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Portable Air Conditioners

Are you contemplating on buying an air cooling appliance to help you chill out from the hot periods of summer days? Have you been looking at Portable Air Conditioners for quite some time but just couldn’t decide? Ease your mind as i help you come up with a a smart choice by learning how to read through Portable Air Conditioner Reviews. Let me walk you through the best portable air conditioners you can find, so you can fully enjoy the warm  days of summertime.

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One of the many reasons why you should be thankful for the internet is that it brought comfort to your home improvement and shopping needs. Not only that it allows you to  shop for your gadgets conveniently from your homes,  but it also gives you easy access to the most important information you can use as a guide before you make your purchase.

The digital age has indeed provided you with the necessary tools to make your research easy and reliable. Now, you get to enjoy the perks of shopping for your home devices without tiring your feet or trying to fit in shopping to your busy schedule.

You will surely find it difficult to choose from an array of devices. More especially when each piece equally promises to deliver to your expectations. To make an  informed decision and a smart choice, you have to keep yourself fully aware about your product of interest.

So, how do you find out which among the wide array of products best fits your needs and lifestyle? How do you make an informed choice? Find the answer by reading through this Portable Air Conditioner Reviews.

The Dilemma of Shopping For Portable Air Conditioner Online

As summer approaches, people are searching for ways to chill from the summer heat. Among the most sought after appliance are Air Conditioning Systems that help you get through the warm days of summer.

Although, fixed and duct type air conditioning systems are the popular choices, most people are not keen on buying them. Why? its because these appliances are power hungry devices that brings your electricity bills up to your ceilings. Although they are efficient, they are not a cost effective solution to your air cooling needs.

Portable Air Conditioners make a good alternative to fixed and duct type AC’s. They are energy efficient and can help bring  your monthly electricity consumption down to a minimum. You can shop for a particular brand and model online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Pretty convenient, right?

However, in reality shopping for Portable AC’s online isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. It can be quite confusing, especially when you are not fully aware of its features and functions. It is understandable that you may sometimes feel doubtful of buying a portable AC online for the reason that you don’t get an actual view and feel of your product. You can only trust on the photos, the manuals and product guides provided on the websites.  Yes, it can be risky but with in-depth research and critical thinking, you will be able to come up with a sound choice.

One of the best ways to do this is to take time reading portable air conditioner reviews. It will help you get into the nitty-gritty of the product you are interested with and eventually come up with the best unit in hand.


How Important Are Portable Air Conditioner Reviews?

Reading reviews on Portable Air Conditioners not only gives you the information you need before buying a particular brand or model. It also allows you to look into the product in-depth by reading through what other people think and say about it.

Surely a manufacturer’s manual may provide you with the necessary information with regards to product detail, operating procedures and troubleshooting issues. However, manufactures don’t really tell everything you need to know. Most especially when it has a great impact on how their products will fare in the market. This is why you have to take some time looking for ways to know more about your appliance. One way is to have a look at some portable air conditioner reviews that you can read in this review.

By reading different reviews of portable air conditioners, you get to discover on what aspects each unit becomes ideal for use or on what terms they may be falling short. Do not allow sales strategies to cloud your decisions.  Never fall for a decision that you will likely regret in the end. People who have limited knowledge on the products are more easily persuaded by other people’s opinion. That’s why you have to get to know your product well before you even start shopping.


What to look for in Portable AC Reviews?

There are quite a bunch of reviews for you to read online, however only a few of them will give you all the necessary information you need.  Some may even be from unreliable sources, and as such, it is always best that you carefully screen out which reviews are worth your trust.

A good portable air conditioner review needs to include the pros and cons of the unit as well as the answers to the most pressing questions. That is the only way that you will get to know your appliances best even without having to see and feel it.

To assist you in searching for the best portable air conditioner, here are some of the characteristics that you should look for on reviews of portable air conditioners.


A portable room air conditioner review has to be honest. It should be something that will provide you with accurate and truthful information regarding the product and its features. The review should cover not only the benefits of having a particular model but must also include the disadvantages and flaws of using such.

All details must be accounted for and presented in a manner that products are described and defined as they are. No additions and no omissions.


