confined spaces of undercounters and cabinets.

Equipped with advanced technological design and ergonomics, this Haier Wine Cooler promises to deliver comfort and satisfaction to your wine cooling needs.

It has a flat full view double paned glass door with interchangeable door hinge that gives you the freedom to adjust its door swing from either left or right. The blue gray tint on this wine cooler’s glass door protects your wines against the harmful effects of UV light.

Some of the features characteristic to this Haier Wine Refrigerator is its alarm and door stop component. The alarm sends off a warning when there is a sudden increase in temperature.

Its automatic door stop on the other hand ensures you don’t accidentally dislodge the door and disturb the wines.

How Cool?

This single zone wine cooler can cool your precious whites and reds one type at a time or both at your desired temperature within the range of 41-64oF. If you plan on keeping both your reds and wines at the same time, place your white wines at the bottom shelf and your reds at the top shelf. There is at least 10o variance between the top and bottom shelves of this unit that you can take advantage of when keeping two types of wine at the same time.

With this wine cooler you have the option to show its temperature readings with its LED display in either oF or oC


The HVCE15BBH has five chrome storage racks with wood trim and one bottom chrome storage rack that can cradle your wine safely while in storage. The five racks glide out easily and gives you ease of access and storage of your precious wine bottles. You can even have the racks removed completely when you need more clearance on storing larger or taller wine bottles.

Is this unit compressor cooled or thermoelectric?

This Haier Wine Refrigerator is cooled by a compressor.

Does this unit come with a lock?

Yes, you can keep you wine off limits to minors and unauthorized access.

How many bottles of wine can feet inside this wine cooler?

This Haier Wine Refrigerator can ideally keep 26 regualr 750 ml wine bottles. Its capacity will be less when keeping larger bottles of wine such as those of the Champagne and Rieslings.

My View

This is a great single zone wine cooler that you can use in keeping both your reds and whites at the same time. With this unit, you get to have the opportunity to take advantage of the uneven cooling that takes place inside.

The automatic door stop is a great addition too. It will work well for those who often unintentionally slam their wine coolers door.

For its features and its great look, it sure is a great value for your money. Having been among the mid ranged priced wine coolers in the market today, it remains to be relatively affordable to majority of the wine drinking population.

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Haier HVCE15DBH Built-In or Freestanding 26 Bottle Wine Cellar with Thermal Glass Door

The Haier HVCE15DBH Wine Refrigerator is a 26 bottle capacity wine cooling system that you can use for both built-in and freestanding applications. It comes with an elegant all black cabinet and glass door trim for a more cosmopolitan appeal. It has leveling legs that allows this unit to be placed even under unleveled floor areas.

Like the 26 bottle Haier Wine Refrigerator model mentioned above this too has an automatic door stop and an over temperature alarm that you can use to your advantage. It also comes with a full view thermal glass door that lets you showcase your wines beautifully with its soft lit interior. Its electronic display lets you keep an eye on your wine’s temperature and easily adjust it as needed with its intuitive control panel.

How Cool?

This wine cooler model lets you cool your wines within a range of 41-64oF, just enough to keep your reds and your whites within their proper storage and serving temperature. The single zone feature can be used to keep both types of wine at the same by taking advantage of the ten degree variation at the upper and lower zones. Have your red wines stored at the top and let your whites sit at the bottom.


The HVCE15DBH has five wooden trimmed storage racks and a bottom chrome rack that glides out smoothly. You can have the racks removed for more storage options and to accommodate larger bottles of wine other than Bordeaux.

Is it compressor cooled or thermoelectric?

It runs on a compressor.

Is its door interchangeable?

Yes it is, it has a reversible door hinge that allows you to choose its door swing.

Does it come with a lock?

Yes, you can be rest assured that your wine is free from theft and minors.

My View

This wine refrigerator model from Haier is very much similar to Haier Wine Cooler HVCE15BBH, in fact they are identical with regards to their features. The only difference is their color, the former having a stainless door trim and the latter, black.

Like the other wine cooler model HVCE15BBH, this too is a mid-range wine cooler. Although they are similar, I personally think that this one looks more elegant than the other. If you can afford to pay extra for its looks, then perhaps this is the one to keep.

Have this unit shipped to you for free with one year warranty on parts and labor plus a five year warranty on compressor by clicking here.

Dual Zone Haier Wine Refrigerator Models

Haier HVTM12DABB 12 Bottle Dual Zone Mirrored Glass Door Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a spacious yet space efficient Haier Wine Refrigerator that is easy on the budget then you should not miss this HVTM12DABB.

This 12 bottle capacity wine cooler radiates a decent amount of class and sophistication with its sleek all black cabinet and trim.

