How to Make Your Appliances Last Longer And Retain Their Value

 caring for your home appliances

Are you looking for ways on how to make your appliances last longer? Do you want your appliances to always be in their best condition whenever you use them? Here are some important things you need to know on how to care for your home appliances and help them retain their value. 

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Home Appliances

Home appliances are built for the specific purpose of making your everyday tasks faster and easier. For many years, people have developed a strong clamor for these devices because they make everyday work more time efficient and less tedious than usual.  Moreover, these appliances also lets you get through your everyday task in the most convenient and delightful ways possible leaving you with enough time and energy to do other things that matters to you.

In the past, appliances were merely seen as machines that let people do their household chores quickly and effortlessly. During those times, people considered household appliances as luxuries since not too many people could afford to buy them. Some have in fact lived simply without them and got by in their day to day life just fine. However, that was long before people realized that they can actually do more by incorporating machines into their lives.

Now that we are living in an ever changing and fast paced world, home appliances transformed from being a luxury into a necessity. With the rise of technology  and modern innovation, more and more appliances have been developed to adapt to the different lifestyles of different people within the society. As you can observe, you can now do your laundry while watching your favorite television show or cook dinner while working in front of your computer.

You see, appliances have become more than just the machines we use for convenience. Instead they have evolved to become an extension of our lives, a lifestyle in it’s simplest sense.

How Appliances Change Your Lives

When you hear the word appliance, the very first thing that comes to mind is the comfort of sitting in front of your television or the convenience of putting your laundry inside a washing machine and pulling them out all nice and dry.  Maybe it’s the joy that the delicious taste and delectable aroma of a turkey cooking away inside your oven is giving you. Well these are just a few delights that home appliances can do for you.

If you took the time to list down all the benefits you get from them, I am certain that you will end up with very long list. Why not do an interesting exercise?  If you start writing down all your home appliances and all the things they do for you,  then you can carefully scroll down your list and picture yourself without these items in your life. Put a check beside those appliances that you think you can live without and a cross to those that you can’t.

Regardless of what results you may have on your list, I am confident to say that there are quite a number of appliances that you simply cannot do without. Perhaps you may, but you know that your life will be different, less convenient and not as enjoyable as having them. Right?

With the simple analysis that described above,  you can get a very good picture of how important home appliances are in your life.  It is very important that in spite of the fact that they are just machines, you give them the same love and respect you give to all things that matters to you. After all, it is you who benefits from them and not the other way around.

Why Is It Important to Give Your Home Appliances Some TLC?

Now that you know exactly how home appliances enhance your life, you can appreciate their use and their value. You see, there should be a mutual relationship between you and your appliances so that the chain of its deliverables and functionality will not be broken.

You are probably aware of how much your appliances have cost you. Not unless you are a billionaire of some sort, you know that buying an appliance isn’t always easy on the budget. To ensure that your appliances will be worth the money you paid for, you need to take care of them and use them in the best ways possible with the following goals in mind:

  • to have a good return of investment,
  • to make the best out its functions,
  • to increase its longevity and
  • to make it suitable for possible resale

Those enumerated above are simply the reasons why you should take care of your home appliances. It’s not only about the money you have spent but also about the benefits you gain from them.  Lastly, an appliance that has been well kept and properly maintained provides a great opportunity to sell them and make money  that you can use  for the purchase of a newer version or model.

The Different Types Of Appliances

In order for you to take care of your appliances really well it is imperative that you know exactly how each of these appliances function. That way, you will be able to find exactly how to make use of them in the right way and have them maintained with the appropriate measures in mind.