With tons of reviews on portable air conditioners online, only a fraction really holds reliable information. In case you do not know, the internet is filled with unverified and inaccurate information. Therefore, you should not believe everything you read about on the internet.

When searching for reviews to rely on choose a website or a person who has firsthand knowledge and experience on the product. Find a reputable website that features truthful portable room air conditioner reviews to make sure that the information you will use as a guide in making your purchase is something that tells you exactly everything you need to know.


The internet has been a very good place for advertisements and marketing strategies. One of the best ways to promote a particular brand is to come up with a website that features a review on a specific brand.  I am not saying that the information you will find on these sites are biased, however they are most likely marketing and advertising strategies.

The best portable air conditioner reviews are those that feature a spectrum of brands and are not limited to a particular brand for that matter. It should offer you multiple options with products from different brands and models. The reviews also need to be present the views fair and square.


Where to find the Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Modesty aside, the best place to look for comprehensive portable room air conditioner reviews is here at www.appliancewhiz.com. We offer helpful tips and guides so you can shop for your home appliances with ease by giving you the necessary information in making a sound decision. As you see, we give not only the fine prints of the different brands and model but also addresses some of the most pressing issues and questions that comes from first hand experiences of its users.

We understand your need to stay cool over the warm days of summer and we pledge to provide you with sound solutions and appropriate measures to make your Portable AC purchase worthwhile.


Important Things to Consider As You Go Through Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Before you take on reading product reviews on portable air conditioners, you must know each of the models’ specifics. Having a good aptitude of its basic features is a prerequisite towards a more accurate understanding and utilization of the device. It gives you the upper hand in making an informed choice so you wont up disappointed with your purchase.

To help you sort through a long list of portable air conditioner brands and model on the internet, here are the most important factors to look for:

Cooling Capability

An Air Conditioning system’s ability to bring the temperature down of your rooms is measured using its BTU rating and its airflow. In order for you find out which among an array of portable air conditioner best suits your needs, you have to look for the BTU rating and the airflow rate measured in CFM on the portable ac reviews that you are reading.

BTU Rating

A BTU rating is the unit of measurement used in the determination of an air conditioning system’s capacity to cool a certain size of room. The higher the BTU rating the larger the room it can cover.  Getting the right BTU rating for your portable Air Conditioner lets your unit cool your rooms more effectively and efficiently. You will have to decide on a unit that is neither too big nor too small for the area of the room you need to cool.

You can use the BTU Rating’s below as a reference as you sort through a long list of Portable AC Reviews online. These however are estimates and would vary depending upon the climate where they will be used.

Table 1: BTU Rating and the size of room it can cool
BTU Rating Ideal Size of Room To Cool in Square Feet
7500 150 square feet
9000 200 square feet
10000 300 square feet
12000 400 square feet
13000 450 square feet
14000 500 square feet

In addition to the size of the room you should also put into consideration the insulation of the room you intend to cool. If your room doesn’t have good insulation, you will have to move to a higher BTU portable AC to cool your space more comfortably and effectively.


The unit of airflow in air conditioning systems is measured in CFM. It measures the amount of air (in cubic feet) that passes by a stationary point in one minute. In order for you determine the most appropriate CFM rating  for your portable air conditioner, divide the BTU rating by 30 and you get the ideal CFM rating  of the portable AC appropriate for your room size.


Ventilation and Exhaust

In order for air conditioning systems to work more efficiently, it needs to have a means to vent the hot air out of the room.  Hot air is vented out the system through a hose/s that that channels the warm air out of your room to an exhaust. These hoses often come with window kits that allows for easy set up of its ventilation system such that little or no assistance from a technician is needed.


Portable Air Conditioners are usually vented out so it can bring the temperature down of your rooms more efficiently. They almost always come with venting installation kits that allows you to vent the unit through a window, ceiling, wall or a door.

Portable Air Conditioners can either come with single or dual hoses that functions mainly to direct the heat all the way out of the room that needs cooling. Larger rooms would warrant a unit that has dual exhaust so as to cool the room more efficiently and effectively.

Dual hose models works more efficiently because there is an uptake hose that helps draw in fresh air into your air conditioning system.

