Pony Kegerator: Your All-Party Kegerator


Kegs are considered as one of the most important component of a kegerator. Without it, you wont be able to store and dispense beer over a party or any social event for that matter. Having known how important these kegs are for your kegerators, it is a must that you familiarize yourself with the different types of kegs that you can use.Keeping yourself well informed on the different types of kegs gives you the upper hand in choosing the right kegerator. Remember that one of the best ways to achieve great value for your money is to find a kegerator that not only  fits into your budget but also complements your lifestyle.

In this review, we will be looking into Pony Kegerators. These are beer dispensers that can accommodate Pony Kegs – often used to serve beer at a medium sized party or social event. Most kegerators hold pony sized kegs and as such, you won’t have a hard time fitting them into most types of kegerators.

Let me start the discussion by taking off on the kegs that you can use for your beer dispensers. Afterwards you can scroll into the different Pony Keg Kegerators that will be presented in this review. In the end all you need to do is to choose a particular model that you feel will work for you best.

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What is a Keg?

During the olden times a keg is a wooden barrel used by people to transport certain goods such as gun powder, nails, wine and a vast variety of liquid. Today, kegs are almost always referred to as those containers commonly used to transport, serve and preserve alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer.

Wooden kegs are more often used in wines while kegs made from aluminum and/or stainless steel are more suitable for storing and dispensing draft beer. These containers helps preserve your alcocoholic drink’s fine taste and flavor and are such a necessity more than an accessory.

In order to get the most of out of your kegerator units you have to get your kegs in the right size and type. More especially if you are the type of host who serves a variety of beer on certain occasions. You have to remember that not all kegs can fit inside every kegerator. A good understanding on the different types of kegs is one of the most important steps you need to take when brewing your own beer.


Kegerator Kegs

As I have mentioned, kegs for beer come in different types. You can find them in different sizes, shapes, capacities and use. Getting your kegs in the right size and type ensures that you get the most out of your kegerators. How you make use of your kegerators rests on the type of keg that you use and the manner you make use of it.

You can keep one keg in one kegerator or have several types of kegs in one beer dispensing unit. It all depends on how many taps and faucets your kegerator have and how many glasses or cups you want to serve in one instance.

Before we get into the details as to what type of kegerators you should buy, let us first have a look at some of the most common kegs that you can use for your beer.

Mini Keg

Mini kegs can hold about 5 liters or 1.32 gallons of beer. They make an excellent choice for one time use and for retails where refills are no longer needed. They work really well when used for compact and mini kegerators. Using these kegs will give you enough supply of beer for a small gathering of a few people.

Cornelius Keg

These kegs are often termed as corny kegs which are ideal for use among home brewers. They are often used for sodas and and home brew beer. They are easy to fill, use and clean making it an excellent choice for home owners who consumes beer on a regular basis.

These kegs can hold as much as 5 gallons of beer.

Sixth Barrel

The sixth barrel is slightly larger than the corny kegs. It can hold as much as 5.2 gallons of beer perfect for home owners and businesses with very little space but wants to serve a variety of beer within a single kegerator. If you intend on getting a dual tap or triple tap kegerator, then the sixth barrel kegs are your best best. .

Quarter Barrel

Quarter barrel kegs are short and stout. It resembles the shape of a full sized keg but are smaller and are 10 inches smaller then full sized kegs. These kegs are more commonly known as Pony Kegs and are a cheap means to provide beer to a party consisting of several individuals. Pony Kegs Kegerators can hold as much as 7.75 gallons of beer.

Slim Quarter

Similar to quarter barrels or pony kegs, these containers can hold about 7.75 gallons of beer. However, its shape and its size resembles that of a sixth barrel keg but are a bit wider. They make a very popular choice among people having dual tap kegerators.

Half Barrel

Half barrels are the largest kegs that you can use for your kegerators. These kegs can hold as much as 15.5 gallons of beer. They make an excellent choice for households and businesses who hosts and serve beer to a large group. Most but not all kegerators is able to accommodate full sized kegs. It can serve beer to as much as 50-70 people.

