The Makings Of The Best Kegerator : Your Comprehensive Guide To Beer Refrigerators


Everyone loves beer. There’s no doubting to the fact that it has become one of the most widely consumed beverage around the world. A glass of beer has always had that exquisite taste that beer drinkers gets drawn to its intoxicating effects.  Nothing can ever give beer enthusiasts that much joy and satisfaction than having a glass of fresh ice-cooled beer served from tap. Today, there are refrigeration units that you can use specifically to store and serve beer in its perfect structure. These devices are called  kegerators. 

Kegerators come in a wide array of brands and models.  Consequently, choosing a kegerator sounds a whole lot easier said than done. The process of choosing among a bunch of highly advanced and technically sound devices are seriously a daunting and confusing experience. You see,  not every kegerator is meant to work in accordance with your needs and lifestyle.

Having said that,  you have to pick your kegerator with caution and care. It is only in that manner where you will have a good return of investment from your potential kegerator. You have to remember that getting the best kegerator ensures you get the best beer drinking experience out of it.

So…. how do you find the Best Kegerator to suit your lifestyle?

To find out the answer to this pressing question carefully read through the rest of this review. It will open your eyes to the wonders of a kegerator.  You can also use this as a guide to finding the best beer fridge you can use for your homes.

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What is a Kegerator?

Different types of beverages require different ways of storage and service. Wines are best stored in wine coolers, while other beverages such as soda’s and milk are better kept inside a regular kitchen fridge. Canned and bottle beer can also be kept inside your very own household refrigerator; however, draft beer are better of cooled and served inside a kegerator.

Great tasting draft beer requires specific service temperature and carbonation. Draft beer’s to be specific need to be kept and served using a more function specific home appliance called as a kegerator. It is in this manner where you will be able to enjoy your beer’s full taste and flavor.

A Kegerator is a refrigerator designed for your favorite brew.  It works beyond storing and keeping your beers cold and flavorful. They are in fact the best beer fridge that will help you conveniently pour and serve your favorite booze from a keg to tap and straight into your cup or a glass.


Why Do You Need A Kegerator?

For some, buying beers in bottles and cans are more convenient than brewing your own brew or having a draught beer system installed at home. Most people are under the impression that buying pre-packed beers is way cheaper than having to buy in bulk. However, if you are going to do the math, you will find out that having a kegerator and buying draught beer translate to bigger savings in the long run.

A kegerator therefore is a beer refrigerator that helps you store and serve your beer to perfection in a more cost effective and efficient way. You need a kegerator because of the following obvious reasons:

  • brings out the best taste out of your draught beer
  • conveniently serves beer straight from the the tap into a glass
  • much cheaper than buying bottled and canned beer
  • helps save the environment by eliminating wastes
  • helps conserve our natural resources


What Are The Different Types of Kegerators

Kegerators can be classified in so many ways. You actually have them grouped according to their use, installation options, size, and the no of taps that it posses. For a more easier understanding which among the kegerators in the market todays is the best beer fridge for your needs, let us look into types of kegerators based on their uses and features.

As  Per Working Condition

Regardless of who you are and how much you can afford to pay for a kegerator, there’s very good chance you can get a kegerator of your own. Some of these choices lets you save a significant amount of money especially when you have a very limited budget for a beer dispensing machine. Do not let your financial in incapacity deprive you of owning one. There are ways on how you can buy a kegerator even with a limited budget.  You can either make your own, find great bargains or look for cheap and second hand kegerators.


These are the kegerators that you can build on your own. It allows for easy customization and lets you do your kegerator exactly the way you want it. You can choose to bring your old refrigerator back to life by converting it into a kegerator using kegerator conversion kits. You may also purchase a new refrigeration unit and install it with a kegerator conversation kit. To find out how you can DIY a kegerator, click here.

Brand New

For those who are not so much into buying second hand and refurbished beer dispensing units, buying a brand new kegerator is way safer than buying an old or preloved kegerator. There are tons of options available in the market today that you can choose from. Even with a very limited budget, you can still get to enjoy having a kegerator at a much cheaper price.