Vent Free

As per my research prior to writing this Portable Air Conditioner Review, I found out that vent free portable air conditioning systems doesn’t bring down the temperature of your rooms as much as those unit that comes with vents. Most air conditioners that falls under this category are swamp coolers or evaporative coolers that are more opportune for use in areas with dry climate and low humidity levels.

Water Removal

Like other type of Air Conditioning Systems Portable AC’s tend to produce water as it’s by product. The water has to be removed to ensure that your unit will work to its fullest potential for the longest time possible. There are generally 3 different ways on how you can remove water out of your Portable Air Conditioning systems.  You can use this feature to discern which Portable AC will provide you with ease of use and maintenance.

To ensure that you are making a right choice, pay attention to the water removal system indicated on the portable ac reviews you will be reading.

Self evaporative

These are models that are able to disperse the water back into the air such that no manual draining is needed. However, when it gets really humid, you may need to drain excess water from its collection bucket. Under these situations, the compressor will automatically shut off and a light indicator or an alarm will give you the signal when to empty the tank.

Condensate Pump

These are additional devices that you can incorporate to your Portable AC units to to pump excess water out of your portable air conditioner through a hose. You may need to purchase it separately unless it is bundled with the unit you intend to buy. This also requires additional installation.

Manual Draining

Portable Air Conditioners that has this water removal feature will have to be manually drained with water for every 2-6 hours depending on the humidity around your area.


Portable Air Conditioners can work in one or in many ways depending on the model. You will find coolers that work as an air conditioner and a humidifier in one single unit. You can even find models that can surprisingly function in every climate as they also come equipped with heaters. Multiple functions in portable air conditioners offers flexibility of use all throughout the different seasons of the year.

Have a look at some of the functions that you may read about as you scroll past the different reviews of portable air conditioners. These extra functions may be present on the portable air conditioners you have in mind.


A fan that is integrated with your unit and is used in conjunction with your portable air conditioner delivers additional cooling benefits. As it continually blows cool air, it seemingly brings the temperature down by several degrees lower. It boosts the efficiency of the air conditioning system giving you the comfort and the impression that the air is much cooler than it really is.


High humidity can become uncomforting at times due to the fact that it can make your room feel heavy, muggy and musty that it can dampen even the liveliest mood. It can be inviting for pests such as centipede and silverfish and can cause serious health issues.

A portable AC’s dehumidifier function removes excess moisture in the air particularly in areas with high humidity levels. This additional function will be of great use to people living in coastal regions that are at high risk of losing their homes integrity with high humidity.


In contrast to a dehumidifier, a humidifier functions by adding moisture to the atmosphere. It is opportune for use in the most arid regions of the country where the humidity is low and the climate is very dry. Portable AC’s that equipped with humidifier functions not only gives you the comfort of getting an air conditioning system that helps bring your room temperature down but also lets you and your skin breath with ease amidst the stifling heat of summer.

The best examples of a Portable Air Conditioners that functions as a humidifier are evaporative coolers or swamp coolers.


Portable Air Conditioner with a heater function is a great option for people having winter climates. There is no longer a need to store your portable air conditioning units at your basement since you have the opportunity to use it to remain warm and cozy during the coldest season of the year. As per some of the Portable Room Air Conditioner Reviews that I have read, units that come with heater functions are priced slightly higher than those without. Considering the versatility it offers with regards to its multi functional features, it is a cost effective means to stay comfy  all throughout the different seasons.


Special Features

Apart from the most important features presented above. You must also have a watchful eye on some extra elements that can deliver added comfort to your air cooling needs. Such attributes primarily dictates how you can make use of the unit in the most convenient way. Among the most exciting features to look for in Portable AC’s are the following:

Remote Control

A remote control gives you ease of operation by allowing you to gain control of an appliance even from a distance. With a remote, you can easily adjust the settings of your portable air conditioner to your liking without having to stand up to reach for your cooler.


Based on my extensive research, not all Portable Air Conditioning systems are equipped with a built in timer. A timer is undeniably among the most important additional features you would want to have in an AC.  It spares you from the hassles of having to wake up in the wee hours of the night to turn your unit off. You program your portable air conditioner when it will automatically turn on and off.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

For the adventurous and regular travelers, a built in rechargeable battery pack is a great necessity. It allows you to use your coolers even on the most remote corners of the world. More often, Portable Air Conditioner units that come with rechargeable batteries are those that are used for camping and other outdoor exploration activities. Such feature allows you to bring the comfort of your homes to the great outdoors as you engage on fun filled activities with families and friends.

