Adult Party Fun: 101 Party Drinking Games You Won’t Remember

beer pong

It has always been a puzzle that in spite of hangovers and potential health risks, people always tend to serve and consume alcoholic beverages over parties and other special events. Alcohol has indeed become a part of every social gathering to the extent that it has assimilated into the culture and traditions of many.  In fact it had grown to become a lifestyle to people of every generation.

However, there are brief moments of your life that despite your deep appreciation for alcohol, you will find parties and social gatherings a bit boring and dry. In order for you to get the most out of your time with your clique, why not try spicing up your boozing sessions with drinking games.

These games will drive you and your friends crazy over your drinks and each other’s company. These few tricks will  make every sip of your alcohol less of a burden but more of a mind blowing fun and adventure.

Before we take on the different beer drinking games that you can incorporate to your social gatherings allow me to present to you the basics of alcohol and the potential benefits that you can derive therein.

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What Are Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are produced by the anaerobic fermentation of different fermentable materials. These include fruits, berries, grains and other ingredients such as milk, honey, tubers and plant saps. In this process sugars are converted into ethanol, an alcoholic substance that delivers intoxicating effects to anyone who have it. Alcoholic drinks have been a part of many social gatherings and tradition which can date back from as early as the ancient times.

They are of different type and are classified based on the fermentable materials used and the processes involved in its production. Each of these have varying alcohol content and delivers its intoxicating effects on varying quantities. As a general rule, the higher the alcohol concentration, the stronger the liquor is; hence, the greater its intoxicating effects.


This is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Beers are produced by brewing which involves the fermentation of starches more commonly found in grains. Beers usually contain 4 to 6 percent alcohol by volume (abv).

Among the most common types of Beer are the following:

  • Lager Beer
  • Ales
  • Wheat Beer
  • Mild
  • Stout


Wines are alcoholic beverages made from fermented fruits such as grapes, apricots, peaches and plum. However, most wines that we have today are made from fermented gapes of different varietals. During the fermentation process, the yeast absorbs the sugar from the fruit juices and are converted alcohol. Wines usually contain 5-21 percent alcohol depending on the type.

They are in general two types which are:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine


Spirits hold a variety of alcoholic beverages. These are beverages produced from plant products such as rye, corn, malt, and sugarcane among others. These plant products are fermented and distilled such that alcohol and flavorings are vaporized, cooled and condensed to its liquid state. In this process water is removed and what remains is the concentrated liquid known as the distilled beverage.  Spirits contain larger concentrations of alcohol at 40-50 percent depending on the type. Spirits can deliver its intoxicating faster than the two other types of alcoholic beverage mentioned above.

Some of the most popularly known spirits are these liquors:

  • Whiskey
  • Scotch
  • Gin
  • Rhum
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Brandy
  • Bourbon
  • Rye


What To Love About Alcoholic Beverages

For those who have been exposed to a plethora of social events and gatherings, the importance of alcoholic drinks on these occasions are already known. Liquor serve as a social lubricant that helps promote social interaction among friends, colleagues, families and even new acquaintances.

For many years, these beverages have become a tool for people to socialize and to get along each other well albeit differences in views, personalities and cultures.  Alcohol sets you in the mood to communicate and mingle with people, eliminating any hesitation or shyness on different parties.

In case you haven’t noticed, you tend to be more sociable and unafraid to mingle and accomplish things when you are pre-charged with small quantities of alcohol particularly wine. It kinda gives you that much needed confidence boost when interacting with different people around you. Furthermore, it can also give you enough courage to face and do things that you are normally afraid of doing.

The Stigma On People Who Enjoy Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t so bad at all! Yes, you read it right. I find it rather unfair that just because the dangers of alcohol are given more attention than its health benefits, people thinks of alcohol as an evil menace that needs to be eliminated. You see, social drinking is by far different from alcoholism.

Although there is stigma to those who have their alcoholic beverages on regular fashion, you cannot discount the fact that there is much to gain from such occasion. Alcohol drinking is all good and fun if and only if you have them in moderation. Now if people would only learn how to manage themselves the amount of alcohol they consume, they will be able to enjoy the health benefits of drinking alcohol.

The key is moderation so you wont go over board and develop alcoholism.


Hidden Benefits of Alcoholic Drinks 

As I have mentioned, alcohol is beneficial to your health. Although people are more aware of its health risks there are a number of ways on how you can benefit from these great tasting intoxicating substances. You see alcohol isn’t so bad at all when you know when and how to have them.