I must warn you though that the search for the best kegerators is not as easy as you have hoped it to be. With tons of choices available you have to keep yourselves well aware of your options. You must learn how to choose the Best Kegerator that will suit not only your budget but your needs and your lifestyle.

Refurbished and Second Hand Kegerator

Despite a very limited budget, you can still own your very own kegerator. It is made possible by looking at some cheap kegerators that are being sold in the market even at Cheap kegerators can either be those that are previously owned by another individual but are still in good working condition. They can also come as those kegerator units that are returned to manufacturers due to factory defects but were repaired and are resold at a much lower price.


As Per The Size of The Kegerator

Kegerators come in different sizes. No matter how big or small your living spaces are, you will be able to find something that will seamlessly fit into your nest.  Getting your kegerators in the right size lets you maximize the space that you have in your homes, giving you the perfect opportunity to transform your home setting into a space efficient household. To give you an idea on how to pick the best home kegerator for your needs, here are some of your options with regards to size.

Countertop Kegerators

These kegerators are those that can sit on top of your kitchen counters. They are a perfect choice for those who are renting or are living in small dwelling spaces such as a condominium. They are compact and portable, making it easier to transport from place to place. You can in fact bring it out of your home should you suddenly decide to go out on a weekend for a sleep over at a friend or relative’s place.

Because of its rather small interior, you don’t get to have much freedom in choosing the kegs that will fit inside it. They are often called as Mini Kegerators since they can hold one or two mini kegs.

Medium Sized

These kegerators are a popular choice among people who frequently hosts parties and events. They are neither too big nor too small, just enough to serve fresh tasting beer for your personal consumption and for a night out with friends. They can hold most types of kegs except for full sized kegs such as those of a Miller and Coors.

Full Size

These are kegerators that are most appropriate for people who we can consider as regular events and party hosts.  Restaurant, club and pub owners are also among those who will best benefit with full sized kegerators. A full sized kegerator can generally hold all types of kegs including full sized Millers and Coors.


Based On Application

Whenever you buy a home appliance, you always have to put into consideration where and how you intend to place it inside your home. You cannot just throw in your kegerator anywhere you please. You must know exactly how you plan on incorporating it into your home setting.

There are two generally ways on how you can install your kegerators at home and they are the following:


This type of application lets you use your kegerator as they are placed under your kitchen counters or inside your existing cabinets. Built-In kegerators lets you maximize the space that you have inside your home as it lets you occupy something that was already installed or maybe you have plan to install to give your home interior a more seamless and integrated look.

However, please remember that not all kegerators are suitable for built-in applications. If you are planning on putting your kegerator into confined spaces then you must choose those that come with front ventilation systems. Like your regular kitchen fridge and other cooling appliances that you have at home- they need enough room and space to breath.


Kegerators that are meant to be placed at any corner of your home except at the confined spaces of your kitchen counters and cabinets are termed as freestanding kegerators. These units often comes with easy roll out casters that allows for ease of movement and mobility. You should have no trouble moving it around from one room to another.

They are not as space efficient as those of a built-in type kegerator but promises to always come handy should you suddenly decide to move your party right outside your home.


 Intended Use

People have different reasons why they consider buying a kegerator. Some buys them for personal use while others shops for these devices for business and for special events. When buying your kegerator do not forget the reason why you should even bother purchasing a beer dispensing unit.

Home Brewing

Beer lovers buy kegerators not only for having something to store and serve they favorite brew. There are those who are so passionate with beer such that they choose to make their own brew. Home brewing kegerators are for the beer lovers who has developed their fine taste and passion in making their own kind of brew.

Making your own brew has been made possible by certain companies who started selling beer extracts from local stores and online platforms. Beer Meister for example holds a a wide line of kegerators along with home brewing and beer dispensing supplies.


It has been in our culture to offer our guests with something to drink soon as they step inside our homes. Having your on kegerator at home lets you serve fresh and cold draft beer to your guests soon as they arrive and the moment they ask for it.

For those who are at the habit of having a can of beer or a bottle of it to pass time or perhaps to keep you company as you watch your favorite television, getting your very own residential kegerator is a wise move. There are tons and tons of best home kegerators that you can use both for your personal consumption and for your beloved guests.


