Portable Air Conditioner For Camping

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Are you the type person who finds solace and joy in the arms of the great outdoors? Do you love to travel and traverse the most arid regions on your RV’s amidst the scorching heat of the sun? Would you like to go camping or road tripping during the hottest days of year in the most comfortable way? Worry no more as I present to you a number of Portable Air Conditioners for Campers that you can use for your midsummer adventures.

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The Heat of Travelling Outdoors

I know that you have always looked forward to summer for it gives you the opportunity to go out and spend time with your families and friends. It allows you to explore the great outdoors without having to worry about getting caught up in the rain or travelling along slippery roads.

In spite of the joys, the summer may bring its scorching heat may come too unbearable for you at times. Yes, the human body has the ability to adjust to sudden rise and fall of temperatures via homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the human body’s ability to maintain a normal body temperature when exposed to extreme temperature conditions. It is best exemplified when you shiver from the cold and perspire when the surrounding gets too hot.

It really isn’t much of a problem in normal conditions since your body is able to maintain its normal temperature. But when the temperature goes beyond your body’s threshold you are at risk of acquiring temperature related illnesses such as those of a heat stroke or hypothermia. If you have read my post about the dangers the midsummer’s heat can bring you then you will realize how importance it is to stay cool during the driest and warmest season of the year.

The Need for A Portable Air Conditioner While Camping

Travelers and campers like you are often at risk of being under extreme heat conditions. Knowing how dangerous too much heat exposure can get, it is highly recommended that you invest on a Portable Air Conditioner for Camping purposes. If you love the great outdoors or have developed an innate passion of going into road trips or boat sailing, a Portable Air Conditioner for Campers is necessary equipment to secure.

Not only that it brings comfort to your travelling needs so you won’t end up tired and drained after a long day of travel or a day’s activity under the sun. It also reduces the possibility of acquiring heat-related illnesses that can hamper on what should be an enjoyable midsummer’s break.


The Misconception Between A Portable AC And An Evaporative Cooler

Before you look into the different portable air conditioners for campers, let me shed light on what seem to be a common misconception between Portable Air Conditioners and Evaporative Coolers.

Some people are often left confused between the two, thinking that these two terms can be used interchangeably to refer to the more affordable and portable version of an Air Conditioning Unit.

Yes, they are both cost effective alternatives to fixed air conditioning systems. Indeed they are built to keep your rooms under desirable temperature conditions. However, these two are two different entities that work and function differently from one another. To get the most out of these devices cooling ability, you need to keep yourselves properly informed on how they function and under what circumstances they work best.

Before you take your pick on what particular type of Portable Air Conditioner For campers will best work for your outdoor exploration activities. Let me walk you through the differences between an Evaporative Cooler and a Portable Air Conditioner by providing answers to the most pressing questions consumers find between these two devices.

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

A Portable Air Conditioner is an air conditioning system that provides mobility to your air cooling needs. It is a great alternative to fixed air conditioning systems as it functions similarly in keeping your houses cool and comfortable while offering great flexibility on usage and installation.

A Portable Air Conditioner utilizes refrigerants and heat exchangers to vent out hot air outside of your rooms and replace it with cool air. It usually comes with a hose or hoses that transfer the heat outside of your rooms.

Some units come with ventilation free features however most of them falls under the Evaporative Cooler category as they work by taking advantage of the evaporation process.

What is an Evaporative Cooler?

An Evaporative Cooler otherwise known as swamp coolers are portable air conditioning units that are suitable for use in areas with dry climates and low humidity levels. It works by using water or ice to cool the air and add moisture to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation.

They don’t usually come with vents and hoses like Portable Air Conditioning units. Instead, they are equipped with trays that catch its by-product, water. You may need to drain this cooler every once in a while so as to avoid spillage and possible malfunction of your appliance.

Which works better A Portable Air Conditioner or an Evaporative Cooler?

Both are efficient in keeping your surroundings cool, but each of them would work best depending upon the moisture condition where they are intended for use.

As explained swamp coolers works better in dry climates because they also work as a humidifier. It allows you to breath easily even when it gets too hot and  there’s a low moisture level in the atmosphere.

Portable Air Conditioners, on the other hand, work best in damp climate conditions with relatively normal humidity levels. Under this circumstance, there is already enough moisture in the air, and there’s no need to add more. Using an Evaporative Cooler under these conditions would only speed up corrosion that can damage your air conditioning unit.