There are surprisingly a number of ways where alcohol has been found to be beneficial to your health. Among the most popular and probably the most surprising benefits of alcohol in general are as follows:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Helps burn fat.
  • Reduces the risk of certain heart diseases.
  • Helps fight colds especially during the cold months.
  • Boosts memory and enhances your mental capabilities.
  • It improves sexual functionality in men, and pumps up women’s libido.
  • It can relieve pain especially menstrual cramps in women.
  • Lowers your risk to diabetes.


Why Do You Want to Drink In the First Place?

If you have been into drinking for quite some time then I assume you have your own reasons why you tend to enjoy alcoholic beverages. I too had my fair share of these escapades where I frequent social gatherings and parties on a weekly basis.

Quite frankly, those were one of the best days of my life. It is during those instances that i got to enjoy the company of my friends with the added benefit of having to relax from a days work and personal challenges. It lets you drift away from your normal complicated lives, allowing you to have some time for yourself and and linger on the joys of being with your clique.

It’s no joke to battle hangover whenever you’ve had too much to drink. However, in spite of all the horrible feelings that you may have after a night of booze, the overwhelming joy of being around the people you love is sure worth every bit of the discomforts of hangovers.

You drink when you celebrate, you drink to pass time, you drink to relieve your stress and frustrations and you drink to show support and share a special  moment to the people you value.


What Are Beer Drinking Games?

Beer drinking games spice up every party or social gathering, it lets you and your friends enjoy each other’s company while sipping on something that makes you feel good and refreshed. You probably know how boring your drinking sessions are sometimes like when you and your buddies are just sitting down on the couch passing on shots of alcohol with less talks and more sips.

More than having to sit down and do some chit chats, drinking games brings any party or get together to life. They are a great way to pump up the fun factor of your parties or even simple social gatherings. It inspires and motivates you and your friends to keep on drinking even at times when you are not so into drinking or probably has had enough.

In order to appreciate Drinking Games Betters here are some of the many reasons why you will find Drinking games worth your time and efforts.

  • It Makes You Ecstatically Happy
  • Promotes Healthy Competition Among Friends
  • Enhances Teamwork
  • Gets People To Enjoy Each Other’s Company
  • It Gives Your Get Together A New Dimension


Fun Ways To Drink: Alcohol Drinking Games

Now that you are made aware on how you can benefit from alcohol and drinking games. It’s time that you give some of these drinking challenges a try. Below is a sneak peak of some of the most popular drinking games that you can use for your parties and social gatherings.

After trying them out I’m pretty sure you would be wanting for more and i suggest that you keep an eye on our upcoming eBook on “101 Drinking Games You Probably Won’t Remember”. But for the mean time, have a good look at some of the games included on the eBook by reading through the rest of the text below.


Games of Skills

These games are those that require physical abilities rather than chance. In these games, a player’s fate is determined by his ability to accomplish tasks. Some of these games will require physical strength and endurance. They are akin to other games you play… only that these ones involve alcohol.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is probably among the most popular and most played drinking game especially among friends. It’s a classic, simple and a fun way to get drunk with friends. It is commonly played among college friends during college days.

What You Need
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Plastic Cups
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  • Table
  1. Divide your players into two teams.
  2. Each team must occupy either side of the table.
  3. Place 10 cups on each side of the table.
  4. Pour each of the cups with 1/3 beer or any desired amount.
  5. If you like you can arrange the cups into a triangle of the configuration 4-3-2-1 with the tip of the triangle pointing to the opposing team.
  6. Determine which team goes first by tossing a coin.
  7. Once the first team to throw balls has been decided, the team has three attempts to shoot the balls. After which the opposing team will make its 3 attempts and so and so forth.
  8. The moment a member of the opposing makes it into one of your cups; you or one of your team members must empty the cup.
  9. Cups can be restocked into a triangle if the remaining cups can form a triangle such as 6 and 3.
  10. First team to clear the opponent’s side wins.


Pub Golf

Pub Golf is a beer drinking that will let you explore 9 or 18 different pubs to finish the game.   You are probably thinking that you will need your club to do this but the only thing golf related about prop about this game are your clothes.

In this game you need to have a list of 9 or 18 pubs to visit. Each pub will represent a hole, and each of the holes must also have a pre-determined par number that would range from 1-5.