Commercial kegerators usually come more expensive than the residential and personal use models. These beer kegerators are usually larger and such that they can accommodate more volumes of beer and a variety of it through its multiple tap models. They are usually built to withstand the constant use and abuse of potential users and so are therefore made from high quality materials and components.

Commercial kegerators are the best kegerators to use if you are thinking of getting into the restaurant or club business. Consequently if you are so into partying and booze drinking and does it more often than other people normally do, then getting a commercial kegerator will give you more value for your money.

Outdoor Use

As you know your kegerators can be used outdoors. However, most of them are not sturdy enough to withstand the extreme condition of the outdoors especially when they are left outside for a significantly longer time. You see, there are those who often holds parties and events at the patio or at the backyard. At these instances, the best kegerator for that purpose will be the outdoor kegerators that are hard wired from the inside out. They may cause you a significant amount of money but you can be rest assured that your kegerator unit will work with you longer and more efficiently even when they are left and used right outside of your homes.


No. Of Taps 

Kegerators come in different types based on the no. of glasses they can serve in one single unit. As you probably know, you can also serve more than one type of beer in a single kegerator if you will be using the dual and single tap models. Serving your beer in multiple tower beer dispensers, prevents people from piling up in long lines.

Single Tap

These are single tap kegerators that are ore ideal for use for personal consumption and for your residential needs. It is only able to dispense one glass of beer at a time and can only serve only one type of beer in a single instance. Unless you are at the habit of throwing parties to large group of people or has a preference towards a variety of beer flavors, a single tap kegerator makes an excellent choice.

Dual Tap

Dual tap kegerators contains two faucets that can readily pour freshly brewed beer to two glasses at the same time. With this unit you get to save half the time when serving beer to a number of people. It eliminates the long lines of people waiting to service themselves with a glass of that perfect tasting draught beer served fresh and crisp from tap.

With these kegerators, you can serve up to two types of beer in one unit. However, you will need to purchase a keg for each tap. And as such you cannot use full-sized kegs for dual tap kegerators.

Triple Tap

Triple tap kegerators are a popular choice among restaurateurs and pub owners. They also make an exceptional kegerator for people who often hosts parties to a large group of people. Having been built to dispense to three glasses at a time, it prevents people from waiting in long lines to have a sip of their favorite brew. With triple taps you will be able to serve three different types of beer in one beer dispensing device.

The Best Kegerator Brands and Models

Like most refrigeration home appliances, kegerators come in a wide variety of brands and models. You will in fact find it a bit confusing much less daunting to find the best beer fridge for your home. This is why you have to keep yourself well informed about the best brands there is when it comes to beer dispensers.

It is only with proper amount of knowledge and awareness on the different kinds of products that you will be able to make a smart and informed choice. Research plays a very important role in making the right choices. It may be a bit time consuming but its time well spent since you are likely to end up choosing a particular home appliance that not only works to fit into your lifestyle but to your financial capabilities as well.

In order to spare you from the hassles of turning the internet upside down looking for the best home kegerator for your beer dispensing needs. Here are some of the most reputable brands of kegerator to consider.

The list comes in no particular order.


Kegco is a brand name under the manufacturing company Cydea Inc. They are among the leading manufacturers of kegerators and other refrigeration units. Kegco has a wide variety of kegerator products built to cater to the needs of every beer enthusiasts and party host. They hold a variety of kegerator units from single tap to duals and triple tap beer dispensing units. You can also purchase kegerator components and conversion kits just in case you plan to DIY your own kegerator or replace parts on your existing kegerators.


This Canadian home appliance manufacturing company has been continuously producing a wide range of products to consumers worldwide. They hold a vast range of household appliances from refrigeration units, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners, wine coolers and other specialty appliances. However, when it comes to kegerators Danby holds only a few beer dispensing products for beer.