Which is more affordable?

Obviously, a swamp cooler is a more affordable choice since there are no moving parts and no refrigerants being used. However, the price shouldn’t always be the sole basis of your choice. It may be more affordable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most cost effective solution.

Not all affordable appliances offer efficiency. You have to choose not by its price but on the manner that a machine serves their purpose best. If your environment calls for a Portable Air Conditioner then by all means, get a portable AC. If it warrants the use of the more affordable versions, that is- evaporative coolers then that’s the one you should buy.

You see, buying something that you won’t be able to utilize in its full potential is simply money thrown out of your drain. I see no point buying something that’s cheap but doesn’t deliver the services it is supposed to give.

So instead of finding something that is affordable, get an appliance that is a more “economical” choice. It is in its simplest sense often termed as smart buying.


What Type of Portable Air Conditioners Are Suitable For Campers?

There are certainly a number of portable air conditioners that you can use to your advantage whenever you go camping or travelling on your RV’s. All of it offers innovative portability and are used outdoors to keep your summer vacation as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

However,  there are models that are specifically built for camping and/or travelling on your RV’s. They are equipped with features that offer great mobility and ease of use wherever you go. Here are some of them.

Portable Air Conditioner for Camping in Tents

Camping on the hottest days of summer may be fun but can be little uncomfortable especially on areas where it is extremely dry. Campers like you have always enjoyed staying inside your tents but not until heat accumulates and you start sweating as if you had done several sets of push-ups.

It is quite honestly difficult to have a good night sleep, even a nap inside a tent that makes you feel as if you’re being baked inside an oven. You may consider opening up your tents so a soft breeze may come in but then you are endangering yourself from mosquito bites. You know how dangerous mosquitoes are, and it’s always best to keep yourselves protected against them.

The good news is you can now enjoy your camping to the fullest with the use of Portable Air Conditioners for Campers. It keeps your tents cool at all times giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Portable Air Conditioning Camping for RV travelers

Whether you have decided to live your life on the road or perhaps thought of taking a few days vacation on a road trip or camping, bringing the comfort out of your homes is of high importance. One way to do this is to keep your RV or camper trailer under favorable temperature conditions so you remain cozy and relaxed as you traverse the most arid locale of the country.

The extreme heat of summertime can be too much for your air conditioning systems. Sometimes, when the temperature outside your car gets too hot, your campers built in air conditioning system is not enough to keep the temperature inside your RV’s down for comfort.

One way to address this issue is to use a Portable Air Conditioner for Camping that you can use and plug into your Recreational Vehicles. It will effectively supplement your RV’s air conditioning system leaving you cool and comfortable in spite of the blistering heat of the sun outdoors.

Freestanding Common Household Portable Air Conditioners

These are portable air conditioners that you can bring along with you as you travel outdoors. You can have these units placed inside your tents and somehow find a way in installing its ventilation kits that often goes with the unit.

These types of Portable Air Conditioners for Campers I think should be your last resort. You see it will be quite difficult and time consuming for you to have it installed inside your tents. You may need to cut through a hole in your tents to make way for the ventilation hoses so you can vent hot air out of your temporary living spaces.

However, there are some models that are ventilation free, and you should probably get one these types instead if you want to make the best out of your time in an outdoor adventure.

What Are The Factors to Consider When Going Portable Air Conditioner Camping?

Before you go out for camp or take off for a short vacation, carefully plan your activities with the proper gear and equipment in mind. Do not forget to be one step ahead of what you are likely to experience so that you will always be in full control of any situation.

With regards to beating the heat of summer and to staying as comfortable as possible, a portable air conditioner for camping should be your new best friend. But before you take your pick make sure that you choose the right device to get the most out of what you have paid for. More importantly, it should be something that would let you enjoy your vacation and not put on additional burden on your shoulders.

Here are some important things you need to consider in choosing for your planned Portable Air Conditioning Camping.


The first thing you need to look for in your equipment when travelling is portability. It should always allow for ease of movement from one place to another without the added weight of an extra baggage. You have to save your energy for the activities you have planned for the day and not on carrying or moving things around.

Your Portable Air Conditioner should be lightweight, compact and easy to operate. That way you will be able to focus on your leisure activities than stressing yourself out on finding a means to stay cool and comfortable amidst the blistering heat of the sun.

