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portable ac for car

One of the worst things that could happen to you whenever you are driving for work or to some place else; is to find out that your car’s air conditioner has suddenly run warmer or worse, broken down. If you haven’t been on that kind of situation yet, then perhaps you can already imagine how horrible and uncomfortable it would seem, to be caught in such an annoying situation.

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To be honest, there is a very good chance that you will be able to experience such an annoying occurrence once or several times in your lifetime. More especially in this time that climate change has been causing a significant increase on the Earth’s ambient temperature. The planet has suddenly gone warmer by several degrees that it takes away all the comfort that we used to have in the past. One proof of such event is the heightened occurrence of heat waves all across the world.

Before we get into the details of how a Portable Air Conditioner for Car will assist you in your need to stay cool during warm days, let us find out the basics of car air conditioners.


The Need to Stay Cool When Travelling on the Road

Getting an air conditioner for your cars isn’t just about dealing with the discomforts of the scorching heat of the sun. Instead, it’s more of protecting yourselves from the health hazards it will bring about. Keeping your car’s temperature favorable at all times lets you drive with ease and comfort, shielding you away from the possibilities of getting into an accident.

I know that you know how it feels like to be battling out the stifling heat of summer days. Without an efficient cooling system; you get sweaty, irritated and ill tempered.  Stressful situations affect how you respond to certain conditions. Your state of mind has a direct effect on the manner you drive and the way you react to external influences. That being said, it is of utmost importance that you remain calm, level headed and focused as you drive.  There can be no better way to drive safely than to keep your car’s temperature cold enough to keep you and your head cool.

But what if your cars’ AC suddenly breaks down? What will you do?

Read on to find out how a Portable Air Conditioner for Car will come handy when you get those unexpected car air conditioner problems.


All About Car Air Conditioners

Before I move into the discussion as to why you need to keep a portable air conditioner for car handy, let me continue our brief discussion on the basics of car air conditioning systems.

Car air conditioning systems these days are something most motorists and even commuters cannot travel without. Not only that your car’s AC gives you the comfort of travelling to places but it also shields you from the dangers of being exposed to extreme hot temperatures.

The benefits of having an air cooling system built into your modes of transportation are endless.  In this time where our climate has jumped several degrees higher, air conditioners have evolved to become a necessity rather than a luxury.

In the old days, car air-conditioning systems were just an option that you can choose to be installed to your cars or not. Many years later, the demand for such has increased and more tests and experiments have been conducted.  With diligent studies and innovation, today’s generation of car AC’s were born.

Your Car’s AC is a product of years and years of innovation. And we are just so lucky that these cooling systems were born, if not for HVAC then we will certainly find  it difficult to get by the heat of travelling on the longest roads.


How Do Typical Car Air Conditioners Work?

Your car’s air conditioning system works similarly the way your room air conditioner works. They condition the air surrounding you by cooling it down and removing excess moisture content or humidity.

You are probably under the impression that your car’s AC supplies the cold air. No, it simply takes away the excess heat and moisture such that what’s left is the cold air circulating inside your room.  A refrigerant- Freon, is kept inside a sealed system while being pressurized by a compressor. During the process the gas gets hot and absorbs the heat that surrounds it.

It then circulates through a series of tubes that dissipates the heat. The gas gets really cold during the process and is then converted into its liquid state. It is during this instance that you get to feel the cold air blown into your face.


Is Your Car Air Conditioner Enough?

Air conditioners are undoubtedly the most effective means to stay cool during the warm days. They may be power hungry devices but you cannot question the comfort you will derive from them. But like other machines that were built to cater to human needs, they too have limitations. They are prone to wear and tear and you are likely to find them wanting, especially during warmer days.

When the heat of the sun brings the ambient temperature several degrees higher than the usual, your car’s air conditioner will not be enough to keep you comfortable. It is during these times where you will be tempted to bring your windows down to let some air in. However, doing so would only aggravate the discomfort.

This is where a Portable Air Conditioner for Car becomes handy. It makes you one step ahead of any situation where you will find you Car’s air conditioning system wanting to deliver comfort.


What is a Portable Car Air Conditioner?

Portable Air Conditioner for Cars are air cooling devices that enables you to bring the comfort of you homes into your everyday travelling needs. They feature added portability and ease of use as they are equipped with superior ergonomics to deliver maximum comfort and convenience.

Unlike portable air conditioners that are used inside your households, portable car AC has the added benefit of being plugged into your car’s cigarette charger or into a separate rechargeable battery pack. They make an excellent supplemental cooling device to your car’s built in air conditioner or as an alternative air cooling machine should your car ac breaks down.