Igloo has been a brand name for coolers, beverage containers and ice chests. They have existed for almost 7 decades and has consistently provided consumers with the much-needed comfort and convenience whenever they go out on family events and other recreational activities. Although they specialize in the production of beverage coolers and ice chests, they hold a few but highly efficient and affordable kegerator units that you can find in my series of kegerator reviews.


Edgestar holds an extensive array of kegerator products for your beer dispensing need. They have a wide range of options and you will certainly won’t have a hard time looking for a beer dispensing appliance that not only fits into the demands of your lifestyle but to your budget as well.

In fact, if you are to check on my comprehensive review on Edgestar Kegerators you will see a plethora of units that equally promises to deliver to your expectations. They’ve made their kegerator units affordable enough for consumers. And more, they have an excellent after sales services, making them among the trusted home appliance manufacturing companies around the globe.


Beermeister another well renowned manufacturer of kegerators. They are the first to innovate and produce the first beer dispensing units and are therefore known to be as “the original” maker of beer refrigeration units. They also provide consumers with homebrewing and wine making supplies so household owners can make their own favorite brew.


What you will find amazing with Nostalgia is its ability to incorporate the past into the modern age technology. The company has been known to manufacture timeless home appliances that lets you revel on the pleasures of the past while enjoying the benefits of the advancements of the future. They may have very few pieces of kegerators to choose from but I can assure you that despite of the limited options you will surely find something that will work for your needs and lifestyle.


Keggermeister is one of the best alternative to the more expensive kegerator brands. They are affordable as they are efficient in keeping your draft beer cool and fresh to perfection. Their units are functional as they can be used as a stand alone regular kitchen refrigerator. They are energy efficient and eco friendly thus letting you make the most of our energy resources in a more sustainable way.


The Makings Of The Best Kegerator 

People often finds it difficult to choose the right appliances for their homes. With tons of options available for your choosing, sorting through a long list of different brands and model are indeed a mind boggling experience. As a consumer, your goal is almost always to get the best home appliance of of all. Like most consumers do, I believe that it is the only that you will be able to have a good return of investment.

However, finding the best home appliances is easier said than done. Without proper knowledge, critical thinking and in depth assessment of your needs, budget and personal preferences; you wont be able to find that particular piece of appliance that will seamlessly become an extension of your lives. Much more with a kegerator where you get a handful of devices to choose from.

To assist you in finding the kegerator that will work best with you and your home setting, here are some key important points to look for in a Kegerator.


Efficiency and productivity goes hand in hand. For your appliance to be productive it has to be efficient and vice versa. When it comes to machines such as a kegerator, efficiency can be defined as the usefulness of the home appliance unit that you have in hand. As such, your kegerator must be able to perform its intended function and hand over its deliverables with accuracy and precision. It is this way where end users will benefit the most from their beer dispensing units.

Cost Effective

One of the main determining factors as to how users choose their appliances are their budget. Not everyone can afford to buy those technologically advanced devices as they come with higher price tags. Those with limited budget for a kegerator are often stuck with making affordable choices. The question is, is there a need to spend large sums of money for an appliance?

I am honestly on the belief that you cannot render judgement on how an appliance performs by merely considering its price tags. You must carefully weigh down the benefits you derive from it to how much they are priced. A cost-efficient device is something that delivers its intended services relative to how much they are being sold.


When you shop for your home appliances, it isn’t always enough that you get something that works. What just works may not be able to be of service to you if you pick them out outright.  Remember that the money you spend for your home appliances is hard-earned, and as such you need to make sure that what you will get will be worth the money you spend.

In order for you to make the most of your kegerator and to achieve great value for you money, they must work beyond your expectations. They need be sturdy enough to withstand constant use and abuse and should work for the longest time possible. You need to find something that is made from high quality materials and components. Remember that it is quite often that those cheaply made home appliances do not last that long.

Energy Efficient

One of the most common questions people have in mind when shopping for their home appliances is How much energy it draws. The more energy your kegerators draw, the more it consumes electricity and thus the higher it contributes to your monthly electricity bills.

To save on energy and to save some money, you must always try to pick out a kegerator that is energy efficient. There are certain brands and models that come more energy efficient as compared to other kegerator brands and models. Remember that more energy efficient your kegerator is, the less energy it consumes, the more savings you get.