Power and Technology

Pick a Portable Air Conditioner for Camping that is enough to cool your tents or your RV’s. Get a unit with the appropriate BTU ratings so you get to maximize its use. Never get something that’s too huge and nor too small. The idea is to get the most appropriate model with regards to its size and the size of the area you intend to cool.


The price of a portable air conditioner for campers really plays a big role in how they are able to equip themselves with one of these camping must-haves. Not everyone has the luxury to purchase more expensive models especially those who are on a very strict budget.

However, the comfort and features each of these portable air conditioning systems posses should never be overlooked nor compromised. Find something that works not only on your budget but fits perfectly into your lifestyle and your comfort zone as well.


Different Brands and Models of Portable Air Conditioner for Camping

To make your choice easier for you here are some of the most popular models of Portable Air Conditioners you can use for camping. You do have a variety of brands and models to choose from which ranges from freestanding types to those with casters and ultra compact devices.

To provide ease on your selection process, I have grouped the portable air conditioners for campers according to their best use. You certainly have the freedom to use it any way you please, but if you are to take my suggestions I’m sure it’ll make your outdoor activities more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Portable Air Conditioners  Best Used for Tents

These are portable air conditioners that you can use inside your camping tents. They are portable enough to be carried around with ease and is equipped with state of the art technologies to keep them running.

Most if not all allows for dual power sources, AC and DC making it easier to use with or without the electricity that you use to power your homes. Some come with rechargeable batteries while some can be connected to your car batteries (or a separate battery) through clips. Either way, they are all well suited to bringing the comfort out of your homes into the great outdoors.

Lifesmart EZcool Single Port Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Cooler for 250 Sq Feet

If you are a type of person who frequently goes out for a camp in the wilderness why not consider getting yourself a Lifesmart EZcool portable air conditioner. It can help stay cool and comfortable amidst the sweltering heat of summer letting you enjoy your much-deserved break from your usual day to day life.

Perhaps you are wondering why there is a need for air coolers such as this whenever you travel. The answer is simple. The blistering heat of the sun doesn’t only make you feel uncomfortable; it also endangers you of acquiring heat-related illnesses that can cause serious injury and damage to human health.

This cute little thing may just save you from the discomforts and health risks of being under the heat of summertime. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to operate letting you cool yourself anytime and anywhere without a sweat.

It’s safe for you and the environment because it doesn’t use any chemical to produce cool air. It only needs air and water and thus is more economical to use than other Portable Air Conditioner for Camping models that frequently needs to be refueled with refrigerants.

How Cool?

This ultra portable air conditioning system can produce cool air at an average temperature difference of 35oF from its outside surrounding. Temperature will vary relative to the temperature outside the system.

What’s the maximum area that it can cool?

Anything below its maximum coverage area of 250 sq ft can be efficiently cooled by this device to your convenience. Any room larger than the area mentioned warrants a different and bigger model which you can find as you read through the rest of the article below.

How long can it keep your surrounding cool?

Its water reservoir can hold as much as 1 gallon of water. It should be enough to keep you and your surroundings cool for up to 11 hours.

How much energy does it draw?

This particular device is energy efficient; it draws less energy than a 40 watt bulb.

Can you attach it to a car’s cigarette lighter charger?

Yes definitely, in fact, it is compatible with both AC and DC power sources; the DC cord however is not included so you will have to purchase it on your own.

Does it provide for easy transport? What are its dimensions?

It is handy. It comes with a handle that you can just grab it and go. It’s about 10.3 lbs when not loaded with ice and/or water and has a dimension of 13 x 13 x 21 inches.

My View

On a more personal note, this budget friendly Portable Air Conditioner for Campers is a great choice with regards to the mobility and ease of use. You can easily slide it into your trucks and pull it out immediately after your tent is all set up.

With this unit, you don’t have to worry about how you can turn it on and keep it running as it can be plugged into either AC or DC power supplies. What I only wish that it has would be a built-in timer that you can use to your advantage when you sleep at night.

This unit is definitely something every budget conscious camper or road tripper can afford. It is a very good price to pay for a portable air conditioner that offers great portability wherever you plan to go.

To get this product and for exciting offers, you can click straight through to the amazon website here.