More than its looks, it is able to receive quite a number of good reviews with regards to its performance. Having been equipped with haier’s state of the art technological design, this unit has been among the most popular models of Haier.

The HVTM12DABB is a dual zone wine cooling system that allows you to keep both your reds and whites in two different temperature conditions. Both zones has independent control systems and LED display that allows for easy monitoring and set up of desired condition. Its door is comprised of a double pane tinted glass material that helps keep the damaging effects of UV rays at bay.

It has a Peltier Thermoelectric cooling system that eliminates the noise and vibration of using a compressor cooled wine cooling refrigerator. Not only does this unit run quietly, it is eco friendly as it releases no CFCs that are known to contribute to global warming and climate change.

How Cool?

This dual zone wine cooler can cool your precious reds at and whites within a temperature zone of 45 to 64 oF. The upper zone dedicated for your reds can cool from 45 oF to as much as 54 oF. The lower zone on the other hand that best suits your white wines has a temperature range of 52 oF to 64 oF


This compact Haier Wine Fridge has four chrome wine storage racks that can safely cradle your highly valued wine collection. These wire shelves can be removed but cannot be adjusted as there are no additional slots in place within its side walls. To make space for larger wine bottles, you may need to remove a shelf or two for clearance.

Can it be used for built in applications?

No, this unit is built suitable for freestanding applications only as it vents at its rear. It needs fresh enough space to breathe and to function to its full potential.

Does it have lighting?

Yes, it has a soft LED lighting inside that wonderfully lights up your wine collection without the added heat of an incandescent bulb.

Can it accommodate larger wine bottles?

Yes it can but you have to remove a shelf to do so.

Are these units stackable just in case you want to buy more than one unit?

I guess it is, but I suggest you put them side by side instead for more stability. Better yet, get a model that can house more wine bottles.

My View

In my honest opinion, this model certainly is something you should strongly consider as it is sure to deliver a great value for your money. This model has a good wine capacity in spite of its rather small built. It is dual zoned too that you rarely see on other compact wine cooler brands.

Unless you plan on stocking up more than 12 bottles of wine this Haier Wine cooler is a perfect choice.

This wine cooling unit is made available to consumer at a reasonable price. Having been priced at mid range, you can keep your woes on getting a high performance wine cooler of this size at bay.

Know what other people saying about this product and avail of its one year warranty on its parts and labor by clicking here.

Haier 18 Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

This 18 Bottle capacity dual zone Haier Wine Cooler is a favorite among wine lovers who only has few wines to keep. It has an elegant looking black cabinet with black stainless steel trim and an eco-friendly smoked double paned glass insulated door that keeps your wines protected from UV rays.

Having been built with rear ventilation, this model is more ideal for use for freestanding applications. However, with its slim tower frame you won’t have any difficulty finding a spot for this elegant wine cooler as it takes up less space than most wine cooler brands and models.

The HVTEC18DABS Haier Wine Cooler is a dual zone wine cooling system that allows for simultaneous cooling of both your red and white wines. You get to keep your whites and reds in two different zones and independently control each area’s temperature. It comes with a dual touch screen control with LED display that makes monitoring and temperature setting a very easy task.

How Cool?

This Haier wine cooler can perfectly cool both your reds and whites to their ideal serving temperature. Its dual zone feature allows you to cool your white wines at the upper compartment between 46 oF to 66 oF, while your red wines sit at the lower zone between 54-66 oF.


It has nine full chrome storage racks that can each hold two regular 750 ml wine bottles. These shelves are removable but not adjustable. If you are to keep larger wine bottles other than those of Bordeaux, you may have to remove a shelf and/or have the bottles placed facing backward.

Is it compressor cooled or thermoelectric?

This wine cooler is thermoelectric, making this unit fairly quiet and vibration free.

Is its door interchangeable?

No, as it appears to have no interchangeable door hinge.

Does this unit come with a lock?

It doesn’t.

My View

This is a great unit for those who have a very limited space for a wine cooler and has a relatively few wines to keep.

The only issue that I have with this product is that it doesn’t have a lock and it doesn’t come with a reversible door hinge. Still not an issue though if you do not have minors around or is not bothered with the direction your door swings open.

This wine cooler is super economical,  something most middle-of-the-road and budget conscious wine lovers can afford.

It ships for free and comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Get to know more about this Haier Wine Cooler by visiting amazon.com here.

Haier WC200GS 48 Bottle Built-In Wine Cellar

If you have a large collection of wine then have a look at Haier Wine Cooler model WC200GS. This spacious wine cooler from haier is versatile enough to be used for both built in and freestanding applications.

It has a front ventilation system that allows you to use it under the two different settings mentioned above. It can hold as many as 48 bottles of wine on two different temperature zones without taking up too much space.