For example:  Hole #5 (at Pub#5) – 4 par – 1 pint of beer.

This means that at pub #5 you need to finish 1 pint of beer within 4 sips, gulp or drinks. If you are able to finish your beer on the assigned par for a pub you get 1 point.

The goal is to get round the game in as few strokes as possible.

What You Need
  • Golf Outfit
  • List Of Pubs To Play
  1. List down a couple of pubs for you and your friends to have a drink. You can either make it a 9 hole (9 pubs) or 18 hole (18 pubs).
  2. Assign a par number for each hole. You may also add hazards to some holes to make your game more fun and challenging.

Example: water hazard

If a hole has a water hazard, players are not allowed to use the restroom. If they cannot stop their urge to pee, they must take a penalty. The corresponding points will be added to their scores.

  1. Determine the limit at which each holes will be played. The ideal time to spend for each hole is 30 minutes.
  2. Once the rules are established. Get your best golf outfit and gather your friends to start the game.
  3. Begin by making your shots at hole #1. Each of the players must keep track of theirs scores per hole. The idea is to get as few sips as possible per hole.
  4. This goes on until you get to the last hole and scores are added.
  5. The person having the lowest score will be declared as the winner.
  6. You can add more roles or modify the procedures as you please.

Suggested Penalties for violations

Violation Penalty
Spilling A Drink +1
Drinking The Wrong Beverage +1
Going to the Restroom Even When On a Water Hazard +2
Falling Down +2
Missed Hole +2
Being denied a drink or thrown out of a bar +2
Cheating +5
Throwing Up +10
Starting Up a Fight +20


Suck and Blow

 The Suck and Blow drinking game has been known for many years. In fact, it is one of the most well played beer drinking games that we have. It is a game of skill with a tiny bit of social interaction. The interesting part is, if you mess up, you get to kiss the player next to you on the lips. Yes, you heard it right it’s on the lips. This game gets more interesting if boys and girls are placed alternately on a circle.

What You Need
  • Beer
  • A thin piece paper, a playing card will be best.
  1. Gather your friends around on a circle.
  2. Make sure you place girls and guys alternately against each other.
  3. For more fun and excitement, have your players sip a cup of beer before the game starts.
  4. First to finish and shouts and says “let’s suck and blow” gets the privilege of starting the game.
  5. The starting player now puts a card on his/her lips and keep it that way, that player must suck it hard enough for the card not to fall down on the floor.
  6. The player must transfer the card to the next player to the left.
  7. The next player must catch it with his/her lips. (try sucking it in so the card wont fall the moment the previous player lets go of the card from his/her lips).
  8. When a player drops the card while it is in transfer, both players responsible gets must drink.
  9. If the card drops while the card is not in transfer, the individual is punished with a drink.
  10. To pump things up when all players are able to transfer cards without it falling on the falling. Rip the card into two and work on half. The smaller the paper gets during the course, the greater the chance of touching lips to lips.


Games Of Chance

If you are risk taker then you would surely enjoy these Games of Chance. Your fate rests on the outcomes of a randomized event such as drawing cards, rolling a dice and tossing a coin. When luck is not on your side, there’s really nothing much you can do but to keep going with the flow….

Beer Roulette

Beer roulette is a beer game that promises to deliver extreme fun and laughter among drinking buddies.  It can be a little messy though so you have to be responsible to clean up once sober. There are other variations of this game which we will be discussing on our succeeding posts and books.

This game is better played by two players.

What You Need:
  • 6 Canned Beer  (for 2 players)
  1. Have two players seated opposite towards each other.
  2. Take the 6 cans of beer out of sight.
  3. Pick 1 can and shake it vigorously.
  4. Bring the 6 cans of beer on the table right between the two key players.
  5. The first player picks out a can of beer.
  6. Spectators bet if the player picked out the shaken beer or not.
  7. The player must hold the can under his/her nostrils and crack it open.
  8. If the player survives he/she picks a can and gives it to the other player. Spectators who lost the bet must drink.
  9. If the player loose, he/she must drink every single open can of beer.

Dirty Pint

The Dirty Pint is a fun way to get drunk with friends provided that you aren’t so concerned about hygiene issues or sipping from a common cup or pitcher. The rules are simple, guess the side of the coin right and you are safe.