Lifesmart EZcool Duo Port Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Cooler for 500 Sq Feet

This portable air conditioner for campers is a perfect choice to keep you cool on both indoor and outdoor activities.  It’s lightweight that you won’t have a hard time moving it around with ease.  You can easily have it transferred in and out of your tents and to and fro your camper trailers. It comes with a handle making it among the most portable air conditioning units for dedicated campers like you.

This portable air conditioner cools using naturally existing cooling agents – air and water.  It makes it a very smart choice for those who are keen on saving the environment against the harmful effects of chemical refrigerants. This Portable Air Conditioner for Campers has two cooling ports that give you the versatility to cool on almost every direction. It is easy to operate as you only need to fill it in with water, plug it in and choose from the three different settings that it offers.

How Cool?

Laboratory test results have shown that this particular type of evaporative cooler cools more effectively than the others in almost every climate. Though there are no exact temperatures mentioned, I am assuming that it can produce cool air about 35o lower than the temperature outside. It should be more than enough to keep you comfortable during the hottest days of the year.

How long can it keep you cool?

If you fill it with about 7-8 gallons of water, it should be enough to supply you with cool air for up to 7 hours. But of course it depends on the temperature outside; water evaporates faster at higher temperatures so don’t be surprised if you have to refuel it with water when temperature gets really hot.

How do you power it?

This Portable Air Conditioner for camping can be powered both through AC and DC power sources. However, you will have to purchase a DC power chord separately as it is not included in the kit.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes indeed, it only consumes as much as that of a 60 watt light bulb.

How portable is it? What are its dimensions?

This is probably among the most portable air conditioner you can find. It’s barely 14 lbs with a dimension of 29″ H x 13″ W x 13″ D. You can easily slide it into your trunk and carry it over anywhere you go.

What is its maximum coverage area?

This portable air conditioner for camper can cover up to 500 sq ft.

Does it have a programmable timer?

No, it doesn’t.

My View

If you love the features of Lifesmart’s EZcool single port portable air cooler but just realized it’s not enough to keep your tents cool. This dual port version will do the trick for you. It works similarly as that of the single version but cools at a larger scale than the former. This unit is priced slightly higher than the single version but still comes affordable for budget conscious campers and road travelers.

For more pressing questions and reviews on this product, you can check this item out by clicking here.

ClimateRight Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, and Dehumidifier, 5000 BTU, Off White

This Portable Air Conditioner from ClimateRight is a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It functions in 2 different ways; you can use it as an air conditioner or as a heater for the cold months. It is highly recommended for use in tents, RV’s and kiosks. It has a through wall design that it takes minimal space from your floor area, leaving you more space for other important camping gears and equipment.

For increased comfort during the hottest days of summer, you can make use of its dehumidification feature by simply toggling the buttons of its remote control. It has an electronic thermostat that gives you the option to toggle in between modes namely Heat, Cool, Fan Only, Dehumidify, Auto, and Sleep resp. It also has a 3 fan speed feature that you can adjust to your liking coupled with an auto on and off timer.

This portable air conditioner and heater will surely not disappoint you. It’s easy to install and will easily through most walls including wood, fiberglass, and metal. It will work with great efficiency as well when used in enclosed spaces such as those of your tents, teardrop trailers and RV’s.

What is its power output? Will a 900 watt generator be enough to power it?

No, the recommended generator should be around 2000W. Anything lower may cause your unit to overload soon as the compressor kicks on.

 Can you  mount it inside a tent, trailer or an RV?

This particular air conditioner and heater work best when mounted on the outside. Now if you go out for a camp and somehow conditions becomes a threat to your device. Do not worry as it is built to withstand exposure to water and heat.

Does this unit plug into a standard outlet?

If the outlet you have is the standard 110V, the answer is yes.

Where does this mount on a trailer or an RV?

This unit shouldn’t be mounted permanently else it will void the warranty. When used in camper trailers or small RV’s, have it placed on a level ground and duct it into the trailer when idle.

What room size can it cool and heat more effectively?

The BTU rating of this particular Portable Air Conditioner for Camping is 5000, therefore, its cooling capacity should be around 1200 cu. ft.

My View

I personally think that this portable air conditioner is something frequent campers and travelers should invest on. You get to save on buying two separate units for a heater and an air conditioner. Plus you got yourself an appliance that doesn’t need to be stored in your basement when seasons changes or when it’s not in use.