The Pony Keg in Detail

A pony keg is a popular choice when dispensing beer from a kegerator. They are suitable for use on social gatherings consisting of 30 beer drinkers and even more. They are short and stout and can fit into almost every kegerator except those of a mini and compact beer dispenser.

It is about 85 pounds and can hold as much as 7.75 gallons of beer. That’s about 62 pints or 82 bottles of 12 oz. booze. Pony kegs can come into two different types; the rubber sided and the bulged non straight wall manufactured by in Miller-Coors Brewing Company.

Both of these Pony Kegs type hold the same amount of beer. The only difference lies on the shape of the barrel with the bulged type being slightly bigger than the supposedly 17 inch diameter.

When And When Not To Choose Pony Kegerators

As mentioned, a Pony Keg Kegerator is one of the most widely used beer dispensing appliance. They are a popular choice among beer enthusiast considering it can hold as much as 7.75 gallons of fresh draught beer.  It holds just the right amount of your favorite brew enough to please a significant  number of guests. It is neither too small nor too huge, it is in simple terms your all-party pony kegerator.

However, Pony Kegs are best utilized when using single tap beer dispensing units. A vast number of kegerators are unable to house more than one pony keg inside its compartment. Unless you got yourself a commercial beer dispenser that is much more spacious than homebrew and residential types, you cannot use a pony keg for dual tap kegerator units.

One option is to place in a wire shelf inside your refrigeration unit such that you get two compartments each having a pony keg within it. However only  few kegerators can hold 2 pony kegs in such a manner.

Pony Keg Kegerators

Pony keg kegerators are a great option for people who regularly throws out a party to a medium sized crowd. They are more appropriate use for those who would want to serve one to two types of beer in the same instance.

These home devices are called as such for they make use of pony kegs. You can make two pony kegs fit into a one refrigeration therefore filling up two glasses or cups of beer with different or similar beer flavor within the same instance.

You probably know by now how much option you have with regards to home appliances that you can use for your beer dispensing needs. The choice can be quite daunting and confusing, but worry no more as I present to you some of the best Pony Kegerators that you can use for your up coming get together and social gatherings.

Hopefully, at the end of this review you will be able to find something that not only suits your personal taste but also meets the demands of your lifestyle.

Nostalgia KRS6100SS 6.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Dispenser

Quench your crowd’s thirst for that perfect tasting brew with this dual tap beer dispenser from Nostalgia. This unit is 6.1 cubic feet and can hold as much as 15.5 gallons of beer. It can hold either of the two pony kegs that you may have at home or simply intending to purchase. You can fit in two pony kegs within its compartment although it might be quite a tight fit. I strongly suggest that you use the straight and rubber sided pony keg if you wish to make use of its dual tap feature. Otherwise you will have to go for much smaller kegs such as those of a corny keg or a sixth barrel.

This particular unit comes with a digital thermostat that you can adjust accordingly to your personal preference. It also has a double meter regulator that lets you monitor the CO2 level PSI. With these features you can serve your beer exactly the way you want it.

One great thing about this unit is that it comes with easy roll out casters that lets you move the unit around from place to place with ease. Whether you decide to use it inside your living room or entertainment room, you can immediately transfer the unit with ease should you suddenly decide in bringing in your guests to a barbecue party at the back yard.

Find out more about this interesting product by clicking straight to amazon.com here.

You may also want to check out its much smaller yet more affordable version the Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser by clicking here.


FAQ’s on Nostalgia KRS6100

What types of keg can it accommodate?

This particular unit can hold kegs of the following configurations:

  • (2)-1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons)
  • 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons)
  • 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons)
  • 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons)
How cold can this unit get?

You can set its temperature anywehere between 33-40 degrees.

Can you serve two different types of beer using this kegerator?

Yes you can it is dual tap and you can certainly dispense two similar or different types of beer at the same instance.

Does it come with all the necessary tubing and assemblies?

Yes it does except for the keg or kegs which you will need to purchase separately. You will also need to have its CO2 tank filled by a local distributor near you.

Can this be used outdoors?

You can use it outdoors but for a short period of time. You should not keet it outdoors for a long time else you risk your unit to malfunction.

How big is this kegerator? Can you convert it into a regular kitchen fridge?