What You Need
  • A large central cup or glass
  • Beer
  • Quarter
  1. Distribute among friends their own drinking cups and beer.
  2. Gather your players around a table.
  3. Place a large glass or cup, or maybe a pitcher at the center of the table.
  4. Each of the players must pour in a portion of their drinks into the center cup (dirty pint).
  5. Determine which among the players will start the game.
  6. The 1st player tosses a coin and makes a call before it lands.
  7. If the player guessed it right then he/she passes the coin to the new player to her left
  8. If the player guessed it wrong, he/she must empty the dirty pint.

F… the Dealer

This is another card game that has gained a lot of buzz factor among beer drinkers. F… the Dealer is a classic game that delivers great fun and excitement for both the card dealer and its players. Ask lady luck to guide you in an attempt to guess the cards right and be spared from drinking.

What You Need
  • A deck of cards
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  1. Have your players sit around a table or floor.
  2. Each player must choose a card face down from the deck. Whoever picks the lowest card (2 is lowest, A is the highest) will start the game as the dealer.
  3. The dealer must shuffle the cards and ask the player to his left to guess the suit of the card on top of the deck (heart,diamond, spade,club).
  4. If the player guessed it right, dealer drinks two shots.
  5. If the player guessed it wrong, player drinks 2 shots.
  6. A player who guessed the suit wrong is given another chance by guessing the number on the card right.
  7. If the player guesses it right, dealer drinks 4 shots.
  8. In case the player guesses it wrong he/she drinks the difference between the number guessed and the actual value of the card.
  9. If a dealer makes it past against 3 players without drinking, he/she passes off the deck to his right and that next player becomes the dealer.

Board Games

These are games often played on a tabletop using pre marked boards. The games follow certain rules and mechanics that often come with the board. The games under this category usually come with kits that you can purchase at local store and online. Now if you are low on a budget then you can DIY or download a free printable online.

Drunka Palooza

This party board game is among the most popular beer drinking games that incorporates some of the other old school games to today’s favorite college drinking games. This game is in fact a game of skill and chance, where friends battle it out head to head on several other beer games that can be played using this board game. A little bit of luck on the sidelines will surely make a difference.  This game can be played by 2-12 individuals.  The goal is to fill the 6 pack holder game piece with mini beer bottles that you can win by besting out the other players on 6 challenges.

What You Need
  • Drunk-A-Palooza Board Game
  • 1 Quarter
Setting Up the Game
  1. Assemble the drink cup at the center of your table.
  2. Pour a chosen amount beer into the drink cup.
  3. Establish your terms or rules for the following
  4. Rebuttals
  5. Playing with “Sips” or “Seconds”
  6. Number of turns for Beer Pong
  7. Limited terms for Quarters
  8. Number of cups to be used for Flip Cup
  9. Lay down the deck of cards on the board face-down.
  10. Each player should choose one empty 6 pack holder game piece.
  1. Place all game pieces at the Start
  2. Spin the bottle to see which player/or team goes first.
  3. Roll the dice and move spaces forward depending on the number rolled.
  4. Do challenges as instructed on the space a player lands on.
  5. When you land on the following spaces, choose a player or team to compete against
    • Flip Cup
    • Beer Pong
    • Quarters
  6. When you land on START, make a rule that the rest of the players will adhere to for the rest of the game.
  7. When you land on the WATERFALL, everybody drinks from their own cup. A player can only stop if a player that precedes him/her will stop drinking.
  8. If a player lands on the DRINK CUP a player must empty the center red cup and refill it afterwards.
  9. If you land on the space GO TO THE DRUNK TANK you will have to go across the board to a space DRUNK TANK where you will be stucked until you roll a 1. You have 3 chances to roll the dice to get 1. Failure passes the dice to next player to make her/his turn. After three consecutive failed attempts, you will be automatically freed out of the Drunk Tank.
  10. If you land on the BLACK/RED CARD you will draw a card from the deck. When the color of the card matches the space you are one then you pass the “sips” listed on the card. If it is not then you consume the amount “sips” as indicated.
  11. A player that lands on the POUR IN DRINK CUP space, he/she will pour a comfortable amount of beverage into the center drink cup.
  12. BOOZE YOUR TURN automatically gives you 1 “Sip”
  13. Player take turns on a clockwise rotation.
  14. First player or team to get 6 mini bottles wins.

Tic Tac Toe

If you know how to play the basic tic tac toe then you will find this game relatively easy. Although it can only be played by two individuals at a time, you can have a maximum of two players witch each team going it at it in pairs. This game is a great pass time that requires smooth strategy. To win players have to get three shot glasses in a row. You can readily purchase a tic tac toe set or you can DIY.