To know more about how rechargeable battery packs work and what particular models of Portable AC’s come with rechargeable batteries you can on the Review of Portable Air Conditioner for Campers.


Different Applications of Portable Air Condition

As you know, there are quite a handful of portable air conditioners out in the market today. Without proper knowledge on Portable Air Conditioners, you will find it difficult to discern which among the different brands and models will efficiently cater to the demands of your lifestyle. In order for you to pick out a Portable Air Conditioner that perfectly fits your way of life, you have to be aware of its different applications.

There are certainly a number of ways on how you can make use of your Portable AC’s. Having been made portable, its use covers an extensive amount of application unlike Fixed Air Conditioning systems. In this Portable Air Conditioner Review, I will give you an idea on how to choose for a particular Portable AC model depending on the environment on which they will be utilized.

Below are some of the most common settings where portable air conditioners are often used.

Supplemental Cooling System for Air Conditioning Units

When the heat of the sun gets way past beyond your comfort, you are likely to find your air conditioner wanting. In this time where heat waves occur more often than they used to, a supplemental cooling system is something you should always keep handy.

Portable Air Conditioners make an excellent supplemental cooling system to your AC. It further lowers your room temperature to several degrees thus giving you your much needed comfort against the scorching heat of summer days.

If you live in areas where it gets really hot during summer days, then you should probably invest on a Portable Air Conditioner. It ensures you get to have a cooler to back up your fixed AC’s even on the warmest days of the year.

Cooling Systems for Campers

If you are a type of person who loves to spend a few days out in the open or perhaps spend a night in a wilderness or a forest then a Portable Air Conditioner is a necessary equipment to secure. Knowing how dangerous the heat can get, you have to make sure that you are shielded against the harmful effects of high temperatures to your health. With a portable AC you get to have the comfort of being inside the confines of your home even as you engage on your outdoor adventures.

Portable AC’s used in tent camping or in camper trailers often comes with lower BTU ratings because of the relatively smaller space. Portable AC’s used under these circumstances are often lighter and smaller than those used inside your household. You can connect these units to your car’s cigarette charger or attach it to a rechargeable battery pack.

Freestanding Home Applications

A great portion of Portable Air Conditioners you can find online are built for freestanding home applications. They come in a variety of sizes equipped with extraordinary features to bring comfort and ease to your families cooling needs.

What makes a Portable Air Conditioner a necessary appliance to every household is that it offers the mobility you can’t find in Fixed type AC’s. They are more energy efficient too that it can help bring down your monthly electricity bill without compromising the comfort you will derive from an air conditioning system.

If you want to learn more on the different types of Portable Air Conditioners that you can use for your home please have a look at the Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews you can find in this website.

Events and Outdoor Commercial Use

Portable Air Conditioner also makes a great cooling system to cover extremely large areas. Portable AC’s for outdoor and commercial use are generally bigger, bulkier and has higher BTU ratings. This type of air conditioning systems are more opportune for use when hosting large scale events. It is more than enough to cool your environment even when it gets really crowded. Portable air conditioners under this category are well suited for commercial and industrial applications where the comfort and interests of  workers must be prioritized.

Reviews on Portable Air Conditioners for Household Use

I know for a fact that your family’s safety and comfort is your number one priority. There can be no better way to show your love for the people you care about than to give them all the convenience they can have throughout their lifetime.

Now, with the advancements in technology you get to live your lives in comfort, style and convenience. There are now a multitude of home appliances that lets you do your everyday work faster and easier. However, the benefits of technology doesn’t stop on the machines you use for your everyday chores. There are those that exists to deliver maximum comfort and protection from the perils of the different forces of nature.

One good example, is a Portable Air Conditioner that lets you enjoy the summer sun  while keeping the discomforts and the dangers of summer heat at bay. Most of these units are wired with state of the art technology that gives you a perfect solution to your home cooling needs without spending too much on your energy consumption.