The Nostalgia KRS6100 is 6.1 cubic feet and measures 21.3 x 26.6 x 33.2 inches. You can convert it into a regular fridge to cool other types of beverage by making use of its spacious interior and the large wire shelf that comes with the unit.

My View

The Nostalgia KRS6100 makes an exceptional kegerator for those looking for a dual tap beer dispensing unit at an affordable price. These kegerators best suits budget conscious beer enthusiasts who frequently consumes beer for personal satisfaction and even for sharing a special event with relatives and friends.

It can dispense beer into two glasses simultaneously, and also gives you the option of serving two types of beer in one kegerator. However as a dual tap pony kegerator, i honestly dont think this unit would suffice. You cannot fit in two pony kegs inside its compartment. As such, you cannot make use of its dual tap feature unless you make use of corny kegs or 5.5 gallon kegs.


Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler – Stainless Look

Kegerators are always a great way to entertain your guests whenever you host any event be it a party or just a simple social gathering. Among the most reputable home appliance brands is Danby, a Canadian manufacturing company who’s expertise lies on the manufacture of refrigeration products and Specialty appliances.

This kegerator from Danby are one of the most affordable units in the market today. It is 5.8 cu. Ft spacious enough to hold full sized and pony type keg. You can infact transform this unit into an all refrigeration unit to keep other types of beverages and kitchen essentials within their required temperature condition.

Built with a scratch resistant worktop, you can keep your glasses and other accessories right on top of it. It also comes with a integrated security lock to limit access especially when you have minors living with you.

The good thing about danby kegerators as their other refrigeration units is that they come with reversible door hinges. This feature enables users to have their units placed virtually anywhere they please. You can have its door swing set up to the left or the right. It also comes with a external CO2 tank mount and a wire keg stand. This unit sets up in a breeze.


 FAQ’s on Danby Kegerator

Can it be used for built in applications?

This unit is more appropriate for freestanding applications. However, you might be able to use it for built in applications if you ill provide enough space at its rear and on the sides. Remember that refrigeration units need enough room to breath to keep them running efficiently and smoothly.

What type of kegs can be stored inside its refrigeration unit?

The Danby DKC5811BSL kegerator can hold kegs of the following configurations:

  • 1/2 barrel kegs
  • 1/4 barrel kegs
  • 1/6 barel kegs
  • 1/8 barrel kegs.
Can you convert this unit into a double tap?

I see no reason why not for as long as you are willing to buy another assembly for another keg and a dual tap tower.

Is it thermoelectric or compressor cooled?

It is compressor cooled so expect it to be a bit noisy.

Can it be converted into a regular fridge for other beverages?

Yes it can, it can cool any type of beverage and other kitchen essentials such as cheese, milk, butter etc.

Does it automatically defrost?

Ye sit does, thanks to its automatic defrost system.

Can you move this unit from one room to another?

Yes you can, it has an easy swivel casters which you can choose to use or not.

My View

It isn’t much of a surprise that Danby has pulled out another cost effective solution to cooling and serving freshly brewed beer. The Danby DKC5811BSL not only looks great on the outside but also unsurprisingly works really well to meet its end users’s expectations. This unit is something every budget conscious enthusiast should consider because they are affordable as they are as efficient as the more expensive counterparts.

The best thing to love about this unit is that you get to have to freedom to place it anywhere you like. The reversible door hinge makes it possible for you to have its door swing adjusted to your comfort. You no longer have to worry if you are left handed or if there obstructions that may get in the way of your kegerator.



NewAir AK-200SS Stainless Steel Kegerator


Nothing beats pouring that perfectly chilled beer on its rightful taste and froth. For homebrewers who brew and serve their own draught beer the NewAir Ak 2000SS is among your better options. This unit may not be as popular as those manufactured by world renowned brands, but one thing I can assure you is that it will be able to deliver to your expectations as well as the household names in kegerators.

The NewAir AK-200SS has a dual gauge CO2 regulator. It helps you monitor how much carbon dioxide is being used and how much pressure is applied to your beer. That way users get to enjoy the benefit of serving their priced beverages exactly the way they want it.