What I only wish this unit has is a battery pack that will let it run without a generator or at least allow you to plug in into your cars cigarette lighter. Other than that I find its features and portability well suited and highly efficient in providing comfort to outdoor leisure.

Now if you think this Portable Air Conditioner for Campers is priced way beyond your budget, you are mistaken. This highly efficient and reliable air conditioner and the heater is something any budget conscious camper will find affordable.

Get to know more about this Portable Air Conditioner by clicking straight to the amazon website here.

Portable Air Conditioners for RV’s and Camper Trailers

When you are a type of person who frequently goes out on a road trip for several days or perhaps has decided to move out of your homes and live on your campers, then you should make room for a portable air conditioner.

Why? It’s because there are times where your trailer or RV’s Air Conditioning Systems will not be enough to cool you down on the hottest days of summertime. Keeping a supplemental air cooling appliance ensures you get access to cool air when the going gets tough.

Here are some Portable Air Conditioning Units that are best used inside your trailers and RV’s.

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner for Camping Tent & RV Camper

This is an evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler built to cool small enclosed spaces using ice and water. It is a perfect example of how a Portable Air Conditioner for Campers should be like due to the mobility and comfort that it provides.

Although this is more of an evaporative cooler than a portable AC, its handy and efficient, perfect for dedicated campers and travelers like you. It comes with a 12 V AC and DC lighter outlets with cords giving you the versatility of using them either plugged into a wall or connected via the cigarette lighter of your vehicles.

It is safe and natural too as it uses plain water and ice instead of coolants and chemicals like those of other portable air conditioner camping units.

How Cool?

This portable air conditioner works effectively in smaller spaces. Since it cools using water and ice you can’t expect it to bring down the temperature of your surroundings as much as that of an air conditioning unit.  However, it’s more than enough to keep you comfy on the hottest days of summer.

Does it come with an exhaust or a vent?

No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t have an exhaust, but you need to drain its water via its 6 feet draining tubes.

What are its dimensions?

This Portable Air Conditioner for Camping is 17.3″ wide, 20″ long and 24″H and weighs about 35lbs.

How long can you make use of it while attached to a 12v vehicle receptacle?

You can use it for as long 8 hours as it only pulls about 1.6 amps. You can opt to purchase a rechargeable battery pack that you can easily slip into its back. Another option will be to purchase a set of battery clips and hook it up with any 12 volt battery.

Can you use dry ice?

No, it will be too dangerous if you use dry ice especially when you are at enclosed spaces. Dry ice turns into carbon dioxide without producing any odor. You’ll be poisoned to death without you knowing it.

Can you use brick ice?

Yes, you can, in fact, brick ice works way better than plain water or ice cubes. Brick ice doesn’t melt too easily thus cools your vehicles and tents longer.

Is it noisy?

Not too bad, it does make a sound when the water pump kicks in, but it’s not the type that you will find too bothersome.

How much water and/or ice can it hold?

This product built for Portable Air Conditioner Camping can hold about 18 liters of water or 4 gallons of it and about 40lbs of ice.

My View

This is a great Portable Air Conditioner made available at a budget conscious price. Its portability offers great mobility and easy maneuverability making it among the best companions to have whenever you go out for a road trip or a camp out.

It has built-in casters and handles that lets you transfer it from one place to another. You can use it in your trucks or cars as you travel and move it to your tents soon as its all setup. Nothing can be more convenient than having a Portable Air Conditioner such as this model that lets you use it in almost every outdoor setting.

Discover the wonders of this product by reading what other people say about it by clicking here.

Icy Breeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler, Electric Green

This portable air conditioner is a great unit for campers who have always loved spending a night at a back country, on a boat or basically anywhere they please to go. With this unit, you get to enjoy the perks of having the cool breeze in a variety of ways. You can have it charged or have it plugged into your car’s power supply. You can even opt to purchase a rechargeable battery so you’re all set to cool you and your tents away from the summer heat.

What you will find amazing with this product is that it is able to cool you and your drinks all at the same time.  Its tub at the bottom utilizes water as a cooling agent. In fact you can use it to keep your precious beverages cold why you engage in an outdoor activity. Just simply fill it in with ice and a little water and it’s good to go. With this unit, you no longer have to invest in a separate portable cooler for your drinks.

How Cool?

This portable air conditioner for campers can dispense cool air at about 35o lower than the outside temperature. It has three fan speeds to choose from and has a maximum speed of 25mph.