Easy to Use and Maintain

One of the main reasons why most people turn to home appliances is the convenience that they offer to its end users. Machines lets you do your work with ease and lets you accomplish tasks in a breeze. However, more than your machines ability to render its intended services,  the convenience of use and ease of maintenance must not be overlooked.

Users will benefit more from their home devices when they can easily grasp how these devices functions and operates. Maintenance works such as cleaning, constant draining and refilling must be minimal so users do not have to stress themselves out on doing routine upkeep.


Key Kegerator Components To Look For

As you know, a kegerator is comprised of several other components. Each of these main part’s contributes to how well your kegerators work for your convenience and pleasure. In finding the Best Kegerator for your beer dispensing needs, you need to have a good understanding on what makes a kegerator work.

Refrigeration Unit

The refrigeration unit is the main component of your beer dispenser. It holds everything you need to dispense beer and keeps your brew fresh and cool. The refrigeration unit is similar to to the regular kitchen fridge that you have at home. It has a thermostat that lets you control how cool your beers will get when kept inside it.

You can have your refrigeration unit in varying sizes depending on the capacity and the configurations of kegs that it can hold. There are those with built in CO2 tank mounts that you can either find from its inner compartment or at the back. Most kegerators today comes with wire shelves which you can use to easily transform your kegerator into a regular kitchen refrigerator. You can use these wire shelves as well to hold some other beverages and kitchen essentials that you may want to keep along with your keg of beer.


A keg is what holds your precious brew. They come in different sizes and are measured and classified depending on the amount of beer that it can hold. You can find them in varying sizes but only comes in a cylindrical shape. They only differ in diameter and length depending on the type. In order for you to choose the Best Beer Fridge for your homes you need to have a good understanding on the best keg to use.

The type of kegs that you will be using for your kegerator depends on what type of beer you want to serve, how many types of it you want to keep, and how much beer you intend to dispense.


Kegerators come with different numbers of taps or faucets. The differences lies on how many glasses or cups can your kegerator dispense into within a single unit. The taps primarily functions in pouring out your favorite brew such that you and your guests get to enjoy the pleasure of sipping into their booze.

Kegerator Conversion Kits

The Conversion kits are popular among those who DIY their kegerators. These kits can easily transform your old refrigerator into a beer dispensing machine. The conversion kits make pouring cold draft beer from your kegs into your beer glasses possible. They come in two different major types; the door mount kegerator conversion kit and the tower kegerator conversion kit.

The difference among these two rests on the manner they install into the refrigeration unit of your choice. There are brand new refrigeration units that are made suitable for kegerator conversions and you can choose to buy a brand new one in case your old kitchen fridge is no longer functional.

A conversion kit is comprised of several other parts that are linked together in order to keep beer flowing from the keg into your glass or cup. The absence of any one its parts will make it too difficult if not impossible to dispense your favorite brew.

Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit

If you are planning on getting your kegerator to dispense beer through its door then this type is your best option.  However, you have to be careful when drilling the holes to install the tap and make sure that you are not hitting on the refrigeration coils of your refrigeration unit.

 Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit

This kit is appropriate for use when you plan on installing your taps on the top of your refrigeration unit. They are more ideal for use among smaller refrigeration units due to the added height that the tower can bring about to your kegerator. Furthermore. They make an excellent option if you are planning on keeping your kegerator underneath your existing kitchen counters.

How to Choose The Best Kegerator For Your Beer Drinking Needs

Choosing the best kegerator is almost always never easy. With the advancements in technology, consumers are provided with a wide aray of kegerator products to choose from. Each of these devices promises to deliver comfort and convenience.  It makes the process of rendering a decision such a difficult task. A great majority of kegerators has the finest technology to boasts – adding up to the confusion of  potential end users as they make a difficult choice.

But, do you really need to own the most advanced kegerator of all? In all honesty, there are a lot of reasons that makes the most advanced kegerators the best choice of all. However, if you are to think of how much you need to pay for these devices; you will realize that they don’t make a cost effective choice. Most especially when you have a limted budget to spend for a beer dispensing machine.