What You Need
  • Tic Tac Toe Set
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  1. Opponents sit on a table opposite to each other.
  2. Each player gets to choose their shot glasses that are labeled with an X and O.
  3. The shot glasses are filled with alcoholic beverage of your choice.
  4. Flip a coin to determine which among the two players will make the first move.
  5. Players take turns placing shot glasses on the playing board.
  6. First player to make 3 in a row wins and must give the three shots to the loosing player.

Mental and Verbal Games

Most of these games are pretty simple; it requires little physical exertion but demands a great deal of mental skills and abilities. In order to avoid getting drunk with these games, you have to think quick and smart to outdo the other players. Though simple, these games can be quite challenging to play especially when alcohol starts to get in your system and affects your way of thinking.


Paranoia is a drinking that tests how well you know your friends.  This can be played by any number of people that requires a good sense of attention and hearing.  It doesn’t require any game prop, just your drinks.

What You Need
  • Your favorite alcoholic beverage
  1. Have your friends sit around a circle.
  2. Determine which player starts the game; you can a spin a bottle to make it fair.
  3. The person tasked to make the first must ask a question to the next player on his/her right.
  • The question must be about a person inside the room.
  • The question must be answered by saying the name of the person (the answer) out loud.
  1. The person whose name was called has the option to find out what the question was. However he/she must drink before the question is revealed.
  2. Players take turn asking questions on a counter clockwise rotation.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classical drinking game that almost always delivers great fun and excitement. This game provides a perfect opportunity for friends and even new acquaintances to get to know each other well. This game is a cool way for making your little secrets and embarrassing moments shared to your friends.  Like other verbal drinking games, Never Have I Ever, doesn’t require any other game prop but beer.

What You Need
  • Just Your Kind of Liquor
  1. Gather your friends around on a circle.
  2. Players take turns saying “Never Have I Ever ________”

Players fill up the sentence with something they haven’t don’t before.

  1. Everyone who has already done what has been said by the player, will raise their glasses or cups and drink.
  2. All players who’s done must reveal and admit that they have committed such act.

Drunken Artists

If you are bad in drawing then you are likely to get so drunk by playing this game. Players must take turns being the artist and the timer. Make sure to make your drawings as clear and as direct to the point as possible. The time consumed by the player as he/she paints will determine how much alcohol goes into their bellies.

What You Need
  • A pen
  • Large pieces of paper (a blackboard or white board will be great)
  1. One player must become the artist and another as the timer. ( you can spin a bottle to determine which players will start the game)
  2. The timer must whisper a word to the artist.
  3. The artist must start to draw the word whispered to him/her by the timer and as such the timer starts the clock.
  4. Everyone will try to guess what the word so the drawing must be as discernible as possible.
  5. The moment someone guesses the picture right, the timer must determine how much time has elapsed until somebody gives the correct answer. For every 20 seconds that passed, the artist must be given 1 drink.
  6. If nobody guessed it right and the entire group gives up, the artist will be made to drink.
  7. For the next round, the timer will become the artist and the person who guessed it right will become the timer. In the event that nobody guessed the picture right, anybody can volunteer.


Games For Couched Potatoes

If you are not so much into playing mental, physical and competitive type of games then you will find the games in this category a great way to pass time. These games can be done and accomplished with little efforts but can be a little boring for some.

However, if you are a type person who typically sits down for a glass wine or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, these games may spice up your drinking experience even for just a bit.

Star Wars Movie Game

This is a movie based drinking game more appropriate for play among couched potatoes. This game doesn’t require so much of physical and mental skills. Instead requires full attention to the movie you are watching. You can do this game alone or have a buddy with you to drink with.

What You Need
  • A copy of the movie Star Wars (any episode)
  • Your favorite alcoholic drink
  1. Put on a Star Wars Movie.
  2. Pay close attention to several details of the movie that will give you the signal when to take your shot.

Drink Whenever:

  • You hear the word the force.
  • Whenever Chewbacca growls.
  • When A Jedi puts out a light saber.
  • Whenever you hear Darth Vader breath.
  • When the imperial march plays.
  • Whenever R2-D2 is on the screen
  • When Luke’s shows her hardheadedness.


Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is pretty simple. You just have to keep a watchful eye on Mr. Freeze as you party all night. This game can be played by any number of people and can last until the party is over. It requires no prop, just the music and your favorite alcoholic beverage.