Here are some reviews of best portable air conditioners that you can use for you and your family’s comfort:

LG Electronics 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote LP1013WNR (New Model)

Remote controls and programmable timers are undoubtedly some of the most important features to consider. Not only that it is much easier to operate as compared to the manually operated ones, but it also delivers maximum convenience to its users. This is the very reason why consumers have found the LG LP1013WNR Portable AC highly reliable and efficient.

This unit  has a 24 hour programmable timer that lets you  schedule when it  will automatically switch on and off. It also comes with a remote, giving you full control of the unit even from a distance. This 10000 BTU Portable Ac from LG can efficiently cool a room with an estimated area of 300 sq.ft . It has a multiple fan speed options and a thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature to your liking.

It comes with an auto evaporative system that you don’t have to remove its water time and time again.  This unit is also equipped with an automatic restart function that it automatically turns on after a power failure.

Does this unit need to be vented out to a window?

Yes, most portable air conditioners need to be vented out either through a window, ceiling or a door. This unit in particular, comes with a hose that you can use to direct the hot air out of your rooms to the outside.

Is this unit noisy?

It is around 52-55 decibels kind of like the sound your laundry dryer makes.

Does it have casters?

Yes it does, you will have no problem moving it around from place to place.

How often do you need to drain its water?

It depends on the humidity levels in your area. If its humid then you may need check on the water at least once a day. But if you are living in the arid regions then you may not need to drain it at all.

Do you just simply plug it into a wall? Does it require other assembly?

This unit is a plug and play appliance. The only assembly needed will be on the installation of its venting kit.

Can it cool your camping tents and trailers? How will it work in an enclosed area?

Yes you can, it will certainly work in anywhere you want. However, it is always recommended that you vent it out somewhere so you won’t be swimming inside your space or maybe freeze you out of your room.

My View

This budget conscious portable air conditioner from LG is a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient and affordable way to cool. You will not have any problem moving it around from room to room because its compact and ultra-portable. It is easy to install and does not require the additional cost of an HVAC expert or a technician. 

What i really love about this unit is the convenience that it offers with regards to operation and maintenance. It has all the advance features needed to help you stay comfortable all throughout the warm days of summer.

To find out what other people are saying about this product, you can click straight through to amazon.com here.


Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)

This Portable AC from Whynter is one of the most popular items in most Portable Air Conditioner Reviews. With its advanced features and state of the art technology this unit is really something any homeowner should consider buying. It can function in 3 different ways, namely a fan, an air conditioner and dehumidifier. It is perfect for use among areas with high humidity levels as it is able to remove excess moisture from the air at 101 pints per day.

This unit comes with a programmable thermostat with digital display and has a temperature range of 61-89oF. It features a 24 hour programmable timer and a remote giving you upper hand in putting on schedule when it will automatically turn on and off.

What is very special with this unit is that it is able to cool your rooms efficiently in the most ecological way. It is environmentally friendly as it uses R-410A an ozone friendly refrigerant and built with RoHS compliant components.

Another exciting feature noteworthy of this unit is its Auto Drain Function that recycles its condensates to produce cool and clean air. It prevents your appliance from accumulating condensates which in the long run my cause damage to your unit.  Such feature makes this unit suitable for use even on a regular and continuous basis.

Does it automatically restart after a power outage?

Yes it does and the good is it preserves the previous settings prior to the power outage

What happens when it reaches its pre-set temperature?

The thermostat automatically shuts off when it reaches the pre-set temperature. However its fan continues to blow so that cool air continues to circulate inside your room.

What happens to the condensates that were not used up by the system?

A reservoir collects the excess water of the system. You can find it at the back near the bottom of the unit. It has a nozzle that you can unplug to collect the water. You can choose to connect it to a silicon tubing to drain.

 How noisy can this unit get?

The sound it produces is like the ones a fan makes.

What is the difference between the Arc-14 and Arc-14SH ?

The Arc 14-SH has a combined heater function.

Can you use this unit to reverse the dehumidification by putting its exhaust inside the room?

Definitely no, doing so will defeat the purpose of cooling your environment. If you need to humidify your area then you should just probably use a swamp cooler or an evaporative cooler. If you insist on using this unit for that purpose, adjusting to less cooling will help you slow down dehumidification.