The best kegerator need not be the most advance nor the most expensive of all.  There is more than the technology and the price that matters. The trick is to find out which among the different kegerator units works best to fit into the demands of your lifestyle. Consequently,  they must be the most cost effective choice more than being the most convenient option.

So how do you make a smart choice? 

Evaluate Your Needs

Find out what you need. More than your personal preferences you must consider your way of life in choosing your kegerator. It should be something that will make your life more enjoyable and comfortable and not the other way around. You have to think thoroughly on how you want to benefit from your kegerator and how you want them installed.

Here are a few questions for you to answer before you look for your options.

  • Where do you intend to place your kegerator?
  • What size of kegerator will fit into your home setting?
  • How many types of beer do you want to serve in one unit?
  • Do you intend to make your own brew?
  • How much beer do you need to serve?
  • Is it for personal use or for serving beer to variety of occasion?
  • How much is your budget?
  • What are the extra features that you are looking for?
  • Do you want to purchase a complete unit or have it DIY’d?
  • Will it complement your existing home interior setting?


Find Out Your Options

Upon realizing how you want to make use of your kegerator its time that you look into your options. The internet is a good place to scout for the best kegerators that perfectly fits into your lifestyle. List them down so you wont forget exactly what they are. You would be needing those list as you conduct an in-depth research about each of these products. You will need to cross it out one by one soon as you conduct your research and find out interesting facts about each of the kegerators that you have in mind.

Conduct An In- Depth Research

Whenever you shop for home appliances it pays to do some research prior to your purchase. It is through research that you will be able to find interesting facts about certain products that you have in mind. More than looking into the advantages and the exciting features of each of your kegerators, you must also look into its potential flaws and drawbacks. You need to know every aspect of the kegerators  in order to come up with a sound choice. You cannot render judgement on the products you intend to buy unless you keep yourself well aware of their fine prints.

Product Specifications

The specs of the products tell you almost everything you need to know about it. However, they only include how and where it was made from, how it works and what it is for. It lacks the potential drawbacks of using your kegerator buy may include some troubleshooting instructions.  A good understanding on the specs gives you an idea on how you can benefit from it. It is a good way to get to know your kegerator so you can have a picture on how it works.

Consumer Reviews

Reading consumer reviews gives you an idea on how your kegerator delivers its intened services to consumers. With consumer reviews, you get to know how the actual products work straight from the experiences of its end users. You should be careful though in trusting everything that its written on product reviews. You have to learn how to decipher honest and reliable reviews from those that are paid or a part of an advertisement campaign.

Ocular Inspection

If you have an extra time, you can check your products of interests out in your local stores. That way you get to have an actual feel of the product and see for yourself how it looks and works.  As you know the actual product can be quite different from how it is described or how it appears on the photos that you will see online. You can use the ocular inspection to verify the findings of your research and consumer reports.

Weigh Down Your Options

Now that you have come accross the most suitable kegerators for your needs, its time to make your decision. In order to come up with a smart choice, you all need to consider your needs, your wants and your financial capabilities. It is only by getting the most appropriate kegerator that you will enjoy the benefits of having it around.


Top 8 Best Kegerator

As you know there are a plethora of kegerators out in the market today. Not only that researching about each and every one of it is time consuming, but it can also be tiring and confusing in most times. In order to spare you from the hassles and the tedious tasks of looking at your options, I came up with my personal favorites. These top 8 kegerators in random order will be a great option for your beer dispensing needs. This is probably the most diverse list you can find online. It is consist of a variety of kegerator models built to cater to the different needs of different individuals.

Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser

The Nostalgia KRS2100 has a always been a popular choice among beer lovers. In fact, it is among the bestselling kegerators out in the market today. Built with high quality materials and superb ergonomics and design,  it is quite a surprise that it sells at a very affordable price. That is probably one of the main reasons why most people opt to buy a Nostalgia Kegerator. They are in fact efficient as they are affordable.


Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator – Dual Faucet – D System

What makes this Kegco Digital  kegerator an exceptional choice is that it is one of the coldest kegerators in the market today. It can go as low as 32 degrees. It ensures that your beer is kept at its perfect serving temperature. This Kegco Kegerator has  digital temperature display and thermostat.  It eliminates the guesswork of setting up its temperature, the end result are accurate and precise temperature readings and settings.

Since it is a dual tap kegerator, it can dispense two different or similar types of beer simultaneously. As such, you can serve your perfect brew in half the time especially if there are a number of people waiting for their share.


EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser – Black

EdgeStar has been one of the most reputable brands to consider when buying your kegerator. Among the most popular kegerator from its long list of beer dispensing unit is the KC200 series on which this particular unit belongs to. They make an excellent choice for those who want to make their own brew. Some of these units are available in bundles. Some come with cleaning kits and home brew kegs. If you wanna find out more about this particular unit, you can read it in full by checking on my Edgestar Kegerator Reviews.


Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler – Stainless Look

The Danby DKC5811BSL is one of the most affordable kegerator that you can have for your homes. Despite of its cheap price, it has state of the art features that can equal even the most expensive brands. It has a spacious interior that can accommodate even full sized kegs giving you the opportunity to serve beer to a large number of guests.

This particular kegerator is a great example that a kegerator doesn’t have to be that expensive for you to enjoy the perks of having one for your needs. Now you no longer have to worry about hurting your budget as you fulfill your desire to own your very first booze dispensing machine.


KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg Technology,Black

If you are looking for a countertop kegerator that is small enough to fit your tight interior, this is the one you need. This unit is a perfect choice among people living in condominiums and apartments where they have limited space for large chunks of home appliances. It is portable too, making it easier for you to bring it along anywhere you go.

However, this particular unit will only work well if you plan on having a kegerator for your personal use. You may use it to serve beer for a few number of people for that rare surprise visits but you will have to stack up on mini sized kegs of beer to keep the booze flowing.

If you want to find more about this interesting product, check it out at by clicking here.


Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap Beer Refrigerator and Dispenser, Black

This is yet another budget friendly kegerator that has earned a lot of great reviews from its users. The Keggermeister KMK2800BK  highly affordable that even middle classed consumers can afford. Despite of its cheap price tag, it comes rich with features that will be the delight of its users. It is spacious enough to hold full sized kegs and can keep your beer fresh for up to 3 months.

This unit is built from high quality materials making it suitable even for commercial use. It promises to deliver comfort and ease with regards to both usage and maintenance.


Beer Meister triple tower with black door built-in kegerator- Premium Series

It sometimes pays to spend extra on things that you know  will deliver beyond your expectations. More especially if you plan on using them far from the confines of your home. This Beer Meister kegerator for example can come quite expensive for most people to afford. However if you are to look into its fine detail you will realize that it has the makings of the Best Kegerator.

This triple tap kegerator posses an exquisite design and exciting features. It will certainly be the envy of anyone who will walk past through it at your home or even at your pub in case you own one. One great thing about this kegerator is that you can use it for built in applications. You can have them installed right underneath your kitchen counters or have it inside your existing cabinets. Now that’s a space efficient solution to your brewing needs when used in space challenged locations.

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel

If you are at the habit of throwing out parties or special gatherings to a large group of people, the EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP kegerator is your best bet. It can dispense 3 glasses of beer at time. You can even choose to serve up to 3 types of beer by using this beer dispensing machine.

Once you get to see this product or even read about it, I am certain that you will find this particular unit hard to resist. It may be more expensive than the other kegerator units but the money you will spend for it sure is worth its every bit. This kegerator is made from high quality materials and therefore works as good as how it looks. It can accommodate full sized kegs and is suitable for outdoor use.

Final Word

There is only one way to find out which among the best kegerators that we have today will work for you best. It all boils down on how well you know about kegerators and understanding how you can use them to your advantage. Buying your kegerator is way easier than knowing and identifying which kegerator will fit the demands of your lifestyle.

It is only through the integration of the most appropriate device that you will benefit best from any home appliance for that matter. Always remember that the best kegerator is the one that fits into your lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most popular of all nor the most expensive among the bunch. Instead it is something that will fit into your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


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