It has a reversible door hinge component that gives you the freedom to adjust its door swing to your liking. It’s see through UV protected glass door allows you to view your wine collection while keeping them protected against the premature aging effects of Ultraviolet light.

It features a dual zoned temperature wine cooler that allows you to keep your wines in two different temperature settings with independent controls and display.

Unlike some of the wine coolers you can find in the market today, this particular model has a precise temperature setting in ten increments allowing you to adjust the temperature exactly as needed. Such condition assures you that your wine is sitting perfectly under it’s optimum temperature conditions.  The end result is you get best tasting wine whenever you need it.

How Cool?

This state of the art Haier Wine Cooler can cool your wine in two different temperature zones. You can have your red wine sitting at the upper zone within a temperature range of 50-65 oF. Your white wine on the other hand can cool to perfection at the lower zone with a temperature of 43-65 oF. With this unit you also have the option to choose the temperature display from oF to oC or vice versa.


This wine cooler model has smooth gliding wine racks that allow for ease of access to your wines and improved label viewing. There are five glide out shelves that you can easily pull out and remove as needed. If you have magnum bottles, you can easily keep them at the bottom rack where they can easily be accommodated.

Is it compressor cooled or thermoelectric?

Compressor, which explains why this unit could make some noise but not the type that, can be annoyingly loud.

Does it have leveling legs?

Yes it does, you can have them adjusted to keep them stable even on unlevelled ground.

My View

The best so far with the Haier Wine Cooler products I have reviewed. Not only will this wine cooler look good in your home setting, it also has the most advanced features Haier has been giving us for the past years.

This is among the high end wine coolers Haier has to offer. Surely some people would this unit a little over the top but for a wine cooler that looks as good as how it does its job, it is worth more than the worth the investment.

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Beverage Cooler and Wine Cooler – Haier Wine Refrigerator Models

Haier HBCN05EBB 96 can/46 Bottle Wine and Beverage Center

The HBCN0EBB Haier Wine Refrigerator can cater to both your favorite refreshments and your wine. You get to keep as many as 96 cans of your favorite beverages or 46 bottles of your esteemed wine collection.

It is otherwise known as a family’s perfect host as it is versatile enough to keep an assortment of your favorite refreshments without the clutter of a regular kitchen fridge.

This unit basically keeps your wine and beverages exactly where and how you want them. Not only does it cradle your favorite drinks within their optimum temperature, it also makes a great addition to your home décor for it comes with an exquisite black cabinet and trim. It has an adjustable thermostat and auto defrost system that you can benefit from, maintenance wise.

This wine fridge however is built for freestanding application and you should be cautious on thinking of having this unit flush inside your kitchen counter or a cabinet as you risk of a possible malfunction. It needs enough space and fresh air to breath and the best way for this appliance to serve its purpose is to let it stand alone.

How Cool?

This wine cooler has a temperature range of 39 oF to 61 oF. It is single zoned that you do not have the luxury on keeping a variety of your favorite refreshments within their optimum storing condition. This unit has a manual temperature control that you can set into three different temperature settings; min, med and max respectively.

I suggest you keep the temperature at the medium setting so as to be able to keep your wines and beverages as close to their required temperature requirements when kept inside at the same time.


This wine cooler has six full widths black vinyl coated wire shelves with a removable bottle rack. You can have these racks removed to your liking for more storage options.

Is it compressor cooled or thermoelectric?

It is compressor cooled and for that reason some customer reviews indicated that it can be rather noisy. However if you are not too sensitive to noise, then this wine cooler will serve you well.

Is its door interchangeable?

Yes it is, it comes with a reversible door hinge that you get the freedom to choose its door swing.

My View

This wine cooler is an ideal choice if you and your family regularly consume your favorite drinks at a short period of time. Since this unit is only single zoned with very limited options with regards to its temperature controls, you can’t keep your wines for too long as you risk of losing your wine’s fine taste and structure.

However, this is a great unit when hosting parties and family reunions, but if you are to use this for safekeeping your favored wine collection it’s better to have an exclusive wine cooler for that purpose.

Prices vary but this sure is a great choice for people who are budget conscious yet loves to keep a variety of beverages within arm’s reach all the time.

For more current pricing and great deals on this product you can click straight trough to amazon.com here.

Final Word

Haier is indeed a good example of the saying “quality doesn’t have to be expensive“. With its affordable line of wine coolers, there is certainly something that would meet your budget without sacrificing the satisfaction you may derive from them.

The key on making the most out of your wine coolers is to know exactly what you need and how much you can afford. Regardless of its price, time and again I say that the length of service your appliance may have for you depends on how you make use of them.

Thanks for taking the time read my Haier Wine Refrigerator review.