Instead of having a refrigerant as that of an AC’s Freon, portable car air conditioner frequently uses ice or water or both as its coolant. As such they provide you with a more natural yet efficient way to cool down during the warm days.


How Does a Portable Air Conditioner For Car Work?

Portable Car Air conditioners works similarly the way swamp coolers does their trick. To start with it uses water as a coolant. You can either use water in its solid or liquid form, or both for a more efficient cooling.

A portable car air conditioner is usually attached to a power source through its 12V adapter. You can either plug it into car’s cigarette charger or have it connected to a battery for power. There are models that come with rechargeable battery packs although you may need to purchase their connection chords and batteries separately.

Portable Car AC’s  makes use of water and/or ice to cool the air that surrounds you. Ambient air is pushed thru a radiator and is cooled by a coolant,-water and/or ice. The iced cooled water is then circulated throughout the system continuously giving you an adequate supply of cool air.


When Do Portable Air Conditioners Come Handy?

There are several ways or occasions where you can use a portable car air conditioner to your advantage. They really make an efficient alternative cooling device to almost every situation that you can think of. It makes you one step ahead of dealing with the scorching heat of summer days especially at instances where you may find your car AC’s short or impossible to use.

Here are some of the best uses of Portable Air Conditioner For Cars

For Supplemental Cooling On the Hottest Days

There are instances where you are likely to find out that your car’s air conditioner is insufficient to keep your car’s temperature down for comfort. They may not necessarily be broken but the heat inside your car just seems to be too much for your car’s AC. In this case, you can use a portable air conditioner for cars to assist your car’s built in AC in keeping the temperature down for comfort.

It easily plugs into your car cigarette charger anyway so there are no other complicated assemblies or circuitry that needs to be done. All you need to do is to plug it and let it do its wonders.

Great Alternative to Broken Car Air Conditioner

I know you too have been hearing your mom or your dad telling you to be always prepared of the things that is yet to come. My Dad for that matter has always reminded me to act like a boy scout who’s always on top of every situation. The root of the matter is to be one step ahead of a looming crisis or issue. Such that when it arrives, you will be able to get through all the discomforts in a breeze.

You can apply the same principle whenever you go out for a drive during the hottest periods of the year. Remember that your cars built in AC aren’t built to function endlessly and they are subjected to wear and tear.  They are likely to break down at any point of time, catching you by surprise. The probability of such event increases during summertime as your car’s ac overworks to keep your car’s temperature down for comfort.

It is during the season that I suggest you get a portable car air conditioner as your travel buddy. Doing so ensures you get an alternative cooling device should your cars built in AC ceased working. You will find a portable car AC highly efficient enough to keep you cool at least for the time being that your cars built in AC isn’t working.

Perfect Travel Companion for Outdoor Adventures and/or Road Tripping

A portable air conditioner for cars doesn’t only function as a cooling device to keep your car’s temperature down. They also work as a great cooling unit for your outdoor adventures especially if you are a type of person who loves to explore the great outdoors.

Portable air conditioners bring the comfort of your homes to your outdoor endeavors. Consequently, they protect you from the health hazards of exposures to extreme heat conditions. Its portability and flexibility of use offers the comfort of travelling down the longest and driest roads as you explore the vastness of the world.


What Are the Pros and Cons?

Like any other appliance, a portable ac for car also has both advantages and disadvantages. Not a single appliance in this world in fact, works perfectly without any flaw. Before you get into buying a portable car air conditioner have a good look at some of its potential benefits and drawbacks. There is a good pay off between increased awareness on a particular appliance and its ease of use. Keeping yourself fully aware of its pros and cons puts you in a better position in getting the best devices.


Now that you know exactly how a portable air conditioner for car works, its time that you dig into the advantages of using such device. Discover how you can make use of it by knowing its best aspects and features. I am sure you will find portable car ac’s noteworthy of giving you your much deserved comfort for the warm days.

Here’s what a Portable Air Conditioner for Car can offer you;

More Affordable to Use

Unlike other air conditioning systems, a portable air conditioner for car comes at a very low price. It is perfect for use among who do not have the luxury of buying a portable air conditioner or a fixed type air conditioner to keep them cool. Having been built with simplistic features and mechanism they are most appropriate for use to the cooling needs of budget conscious individuals.

Eco Friendly

As you know a portable car air conditioner uses plain water and/or ice as a coolant. It doesn’t make use of a chemical refrigerant as that of those used in other air conditioning systems. Since they cool your spaces the natural way, it spares you from the troubles of being exposed to certain compounds. As you know, there are some refrigerants that are comprised of dangerous chemicals. They pose hazard not only to your health but also to our dear planet Earth.      