Due to the wide range of home appliances available for use, there are certainly a number of ways on how you can group them. However, for this particular review, I have grouped them into 3 different categories just as so it will be easier for you to understand how each group should be well taken care of:

Major Appliances

These are big chunks of home appliances that we tend to use in our daily lives more often than the others. Devices under this group are generally those that I can say you cannot live without, or even if you do its absence would surely have a great impact in your life. Some of these appliances are

Small Appliances

These are small devices that can take up less space from your home setting. They are portable and compact that you can easily bring them anywhere you go. They can sit conveniently on your kitchen counters or kept inside your kitchen cabinets. Some of these appliances are:

  • Flat iron
  • Rice cooker
  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Coffee maker
  • Juicer

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are appliances that contain a circuit board. It generally encompasses a wide range of products that can be used by any individual in a day to day basis. The examples of common home appliances that fall under this category are:

  • Television sets
  • Computers
  • DVD players
  • Clock
  • Cameras
  • Telephone


Common Mistakes Users Make On Their Appliances

People are sometimes caught completely unaware of the potential abuses they are making against their respective home appliances. Most if not all commit such acts for the reason being that they are not fully aware of the damages it brings or maybe they are not mindful of its potential harm.

One of the best ways to protect your home appliance from costly repairs and to make them last longer is to know exactly how to properly use them. Doing so, delays if not prevent the naturally occurring wear and tear of our home appliances.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you are probably unaware of making:

All Appliances

  • Not using surge protectors to protect them for sudden power surges and lightning strikes.
  • Using the wrong cleaning materials.
  • Leaving your appliances plugged in even when not in use.
  • Randomly placing your appliances at areas that don’t suit them.
  • Unplugging your units even before you turn them off.

On Refrigerators, Coolers and Air Conditioning Units

  • Packing your coolers and refrigerators too full
  • Leaving the doors open for too long
  • Slamming the door
  • Turning the temperature down too low.
  • You don’t clean it well enough
  • You put in food too hot.
  • You don’t remove additional heat sources.
  • You don’t clean the filters regularly.

On Television and Electronics

  • Leaving your consumer electronics switched on for long periods of time.
  • Over charging of your devices.

On Washing Machine and Dishwashers

  • Using the wrong soap and detergent
  • Packing them too full
  • Leaving clothes far too long (for washing machines)
  • Not wiping your washing machines dry after use.
  • Not removing coins and other small debris from your clothes prior to washing.

Other Kitchen Appliances

  • Using the wrong kitchen utensils on your microwave oven.
  • Overloading your appliances.
  • Intertwining the chords when plugged in similar location.


How To Care For Your Home Appliances

Now that you know some of the mistakes you are probably committing against your home “pals”, now is the perfect time to finally get things right and make the best out of your home appliances.

You see how you take care of your appliances dictates how you would benefit from them. An appliance that is well kept and well taken care of has the added advantage to function beyond your expectations. You will also get to enjoy their services longer while opening up the possibility of having them traded or sold to purchase a more up to date model.

Here are some helpful tips that you can use as a guide on how you can give your home appliances the tender loving care they deserve.

Take Time Reading the Manufactures Instructions

Soon after you buy your appliance, take time reading its manual and the manufacturer’s instructions that goes with. These manuals are made for you to have the opportunity to make the best out of your appliances. It tells you almost everything you need to know about your device; how you operate it as well and how you can troubleshoot should any signs of malfunction arise. Nothing can be better than knowing how your appliance functions and using them exactly in the manner they should be used.

Clean Your Appliances On A Regular Basis

Cleaning your home appliances on a regular basis is the best thing you can do to maintain them. It obviously helps extend the lives of your appliances while keeping your homes well kept and free from dirt.

But other than the functional and the aesthetics value that you may obtain from cleaning them, you also get the benefit of saving you and your loved ones against the perils of a dirty environment.

It’s not safe at all to be around an appliance that can become a breathing ground for germs and bacteria, a good example would be those that we use in storage and preparation of foods we eat. Cleaning your appliances not only increases the longevity of your devices but yours and your loved ones as well.

Make Use of Your Appliances As They Were Intended

Home appliances are built and manufactured to accomplish a specific task and purpose. Never ever use them to do things that are way beyond their capacity. As such, never allow children to play with them. Not only that you are risking your appliance to malfunction but your children’s safety as well.