How many hoses does this unit have?

The Whyter Arc-14S has double hose exhaust for improved airflow a more efficient cooling.

How much power does it consume? How much electricity does it consume in a month?

It has a maximum power consumption of 1250 W per 10.8 A and has an EER of 11.2.  Its electricity consumption would roughly be around an estimate of $30 when used during summertime for about 12 hours per day.

If the room doesn’t have a window can it vented out through a ceiling?

Yes,  you can vent it out through a ceiling or attic space. The air intake hose brings fresh air from the outside source.  You cannot use the intake hose unless you vent it through a window. You have to cap its intake hose if you are to vent it through your ceiling.

 My View

The Whynter Arc-14 is among the top portable air conditioners that I would recommend for use in almost every household. Its features are more than enough to keep you comfortable and cozy during the hottest months of the year. It is easy to use and maintain such that it eliminates the fuss of having to check out on your unit every once in a while.

It is  RoHS certified and guarantees to help you cool away the summer heat safely and efficiently. You can have this unit at a budget conscious price that would not certainly hurt your budget.

To get to know more about this great product, you can check it out at amazon.com by clicking here.


Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 12000-BTU

This 12000 Btu portable air conditioner from haier is yet again one of the most popular choices among consumers. It has a full function remote that lets you have complete control of your comfort even from a distance. It has a 24 hour programmable timer that gives you the upper hand in setting up when it will automatically turn on and shut off.

This unit can function in 3 different modes. You can use it as a fan, an air conditioner and a dehumidifier.It offers maximum comfort to your cooling needs with its different cooler and fan speeds. Moreover, it has 4 way directional air flow that helps direct the airflow to almost every direction. This portable air conditioner is equipped with an auto evaporative technology,  and has no water collecting bucket to empty.

With its brilliant ergonomics and design this particular unit delivers ease of control and portability with its easy roll out casters. It also has an easy to install venting kit that no longer warrants the expertise of an HVAC expert nor a technician.

What is the difference between its 12000 BTU and 14000 BTU units?

A higher BTU rating indicates that it is more appropriate for use in larger areas. Therefore a 14000 BTU version of this model can efficiently cool larger spaces. Check out the table above to see the appropriate BTU ratings to cool a certain area.

Is this unit loud?

Not much, its sound is almost the same as the sound your regular fan makes in its highest speed.

How long does the hose stretch?

The hoses can stretch up to 6 feet.

Does the unit automatically shut off when it reaches a preset temperature?

Yes it does, although the fan stays on.

Does it include a venting kit?

Yes it does, it has everything you need to install its ventilation.

Do you need to fill it with water?

No, only evaporative coolers uses water and/or ice as coolant. This unit runs on a refrigerant as it is an air conditioner.

Will it be able to cool your basements?

I see no reason why not, but you may need to find a way to have this unit vented out.

Does it have a thermostat?

Yes it does, and is such you have the freedom to adjust its temperature to your liking.

My View

This particular air conditioner from Haier is among the most frequently bought units in the market. I would highly recommend this to budget conscious people looking for an efficient way to cool down during hotter months.

Having been equipped with a dehumidifier feature this unit is best for use in areas with high humidity levels. It is priced reasonably too, considering the features and the comforts you will obtain from using this unit.

For more information and interesting offers on this unit, please check it out at amazon.com by clicking here.

Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, White

If you are looking for an air conditioner that is compact and portable then this unit is a perfect choice. The Koldfront PAC1401W is among Edgestar’s prime portable air conditioning units built to deliver maximum comfort and satisfaction to your air cooling needs.

This 14000 BTU portable ac can cool an area of as much as 500 sq.ft. It has a digital thermostat control that lets you adjust the temperature settings according to your preference. It can cool your room within a range of 62-88oF. This unit is ideal for use in your bedrooms, living rooms and offices. It has a dehumidifying function with a capacity of about 70 pints. It helps remove excess humidity from your area such that you enjoy its cooling ability within its maximum capacity.

The Koldfront PAC1401W is a user friendly device that features today’s finest technologies.  It promises to deliver comfort and convenience of use to its users. It has a self evaporative system that eliminates the need to manual drain its condensates. It’s safe and ecological as it uses ozone friendly refrigerant R4010A. With this unit you also get to save energy because of its energy saving programmable features.