Gives Mobility to Your Cooling Needs

One of the best things about portable air conditioners is that they offer mobility and easy maneuverability. You can easily move them to places without having to do complicated assemblies and connections. In fact, you can just easily plug it to any 12V power supply and you are good to go. Some models even has a rechargeable battery pack that offers the convenience of switching the unit on and off without having to plug it into a battery source.     


Now that it is known to you the advantages of using such device, its time to look into its potential drawbacks. Increasing your awareness on what aspects this appliance is falling short will help you decide whether you need it in your life or not.

Here are some pitfalls of using a portable air conditioner for car.

Does Not Cool as Efficiently as Your Car Air Conditioning System

Unlike your car’s built in air conditioning systems, portables doesn’t offer the same cooling prowess as that of the former. Obviously with its simplistic mechanisms and features you can expect that the convenience you will derive from it is at a much smaller scale. It will make a good spot cooling device but will likely for short when used in large areas.

Requires an Ample Supply of Ice and Water to Work

A Portable air conditioner for car uses water and/or ice to keep you cool. Hence, it requires loading of coolant and draining of it’s by products. You will find these devices less convenient to use due to the laborious maintenance work. Also you have watch out for water drippings on your car’s floor and clean them immediately. You would not want foul odors and mildew get into your cars.

Cools for a Limited Period of Time

Unlike other portable air conditioners that can run for hours and hours, a portable air conditioner for car can cool for only a limited period of time. Portable Car Ac needs water and ice to cool and so when they run out you will have to refill it to keep it running. One load of ice can cool for only about 3 to 5 hours. It stills depends on the outside temperature and to the kind of unit you are using.

The length of time that it supplies with cool air highly depends on the coolant loaded into it. The more ice you have the cooler and the longer they work.

Takes Space from Your Car’s Interior

Using a Portable Air Conditioner for Car would mean providing a space for it to sit. Although not a very big thing to be concerned about, it usually becomes an issue when you got a lot of other things to throw inside your cars. Even worse, when there are other people who’s bound to sit to the space it your portable car ice will take up. But yet again, this is no biggie and should be much of an issue.


Top 3 Portable Air Conditioner For Cars

There are certainly a number of portable air conditioners in the market today. However only a fraction of it has the advantage of being incorporated into your cars. The most appropriate choice for your trucks and other automobile are portable air conditioner for campers. I have in fact, already made a review on these products, and you can view them here.

All of these devices connects to your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle. Some models come with rechargeable battery packs. It offers maximum convenience and ultimate portability wherever you go. Let us have a look at some of the best Portable Air Conditioners that you can use for your cars.

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner for Camping Tent & RV Camper

Top on our list is the Go Cool Portable Air Conditioner. It brings you all the benefits of having a portable air conditioner whenever you are on the go. It works similarly to the ways an evaporative cooler does its tricks by making use of water and ice as a coolant. This portable air conditioner is more ideal for use in small enclosed spaces such as your car. It will undoubtedly deliver to your expectations really well. With this device,  you get an excellent alternative cooling device to your car’s built in AC..

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Icy Breeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler, Electric Green

This particular portable air conditioner will make a very good companion whenever you travel down the road for a camp or a road trip. It will help you cool down your car’s temperature to your comfort as you keep your drinks chilled to perfection inside its tub. With this unit, you have an air cooler and a beverage cooler all in one unit. It is lightweight and compact and weights just about 14 pounds. Thus provides for ease od transport to and fro your car or campers.

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Ice’nplug 12V Portable Air Conditioner

This self contained portable air conditioner for car doesn’t require any assembly or complicated connections. It is a plug and play appliance. All it takes is a power source to plug into and its good to go. However, unlike other portable air conditioners that uses refrigerants to cool the air, this unit solely relies on water and ice to blow cold air. At barely 20 lbs when not loaded, you can easily drag it from places to places without the added stress on your shoulders.

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Final Word

Whenever you are on the road, it is of great importance that you are in your best state of mind. Safe travels requires comfortable and favorable circumstance. And as such you should not let weather conditions impede your driving skills.

Warm days can leave you feeling uncomfortable and distracted. It can in fact affect the way you drive and how you respond to stimuli. Your car’s air conditioner is by far the best way to keep your car’s interior cool.  However, you have to realize that they don’t work at their 100% at all times.

Therefore, it will do you more good if you equip your car’s with an alternative cooling device. Always keep a portable air conditioner for car handy. It gives you the opportunity to remain as comfortable as you can be while travelling along on a warm summer day.



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