What You Need
  • Any liquor
  1. Designate a player who will become Mr. Freeze.
  2. Everyone must keep their attention to Mr. Freeze whatever it is they may be doing all through the night.
  3. When Mr. Freeze stops moving, everybody should stop moving as well and FREEZE.
  4. The last person to freeze becomes the new Mr. Freeze

That person must take a shot before his/her role as Mr. Freeze starts.


Fusion Games

This section of this e-book holds the finest games that we have to offer. Most of these games are a hybrid of several games rolled into one. It incorporates both physical and mental abilities in order to overcome challenges as dictated by luck.

With these games, it’s everybody’s ball game.

Civil War

The Civil War is a hybrid between beer pong and nemesis. This is played by 2 teams, comprised of 3 members each. This also involves shooting ping-pong balls into the opponents drinking cup but at a rapid fire fashion. Each member of the team has 6 lifelines.

What You Need
  • A Table
  • Ping-Pong Balls
  • Beverage
  • Drinking Cups
  1. Divide your friends into two teams. Each team must have at least 3 members. You can have more players as long as all of them and their respective life lines will fit on the table.
  2. Have your teams occupy opposite ends of the table. With each player facing their respective opponents.
  3. Set up the lifelines by putting 6 cups of beer for each player on a triangle 3-2-1 fashion.
  4. Once the battleground is all set up. On the count of three, all players play a rapid-fire version of beer pong simultaneously.
    1. Once a ball lands on a player’s lifeline, he/she must empty it.
    2. If 2 balls land on a player’s cup before he/she drinks it, she must take another lifeline and down it.
    3. Once a player runs of lifeline, he/she is eliminated and must not attempt to throw balls to their opponents’ cup.
  5. The team that is able to eliminate all the players of the opposing team wins.

Slip N Flip

This is a fun game to play especially when you hold your parties at your backyard, resort or any place outdoors. This game is perfect summer where people party on the streets get hammered and drenched beside an inflatable pool.

What You Need
  • Slip N Slide (50 ft) (18 ft)
  • Solo Cups (1 for each player)
  • A table
  • Beer
  1. Set up the slip n slide in your backyard, the bigger the better.
  2. Hose up your slide and soap it such that it gets slippery and wet.
  3. Set up the table at the end of the slide with the solo cup’s for each player.
  4. Divide the player into two teams.
  5. Pick the starters and let the game begin.
  6. Competing players race sliding through the slip and slide and chug their beer at the table.
  7. Once finished chugging the beer they will then play flip cup.
  8. A successful attempt on the flip cup signals the next player to slide and drink.
  9. 1st team to finish wins the game.


This is a great game to play that involves gambling on the amount of beer you can drink while a quarter is spinning around on the side. Empty beer cans scattered around the table serves as mines to mess up other players. The goal is to finish your drinks and grab the quarter before it even stops spinning.

What You Need
  • A Quarter
  • Solo Cup
  • A Table
  • Cans of Beer
  1. Choose a player to start the game.
  2. The First player pours in an amount of beer to his solo cup as wager.
  3. The player must spin the quarter and drink his/her wager. He/she must finish her wager and pick up the quarter before it even stops spinning.
  4. The player has to pick up the coin using the same hand he/she used to drink. Therefore the solo cup must be put down before the player attempts to pick up the coin.
  5. Play continues among all players until a can of beer is emptied.
  6. Empty cans will be laid into the table and shall become land mines.
  7. These land mines will now serve as obstacles as players take turns spinning quarters and drinking their wagers.
    1. If a quarter slams into a landmine and the coin stops spinning before a player finishes his wager, he/she must empty her wager and and try again.
    2. A player who owns a landmine can smash a coin spun by another player at any point. In that event he player who made the spin will have to down his drink and go at it again.
  8. Players keep on doing the same procedure until a player is no longer able to play and the table is already filled with landmines which make it impossible to play.

Final Word

YOLO – You Only Live Once!. Life is indeed too short for you to limit yourself and live with reservations on the enjoyments of life. As you know the happiest people in the world are those who live without regrets. Hence you have to go beyond your limits and focus on what makes you complete and happy.

However do not forget the fact that among other things on earth, our choices and acts has its consequences. Live, laugh and love. Drink, party and have fun… but don’t you ever forget to keep your health as your top priority. That being said… DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!


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