In spite of being a single tap which can serve only one glass of beer at a time, this kegerator can dispense beer even on taller glasses and pitchers. It comes with a dip tray that ensures your stainless steel unit are kept as dry and as clean as possible

Please remember that this unit is configured for kegs with Sankey keys and youn may need to purchase extra parts to convert it into home brew system.

For great deals and exciting offers on this product, check it out at amazon.com by clicking here.

This particular unit also comes in a black model with a complementary black cabinet and door accentuated with a chrome guard rail. To view the black version of this NEw Air Kegerator, you can click on the link below.

Kegerator Finish: Black

FAQ’s On NewAir

What type of kegs can be used on this kegerator?

This kegerator perfectly holds full sized kegs and pony kegs. You can also use smaller kegs such as those of a corney.

Where do you mount its CO2 tank?

There is a CO tank mount inside its main compartment.

Is it movable?

Yes it is, it has casters that can let you move the unit from place to place with ease.

Does it automatically defrost?

Im, afraid it doesn’t, you will have to occasionaly drain it with water.

Can it hold additional beer bottles and cans?

Yes you may if you would be using smallet kegs to dispense beer. It can even be converted into a regular fridge to house other beverages and kitchen essentials.

Does it vent from the rear or front?

Rear, so you have to be extra cautious if you are planning to use it for built-in applications.

My View

From this unit’s price alone you can tell that it is among the high end kegerator brands available in the market today. Yes they are kind of expensive and its not something you should pick outright if you have a very limited budget for a kegerator. However, if you are to think it through deeply you will realize that this particular beer dispensing appliance is worth its price. It works as good as it looks and you surely wont regret spending on extra bucks with this unit.

However, I honestly think that it would have been better if this unit can be used for both freestanding and built in applications considering how much they are being sold in the market. Furthermore, you will be able to find other units that are within the same price range but are built to withstand the extreme conditions of outdoor environments. Edgestar has in fact a lot of high grade beer dispensing units that you can use for that purpose.


Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Kegerator Beer Dispenser K209SS-1

From Cydea Inc. comes its very own brand of beer dispensing refrigeration products Kegco. Kegco kegerators are simply one of the most interesting brands that offers the best experience for beer enthusiasts like you. This Single tap freestanding kegerator is just one of them.

The K20922-1 comes with everything that you need to serve and dispense fresh tasting draft beer. It comes with all the equipment that you need except for the kegs that can be purchased separately. Like most kegerators this beer dispenser from Kegco can easily convert into a regular kitchet fridge. It has two adjustable stotage shelves that you can use to cradle other types of beverages and other kitchen essentials and food.

This unit is designed for home in use where users get to enjoy its ultra-quiet and energy saving feature. What more can you ask from a kegerator that serves and stores your draft beer to perfection while helping you bring your electricity consumption down to a minimum.

From the looks of this kegerator alone, you can tell that it will be able to withstand the test of time. Having been made from durable and CSA listed materials, you can be rest assured that it will give you superior and long lasting performance.

Get to know more about the Kegco K209SS-1 by clicking here.

Kegco Dual Tap Freestanding Kegerator Beer Dispenser K209SS-2

For those looking for a dual tap versio of this unit, here is the K209SS-1 Kegco kegerator. This unit looks and works in the same way as the single tap version. The only difference is that this device can serve two glasses of beer at a time. You also get to have the option to serve two different types of beer simultaneously.

In this case you should get a keg two kegs that would fit inside its compartment. I suggest you use 5 gallon kegs and/or home brew kegs.

Find out more about this product by clicking straight through to amazon.com here.

FAQ’s on Kegco K209SS

How cold can this Pony Kegerator Get?

Although its thermostat is mechanically controlled, it can bring your beer to its perfect serving temperature within the range of 35-42 degrees Fahrenheit. You can fund the mechanical knowb at the back of the unit.

What types of keg can it hold aside from Pony Kegs?

This unit can hold one pony keg at a time. Moreover, it can also accommodate kegs of the following configurations:

  • one Full-Size, Pony, or Quarter Slim Keg
  • two 5-gallon commercial kegs along with one 5-gallon home brew keg
  • up to three 5-gallon home brew kegs
Is it quiet?

Much to your delight yes it is, probably one of the quietest Pony Keg Kegerator in the market today.