Change and Clean Filters Regularly

For Air conditioning systems, refrigerators and the likes, make sure to clean your filters regularly. You should also have the filters changed as often as deemed necessary to ensure that your appliances are performing well. Cleaning your filters ensures the efficiency of your appliances as there is no dirt to clog up your system which can then can cause damage your appliances.

Check the Wiring and Hoses Periodically

To avoid leak and possible short circuit or worse electrocution, you have to carefully inspect your appliances’ wiring and hoses. Failing to do so not only increase the risks of a possible malfunction but also poses great danger to you and your family. Immediately repair or replace (as needed) your wires and hoses once damaged. Better yet ask a repairman or a technician to do them for you.

Do Not Over Use Your Appliances

Just like you, your appliances gets tired especially when they are kept running for long hours. Most appliances tend to overheat when used beyond their threshold. Remember that your use of your appliance is equal to its wear and tear. The longer you use them over a short period of time the nearer you get to its end.

Having said that make sure to turn your appliances off whenever they are not in use. Take advantage of the built in timers that may come with some of your device. Using your appliance sparingly and as need somehow extends their longevity.

Helping Your Appliances Retain Their Value

As i have been mentioning over and over again in this review, one of the main reasons why you should keep your home appliances well taken care of and properly maintained is for them to retain their value. You see with proper maintenance and correct usage of your devices, you have a very good chance of selling your appliances at a very good price even after you use them.  

Here are some basic maintenance tips that you can use to help you retain your appliances’ value:

Inspect Your Appliance From Inside Out

Clean your appliance regularly. Make your way from the inside all the way out to ensure that no dirt or any debris are present. Make sure to test the keys or buttons that your appliances have even if you don’t use them. Check for signs of deterioration on its parts and have it sent out for repair or have the damaged component replaced immediately.

Don’t Forego Regular Maintenance

There are some appliances that you don’t get to use often, these are your air conditioners and your furnace and heating systems. As season changes one of these appliances are often left unused for months. To ensure that they don’t get rusty and all and that they will function at their best soon as you use them, never forego regular maintenance. Keep everything surrounding it clean and check on their filters often.  You can seek the services of a technician to run  maintenance check  your air conditioning systems and your heaters on a regular basis.

 Never Ignore Hard-Water Buildup

Hard-water buildup is common among households that are in hard water areas. A hard water is one that has a lot of magnesium and calcium in it. It forms hard mineral scales that can damage your appliances. To get rid of of it, you have to use products such as an Ionizer Armor that can act as a magnet and prevent the buildup of calcium and magnesium on your appliances.

Keep Your Appliance’s Aesthetic Value

In reselling your well loved appliances it is necessary that you make it look good from inside out. It is not only the moving parts that contributes to an appliance’s value. Remember that the way your appliance look from the outside has a big say on how you made use of it. Keeping them free from scratches and stains will make your appliance look like they were used minimally or were never used at all.

Keep Your Appliances Too Legit To  Quit

Some appliances needs a routine check up and maintenance even if they are left unused. Doing so ensures that your appliance is in its best shape before you put it into use. One good example is your air conditioning units that requires annual maintenance check up to ensure that they are working properly months before you use them.

Know When To Call A Technician

It isn’t always best to do  to the repairs and maintenance check on your own. Attempts to do some quick-fix on what seem to be a simple trouble shooting issue could lead to more serious damage. Never attempt to repair an appliance that is beyond your knowledge and capacity. You can always call on a technician or a knowledgeable professional to do the repairs for you.

Final Word

Now that you know how important your home appliances are in your lives, its about time that you finally return the favor. Use your home appliances with care and have them maintained regularly so you can maximize its use.

Like what i always say, how your appliances works depends on how you make use of them. No appliance no matter how hard wired and advance they are would last with an owner who merely sees them as machines to be used the way he or she wants it. Never abuse your home appliances because at the end of the day it’s you and only you who will suffer the consequences.

As they say “what you give exactly what you get”.

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