How long does its battery last?

Its batteries can last for up to 6 hours enough to let you sleep comfortably through warmer nights.

Does it come with a wall charger as well?

Yes, it does, apart from a car charger it has a couple of nice charger supplies that you can use at almost any setting.

Can it use dry ice?

I believe it doesn’t, and if I were I won’t even think of using dry ice to cool your surroundings as it can pose serious health hazards. You see dry ice transforms into carbon dioxide without a trace.

Can you charge the batteries into a 110 wall plug when the batteries are dead?

Yes, you can have it plugged into a 110 wall plug and keep it running as it keeps on charging. You can also plug it into your cars’ 12 V cigarette charger to keep it running, but it may not be enough to charge the batteries.

My View

What makes me like this portable air cooler so much is the flexibility that it offers with regards to its use and on the manner that it is powered. I love the idea of having a cooler that lets you stay cool on those warm days and nights while your favorite beverages sit right inside the same unit.

To own a camping equipment that functions in two different ways- a beverage cooler and an air conditioner like this product lets you travel in a lighter fashion. With no extra baggage to carry you get to have enough energy and time to do more important things than moving around and transferring several chunks of portables to and fro your trucks.

This budget conscious portable air conditioner certainly comes handy as it can be powered by both AC and DC power supplies. You can just plug into your cars’ cigarette lighter or into a 110 V wall-plug.

To know more about this product, visit amazon.com by clicking here.

Ice’nplug 12V Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner is ideal for use to basically almost every setting you can think of. You can use this to cool your rooms, your computer servers, office, even your trucks, tent, and cabins. Its large wheels and retractable handles make it easier for you to move them around while giving you the freedom to place it  anywhere you, please.

It would make a very good companion should you decide to go camping with a portable air conditioner for campers at hand. Like other portable air conditioners, this particular model uses ice and water to keep your surroundings cool. You need not spend on coolants such as a Freon to keep this piece of appliance running cool. It is among the most environmentally friendly air conditioners you can find.

It’s quiet and is relatively energy efficient as it only consumes about 800 mA, which is less than an Amp.

How Cool?

The Ice’nplug Portable Air Conditioner for campers can change as much as 35oF between the entry and exit of air. It’s ice capacity of about 20 lbs is good enough to cool your surroundings for about 3-4 hours, depending on the outside temperature.

Is it easy to use?

Definitely, all you have to do is to put in some ice in its bucket, plug it in and voila you got yourself some cool air.

Is it quiet?

At 48dB, it is safe to say that it is fairly quiet.

Is it rechargeable? How do you plug it in?

Yes for so long as you purchase a 12V 10Ah NIMH battery pack and connect it to the Portable Air Conditioner yourself. You can even plug it to a standard 110 V outlet in your house or connect it to your car with its 6 ft long cable with cigarette lighter plug for outdoor use.

How does it work?

The Ice’nPlug 12 volt Portable Air Conditioner generates cool air by forcing ambient air through a high-speed fan (138 cubic feet per minute) into the ice filled cooler. Cool air is then blown out of its 4″ flexible ventilation duct providing you with a comfortable temperature in those hot midsummer’s’ day.

Will it deplete your car’s battery when plugged in through the cigarette charger for several hours?

This portable air conditioner for campers consumes low energy about 2.6 Amp. per hour, so it should not deplete your car’s battery even when plugged into it for hours. Regular car batteries are around 300 Amp. That translates to about 115 hours of continuous use. To be sure, it would do you no harm if you try to start your cars every once in a while.

Will it function properly when there are only low amounts of ice used?

Yes, it will, however, it will reduce the duration of which your air conditioner provides you with cool air.

Does it add humidity to the air? Does it have a thermostat?

No, this isn’t like evaporative coolers that help add moisture to the air, it just cools. It doesn’t have a thermostat and thus only have a single temperature setting.

My View

If you have been camping, I know you know how difficult it is to be caught up in the heat of summer days. You can barely sleep comfortably nor spend a single hour without a sweat. Some people usually ignore this thinking that that’s the price to pay when going to a camp. The reality is you really don’t have to do that much sacrifice just to experience the joys the summertime may bring.

Know how you can make use of this budget conscious Portable Air Conditioner for Campers by clicking here.