Is it energy efficient?

It is enery efficient, in fact they are 25% more efficient that the competition.

Is it a single gauged or double gauged regulator?

It only has a single gauged CO2 regulator.

Can you use it for built in applications?

No you cant, this unit best serves its purpose when used freestanding.

Can this unit be used for a nitrogen set up?

Yes it can.

Where do you mount the CO2 tank?

It has a tank mount at the back of the unit.

Can it hold two quarter kegs at the same time?

No it wont. It can only hold one quarter keg at a time.


Kegco K309SS-1 Full Size Digital Kegerator – Stainless Steel

The K309SS is another noteworthy kegerator from Kegco that offers superior quality and design to its end users. This unit is a good upgrade to the mechanically operated kegerator included in this Pony Keg Kegerator Review.

This Kegco kegerator comes with a digital temperature control and display. Such feature gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature with precision at an increment of 1 degree. All you need to is to press the up or down button while the temperature readings are displayed on its LED display. No more second guessing on how cold your beers are getting.

Believe it or not, this kegerator is one of the coldest in the market. It has a wide range of temperature which can be set from anywhere between 32-75 degrees. Thanks to its fan forced cooling system, that evenly distributes cool air all throughout the unit.

With its spacious interior you will be able to keep large kegs of beer including those of Millers and Coors. It is equipped with a Premium keg tapping kit that not only works with great efficiency but also promises to render its services for the longest time possible.

Find out what other people are saying about this interesting product, here.

Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator – Dual Faucet – D System

If you intend on serving two types of beer in one kegerator, then this dual tap model of the K309SS is your best option. With this unit you will be able to dispense two types of beer at the same time. All you would need to do is to tap in two kegs containing two different types of beer.

Check this product out at amazon.com here.

Like the single tap model this unit presents an exquisite stainless steel door finish. If you prefer to have it in matte black then click on the following links below.

Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser (K309B-1)

Kegco Dual Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser (K309B-2) 

FAQ’s On Kegco K309

Is this a Pony Keg Kegerator? What other types of kegs can it hold?
Is it normal for the fan to stop working?

It is normal for the fan stops running soon as the unit reaches its pre set temperature. It also automatically runs when it gets a little warmer inside.

What is the dimension of the fridge? Can it be used as a normal refrigeration unit?

This Kegco kegerator measures 33″ tall x 23-11/16″ wide x 23-15/16″ deep. You can use it as a regular refrigerator.

Where do the Co2 tank go?

Right inside the unit. You can choose to mount it at the back but you may need to drill a hole to use it that way.

Can you change its tap handles?

Yes you may, these units come with a universal 3/8″-16 UNC (Unified Coarse Thread) which works in every tap handles except for some Guinness products.

Can this be used for built in applications?

Yes and no. Yes if you will be able to provide enough space for this unit to breathe. Its vent is at its rear therefore it’s not well suited for built in appliactions unless you provide enough room for it to vent out and take in fresh air.

Can you adjust the casters?

I’m afraid you cannot.

Is it quiet?

It is fairly quiet.

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

Probably if you wont be storing it outside your homes for a long period of time. Remember these units are not built capable in withstanding the extreme conditions outdoors.

Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser (K199SS-1)

What sets the Kegco K199SS kegerators apart from other kegerators of the same brand are the Premium Direct Draw Kit for D System Domestic Kegs that comes with the refrigeration unit. These assemblies are made from high grade stainless steel and are proven to be resistant to corrosion. As such you they are deemed to be more durable than the others.

This particular model is a single tap kegerator that is able to dispense cool and fresh tasting draft beer.  It has a spacious interior that is able to hold various types of kegs. This is a pony keg kegerator that you can use to serve about 7.75 gallons of beer to a crowd consisting of abot 30 people. It features an all-black cabinet with stainless steel door, making it an elegant addition to any home setting.

This unit also has an easy roll-on casters, giving its end users the convenience they need when moving their kegerator from place to place. In spite of having a mechanically controlled thermostat, this kegerator can go as low as mid-thirties ensuring that you get ice cold beer glass after glass.