How does its energy saving programmable feature works?

You can cut costs on your electricity using this unit by taking advantage of its 24 hour built in programmable timer. You can set its timer to automatically cycle and self regulate when it will turn off.

Does it have a dual hose?

No, this model only has a single hose and is used to vent hot air out of your room.

Can you vent it out to an enclosed room?

You can but your sunroom will get really hot and some moisture may accumulate inside it. Opening its window or door will help you remove the excess heat and moisture.

Does it have an evaporator?

Yes it does bust still you have to check on its condensate especially when used for long periods of time.

How do you remove the condensates?

You can remove the condensates by draining the water through its drain at the back of the unit.  If your area has high humidity levels, you  need to drain its water quite too often.

Does this unit automatically restart after a power outage?

Yes it does, it also preserves your settings thus when power resumes; it automatically switches on to its previous settings.

My View

This clean looking and ultra portable air conditioner is a great option to use in smaller living spaces. It’s compact and easily installs sparing you from the hassles of finding a particular spot to place it.

It offers flexibility of use for you can use it in almost every climate. What I would only wish for this unit to have is a heater function to keep you warm during the cold months. With its perfect ergonomics a design you will find a great tradeoff between its price and the comfort that you derive from it. This unit is something any budget conscious individual can afford to buy and is indeed a great alternative to the more expensive brands.

For current pricing and availability, please visit amazon.com by clicking here.

Frigidaire FFPH1222R1 12,000 BTU Portable Heat/Cool Air Conditioner with Remote Control

This portable air conditioner is among the best portable ac units that gives you the opportunity to maximize its use all year round. Unlike other portable ac units this piece is equipped with a heater function that provides for supplemental cooling during the cold months.It quickly cools and heats when needed, that you don’t have to wait too long to feel its effects. Its BTU rating of 12000 (cold) and 4000 (heat) can efficiently cool an area of about 550 sq.ft area.

One of the best things about this unit is that it comes with an intuitive control panel that lets you choose from a variety of options. You can in fact, use it as a fan, dehumidifier, heater and cooler. It also has an auto cool function that automatically changes its fan speed when temperature changes.

It is compact and portable, giving its user the advantage of moving them around with ease. This unit is also equipped with an antibacterial mesh filter that helps reduce bacteria, odor and other particles that may be circulating inside your rooms.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes it is, this unit can be set up quickly and easily as it comes with exhaust and window kits.

Does it automatically restart during a power outage?

Yes it does and it automatically resumes on its settings prior to the power outage.

Does it have a built in timer?

Yes it does, you can program this unit when you want it to automatically turn on and off.

Does it automatically switch from heating to cooling o keep a constant temperature?

No, you need to switch from heating to cooling manually.

How often do you need to replace the filters?

You can wash the filters every once i a while just as so you can reuse it. There’s a light that goes on when its to replace them.

How do you make use of its heater function?

Just choose heating function and adjust the temperature as desired through the remote control.

My View

This portable air conditioner model is a great unit to keep your homes comfortable on almost every climate. It is definitely something any budget conscious consumer should invest on because of its cost efficiency. You get to have a heater, a cooler, a fan and a dehumidifier in one single unit.

What i really love about this particular brand and model is the antibacterial filter that you cannot find in most portable air conditioners. Not only does it give you an effective way to cool down but also ensures that the air cooled and blown out of this unit remains fresh and safe to breathe.

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Final Word

Choosing a Portable Air Conditioner to help you cool away the summer heat can be a daunting experience. You will surely find it difficult to make an informed choice if you are not well aware of the important facets of its make, features and function. Yes, the internet can undoubtedly provide you with the essential information needed to come up with a sound decision.

However, you have to remember that not everything you find on the internet is accurate and true. Remember that the cyber world is populated with an enormous amount of information, some of which are flawed and undependable.  Do not believe everything you read unless it is from a reliable source.

Always remain critical of whatever you may read from the different portable air conditioner reviews that you will read. Be cautious of the sites you trust but have an open mind to accept facts even if they seem to depart from your preference.

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