Best Common Household Portable Air Conditioners for Camping

These are portable air conditioning units that are most commonly used to cool rooms inside your households. Just in case you do not know, they too are also suitable for use when going for a camp-out or a road trip. They are lightweight and portable, that you can carry it anywhere you please.  

However, unlike the other products mentioned in this post, most of these portable air conditioners require more power than those you can plug into your car’s cigarette charger or those that come with battery packs. You may need to bring along with you portable generators and inverters that you can use to power these devices.

Here are some of the most popular Portable Air Conditioners with lower BTU ratings just enough to keep your tents and/or campers cozy even on the hottest days of summer.

Koldfront PAC801W Ultracool 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, White

This ultra-compact portable air conditioner by Koldfront is among the latest designs of their award-winning line of Portable Air Conditioners. It’s sleek and small built make it easier to fit into even into the smallest spaces of your homes and trailers.

In spite of its small size, it is able to deliver a frigid blast of cold air enough to keep you cool and refreshed during the warmest days of the year. You will be astounded of the magnanimity of its features regardless of its rather small built.

It features a self-evaporative system that automatically drains its exhaust out of its system. You need not worry about emptying the water within the unit every now and then. Moreover, it features a direct drain option that will let you run the unit for about 365 days without having to empty the water that has probably accumulated.

How Cool?

This portable air conditioner for camping has a digital thermostat that you can adjust from anywhere between 62-88oF. It also features a three speed fan with directional air discharge louvers.

How big is its coverage area?

At 8000 BTU it can efficiently cool a room that is around 250 sq ft.

Is it quiet?

Fairly it is, but you have to remember that it has a fan and you know too well the kind of sound it produces. If you are to ask me well, it’s just a white noise, and it’s not at all that bothersome.

How long does it usually take to cool a room?

It really depends on the existing room temperature the moment you switched on. But it’s safe to say that in 10 minutes or less you are more likely to feel its prowess.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes it is as it meets the international RoHS standard that requires manufacturers to refrain from using harmful and toxic chemicals on their products such as those of mercury and lead.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes, without a doubt. It has a 24 hour self-timer that you can use to cut costs by turning it on only when needed. You can program when it turns and off. The 24 hour timer allows you to program its cycle and forget about it.

Is it easy to install?

Definitely, it comes with all the necessary materials that you need to install it. Venting it out only involves three simple processes that you won’t have to seek the help of technician or professional. You can have it installed all by yourself in a breeze.

My View

This is by far one of my personal favorites when it comes to the comfort and the ease of use that this portable air conditioner offers. Having made by one of the most trusted manufacturers of innovative cooling technology, you surely will have a good return on investment should you decide to make a purchase of this unit.

It is surprising to see such a well designed and well built portable air conditioner for camping made available to the budget conscious consumers at a very affordable price.

For more current pricing and product availability, please visit amazon.com by clicking here.

EdgeStar Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

When I first saw this portable air conditioner, I was honestly very impressed with its design and features. It has a sophisticated yet simplistic design that I personally think would fit in really well to any setting be it indoors or outdoors. But having realized that there is more that meets the eye, I took a chance on looking at this particular product on a different perspective. And that is to see how well it can deliver its purpose and if it works as good as how it looks.

Seeing a lot of good reviews on this product, I find it safe to say that this particular portable air cooler is such a bad ass.  It is definitely something any individual looking for a Portable Air Conditioning unit should consider, not because its looks beautiful but it offers you convenience and protection against the discomforts of the summer heat.

This Portable AC comes with a digital display and an intuitive control panel that lets you operate this unit with ease.  It even comes with a remote control and a programmable 24 hour timer that lets you automatically turn it on and shut it off. It has 4 operational modes to choose from, each of which is able to deliver comfort in any temperature conditions.

What I find really interesting on this product is that it is able to preserve your previous settings after a power outage. Not too many portable air conditioners available in the market today features an automatic restart function.

How big is its coverage area?

Most Portable Air Conditioners with BTU ratings of 8000 can cool a room with an area of 250 sq ft. They are more effective when used in that room size, therefore, anything bigger warrants the use of a Portable AC with higher BTU ratings.

Do you need to frequently drain water from this unit?

No, it features a self-evaporative system that significantly reduces the need to drain water out of the system.

Can it dehumidify the air when there is too much moisture?

Yes it can. It has a 50 pints per day capacity enough to remove excess humidity present in your area.