This single tap Kegco kegerator is also available in black. You can check it out at amazon.com by clicking straight to this link. Kegco K199B-1 Kegerator Keg Beer Cooler – Single Faucet – D System – Black Door.

Kegco K199SS-2 Kegerator Beer Dispenser – Double Faucet – D System – Stainless Door

This is the dual tap model of the Kegco K199SS. It looks exactly the same as the single faucet model except that its tower holds two faucets. The dual faucet functions primarily to dispense beer to two glasses or cups simultaneously.

Moreover, it gives you the pleasure of serving two different types of beer within the same kegerator. All you need to do is to purchase two kegs and fill it with your favorite brew. Please take note of the size of kegs because not all types can fit inside its compartment. To make the best out of its dual tap feature, use two 5 gallon kegs.

To find out more about this interesting product please visit amazon.com by clicking here.

If you prefer to have the all black unit of this model, feel free to click on the link below.

Kegco K199B-2 Kegerator Beer Dispenser – Double Faucet – D System – Black Door

FAQ’s on Kegco KS199

What types of Keg can fit inside its refrigeration unit?

The KS199 Kegco Pony Kegerators can accommodate kegs of the following configurations:

  • 1/2 barrels
  • Full Size Kegs (15.5gal)
  • 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal)

Please take note that these particular units will not be able to hold Coors kegs.

Does it have a digital thermostat control?

The thermostat is controlled mechanically by a knob located inside the compartment.

Can You convert this unit into a regular refrigerator?

Yes you can convert it into a regular fridge. There are two wire shelves included, and you can make use of it to house in other beverage and kitchen essentials.

How Cold can this pony keg kegerator get?

These kegerators can go as low as mid 30’s. However you wont be able to to have an exact temperature reading because it is mechanically controlled.

Do they have casters?

Yes they do, you should be able to move this unit from one room to another effortlessly.

How long does a keg last before it goes flat?

It depends on how often you tap beer. The more beer beer and the more frequent often you tap the faster it gets flat.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes, it was designed to be 25% more energy efficient that other kegerators.

Does the tank sit inside the unit or outside?

These units have a tank mount inside the compartment.

My View

Kegco provides its consumers a wide range of options when it comes to the ways they want to make use of their beer dispensing home appliance. They have manually and digitally controlled thermostats that users can choose from. My personal view is that it is much more easier to control and monitor the temperature of your beer and kegs  using the digitally controlled device. You get a more accurate and precise temperature settings giving you the opportunity to serve fine tasting brew within their proper serving temperature.

Another ineteresting feature of the Kegco Kegerators presented in this Pony Kegerator Review is the savings that you can get in using these devices. They are energy eficient and can therefore help reduce your monthly electricity bill even with prolong and regular use. Now you wont have to worry on your sky rocketing energy consumption and focus on how smooth and lively your party gets.

Much to your surprise these kegerators are priced at mid range so you wont really have a hard time picking them out as your option. They are friendly on the budget and are able to deliver their intended services with excellence, style and convenience.

Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap Beer Refrigerator and Dispenser, Black (KM2800BK)

If you are on th e lookout for a budget friendly kegarator that works as good as the more expensive brands then this beer dispenser from Keggermeister is a good option. This full size single tap kegerator can keep your beers fresh and tasty for up to three months. This unit can in fact hold a variety of keg types including full sized kegs, a pony and two 5 gallon kegs. You can either have this unit filled with a single keg or two to keep one keg ready in case you suddenly run out of beer on the other.

You will fall in love with its exquisite built that features an all-black cabinet and a chrome guard rail around its work top. It’s smooth rolling casters lets you move this unit from one area to another with such ease and convenience.

If you want to know more about this product you can check it out at amazon.com by clicking here.

FAQ’s on 2800BK

Can you convert this unit into a dual tap kegerator?

I see no reason why not, but you must purchase a new tower with two faucets. You will also be limited to the kins of kegs you will use. Remember that it needs to fit inside its refrigerator and so your best option is to use 5 gallon kegs.

Will this unit be able to hold Coors Light/Miller Light Kegs?

Yes they will although they may be quite tight.

Where do the CO2 tank sit?

The CO2 tank is housed inside the unit itself.

Can you adjust he temperature?

Yes, but only through its mechanical temperature control knob. It’s not digital so you won’t be able to set its temperature as precise as those of the digital.

What is the best PSI for beer?

Depends on the temperature and the type of beer you intend to dispense. Normally its best to set it around 10 PSI.

Can you change the tap handle?

Yes, you can easily screw it off and replace it with another.

Can you fit it a 5lb CO2 tank inside it?

It depends on how big your kegs are. If you are to use a bigger C02 tank then you have to go for smaller kegs.

My View

This kegerator from Keggermeister is probably one of the most affordable units you can find in the market today. Priced at several hundreds this beer dispensing device is a perfect choice for budget conscious beer enthusiasts and party hosts who regularly consumes fresh draft beer.

It is able to hold most types of kegs including pony kegs that are perfect in serving beer to a number of people. In spite of its rather cheap price, it will not fail to meet your expectations. It is sure to deliver the kind of service you are probably looking for in a kegerator.

Igloo FRB200C 6 Cubic Feet Beer Kegerator with CO2 Tank and Kit, Stainless Steel

Nothing can ever be more pleasing for a beer enthusiast like you than to have your very own kegerator sitting inside your living room. This kegerator from Igloo not only works efficiently to your beer dispensing needs but also makes an exquisite addition to your existing home décor.

This 6 cubic feet stainless steel beer dispensing unit has spacious interior. It can hold almost every size of kegs including oversized and ponies. Like most kegerator units, it comes complete with all the necessary components and equipments to dispense your favorite draught beer. What is lacking are the kegs that you will be using. It comes with its own CO2 tank which you will need to be filled by a dealer near you.

Talking about durability and functionality, you cannot this discount unit as being among the most reliable kegerators in the market today. It has scratch proof worktop that promises to stay clean and smooth regardless of how much abuse it gets whenever you use it. You also never to worry about your glasses and utensils falling off the unit, thanks to the chrome guard rails that surrounds the uppermost part of the unit.

If you feel that this Igloo Kegerator perfectly fits your taste and lifestyle, click staright through to amazon.com here.

FAQ’s on FRB200C

Does it have casters?

Yes it does, it has 4 smooth rolling casters that can help yo transport this unit with ease.

Where do the CO2 tank go?

The CO2 tank sits inside the refrigeration unit?

What types of kegs can fit inside it?

This particular kegerator is versatile enough to hold almost all types of kegs including those of millers and coors.

Can you use this unit as a regular kitchen fridge?

Yes it does, in fact it works similarly as that of your regular kitchen refrigerator and can be used to store and cool varied types of beverages and other food essentials.

Can you make it run colder? How?

If the max settings don’t seem to work for you, you can try using a usb powered desked fan plugged into a wall adapter. Be careful when you do the connection, it is best that you seek the help of an expert for guidance and your queries.

Is this kegerator noisy?

It makes a certain of kind of sound. However its not the type that you are likely to consider as noise.

My View

This is yet again another cost effective solution to your beer dispensing needs. Having been available at a very reasonable price, budget conscious booze lovers like you will surely find this unit a perfect choice. It is in fact spacious enough to accommodate most types of kegs including those of millers and coors. As such you shouldnt have any problem using it as a Pony Kegerator to hold either a rubberized bulged quarter keg or a regular straight keg.

There maybe some complains about this product regarding the temperature settings. Some says it doesn’t get as cold as it should be. Keep in mind though that there are some simple hacks you can do to make some units work for you. However, it will always be best for you to do some research or better yet ask an expert for some assistance or advise.


Final Word

Making choices is almost always never easy. The same goes for shopping for a kegerator where you get a multitude of options to choose from. With the wide range of beer dispensing products that we have in the market today, choosing a particular unit becomes a daunting task. It is made even more difficult when you are left in-cognizant the fine prints of the options that you have.

Having known the different types of kegerators and the kegs that you can use for it to dispense beer at your convenience, it is important that you choose your kegs accordingly. There can be no better way to make use of your devices properly than to choose the most appropriate components. As always take time doing some research and put into consideration both your personal preferences and the real demands of your lifestyle. Only then that you will be able to make use of your appliance and achieve great value for the product you paid for at a certain price.

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