Can you use it to cool a tent?

I see no reason why you can’t; the only issue you need to work on is if your tents’ canvas can hold its exhaust tube. If it can’t then perhaps you can just lay it down and channel it all the way out of your tent.

Can you use it for a pop-up camper?

Certainly, you can just vent it out at one of your window screens and zip it around up.

Is it quiet?

No, it isn’t, it does make some noise but not the kind that you won’t be able to sleep through it. It really depends on your tolerance to what you consider as noise.

Does it come with a remote?

Yes, it does. You can, in fact, control it from afar; just make sure you’re within range.

Is it energy efficiency? How much energy does it consume?

This portable air conditioner is energy efficiency. It has a 24 hour programmable timer that lets you cut down your electricity consumption. Just set the timer on the exact hour you want it to automatically shut off.

My View

This is a great portable air conditioner unit at a very budget conscious price. What I love about this product is that it works as good as how it looks. There is no doubt that EdgeStar is among the most competitive brands of appliances in the modern day era.

If you are looking for functionality and aesthetic in a portable air conditioner for camping needs, then you just came across one of the most reputable products to have. It should be enough to cool your rooms or have them accompany you on your wildest outdoor adventures while staying cool and comfy against the summer heat.

Gain access to the most amazing offers on this product by clicking here.

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control – White

This portable air conditioner is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. You can bring it along with you as you go out for a camp at a wilderness or as a supplemental cooling system to your RV’s existing air conditioning system.

It comes with a flexible exhaust hose that you can use to vent out the heat and warm air out of your rooms. You should have no problem installing it near your windows as it comes with an easy to install venting kit.

Maintenance wise, its auto evaporation system spares you from the hassle of constantly draining and cleaning up of water spills.  It dehumidifies about 70 pints of water enough to keep your room cool for about 24 hours.

At 10,000 BTU it can efficiently cool any room with an area of 350 sq ft. With its LCD display and remote control, you won’t have any difficulty using this device.

How Cool?

This 3 in 1 portable air conditioning unit can cool your rooms down from anywhere between 69-81oF. Its 3 in 1 feature lets you make use of its fan and humidifier aside from its air cooling ability.

Is It Quiet?

The product specification indicates that this portable Ac unit is around 55db. However, it may not be as quiet as what you would hope it to be. But if you are to compare with a fixed air conditioning unit then this Honeywell portable AC is much less noisier than the other.

How long does it take to cool down a bedroom?

The length of time it needs to cool your room to depend on the size of the room and how hot it is inside prior to use.  But it typically cools a 20×20 room for about 15 minutes.

How long is the window kit?

You can adjust the window kit from anywhere between 19.9 to 47.25 inches.

Does it produce water condensates?

Yes, it does especially when used in areas where there are high humidity levels. When water has accumulated inside its tank, a warning light lights up. It signals that you have to drain the water either manually or continuously to keep it running.

Does the unit automatically restarts and preserves the previous settings after a power outage or when accidentally turned off?

If you immediately turn it on then it will run on its previous settings. However if it took longer, then you may need to set it up again.

 My View

This portable air conditioner is a great unit for those budget conscious campers and road trippers who frequent the streets and wilderness. Its 3 in 1 feature is more than enough to keep campers comfortable even at the most humid regions of the country.

It’s easy to install, use and maintain making it among the most user-friendly portable air conditioning units in the market today. It comes with programmable timers that you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off as you drift away to dreamland at night.

To know more about this product and for exciting offers, you can visit amazon.com by clicking here.


Final Word

It is not every day that you get the opportunity to go out have fun and relax under the heat of the midsummer’s sun. To make the best out of this rare occasions, you need to keep yourselves as comfortable and as convenient as possible amidst the heat summertime may bring.

There can be no better way to enjoy camping or road tripping than bringing the comfort of your homes into the outdoors. Take advantage of the technological advances we have today and choose a particular device that best caters to your camping needs. There are quite a handful of devices to choose from so there’s no excuse not getting one for your own comfort.

You see outdoor activities doesn’t only have to be fun, it should also deliver some sort of relaxation on your part.  Remember to choose the proper equipment or device that will let you take full control of your intended vacation. Remember that you are ought to have fun and should not tire yourself out looking for ways to enjoy it. Get something that best suits your outdoor exploration activities so you can fully enjoy the perks of being out in the open.

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