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Portable Air Conditioner 2Whenever you shop for a home appliance, you probably always look forward to getting the exact piece of the puzzle. In this time where technology has given you tons and tons of options, shopping for an appliance has become a seriously daunting task. With so much choice available, you will certainly find it difficult to decide which unit will seamlessly fit into your needs and lifestyle. The same thing goes, when looking for an air conditioning system that can help you stay cool and comfy during the hot days of summer

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The Perks of Having A Cooling Device

Cooling systems are a necessary device to secure during summertime. They help you keep your home’s temperature down so you remain comfortable and protected against the harmful effects of the sun.

As summer nears, more and more people line up in malls and appliance centers. It is in this time of year where there is an increased demand for air conditioning systems. However, not too many people can afford to buy Fixed AC’s, nor can they manage to pay for its monthly energy consumption. Most Air Conditioning systems are power hungry devices. Consumers are often left with no choice but to force themselves into a buying an electricity monster device.

But wait, here’s the good news.  Consumers these days are lucky enough to have a more affordable option to stay cool. Thanks to technology, you now get to enjoy the benefits of having an AC at a much lower cost. Portable Air conditioners provides for a more affordable way to keep your home’s temperature down on hotter days. They are economical and efficient hence are therefore a good investment.

Here are some benefits of having a portable air cooling device:

  1. No restrictions on installation options.
  2. Provides for a more affordable and efficient cooling
  3. Keeps you protected from the dangers of extreme temperature conditions.
  4. They are eco-friendly and does not utilize chemical refrigerants.
  5. Provides for on the go cooling, anytime and anywhere.

Keeping An Eye On Top Portable Air Conditioners

There are quite a number of portable AC brands and models to choose from. You will certainly find a particular unit that not only fits your lifestyle but also adapts to your financial capability. In order for you to get the most out of the money you pay for, make it a point to look for the most excellent choice.

Portable Air Conditioners, like other home appliances are an investment. Therefore, you have to shop for them with extreme caution and care. Remember that, no two brands or two units are made exactly identical, unless of course they fall under the same model. That being said, you need to have a critical eye on the products that you are interested with.

Other than your personal preferences look for a unit that you can use for your convenience. Put all things in consideration other than its physical specifics. A top portable air conditioner can only be chosen by taking into account its aesthetics and ergonomics relative to its price.

The key is to learn how to find the balance on what you need and what you can afford. To assist you in making your personal choice, you might want to check out on the top portable air conditioners that are covered in my reviews.

Things to Consider When Looking For The Top Rated Portable Air Conditioners

Before I give you the top 10 Portable Air Conditioners.  Let me first give you a set of criterion that you can use as your guide as you explore your options.

Cost Effectivity

The first thing that comes into the minds of shoppers like you is the price of the appliance you are in pursuit of. Your budget dictates what brands and model you can  afford to buy. Now, if you are under the impression that the more expensive an appliance is, the more efficient and effective they can get.  Now’s the time to look at it at a different perspective.

You see comfort and efficiency doesn’t always have to be expensive.  You cannot and should not pass a judgment on an appliance by merely looking at its price tag. There are appliances that work as good as the more expensive brands even when they are sold at a fraction of its price. On the other hand, there are those that come more affordable and cheap but don’t work quite as well as the middle ranged and high end priced appliances.

In choosing your portable air conditioner, remember that you have to look both at its price and the comfort that it offers. A cost effective portable AC, is one that delivers its deliverables relative to how much they are sold. A good example is a remote controlled portable air conditioner that are being sold at a much higher price than a manually operated one.

Remember that it takes more advanced technology to incorporate more advanced features to your devices. And as such it takes more efforts and financial resources to have them produced. The key is to know how much you are willing to spend for your AC. Set your budget and from there, work all your way up looking for your options. Learn how to find balance between what you need and how much you can afford to spend.

Comfort and Efficiency

Your portable unit should be able to deliver you the air cooling effect you deserve without putting additional stress on your shoulders. Getting the wrong unit not only puts your money to waste but also leaves you feeling irritated and uncomfortable.  Your appliance ought to offer you convenience and not the other way around.

When buying a portable air conditioner, hunt for the top portable air conditioner brands and models. These units are likely to offer maximum comfort and efficiency and are thus your best choice. With these units there’s a very good chance for you to achieve the comfort you need during hotter days.

To ensure that you get the best portable air conditioner, keep yourself well informed of the best brands and models. One of the best ways to find out is to read product reviews that you will find in this website.

Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons why you should consider getting a Portable Air Conditioner is that they are more energy efficient than most Fixed Air Conditioning Systems. Fixed AC’s are power hungry monsters that draw in a lot of energy especially during the hottest months of the year.

In order to determine how energy efficient a particular portable air conditioner is, you need to look for its EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio. An EER tells you how many BTU per hour are consumed for every single watt of power it uses. Remember that the higher the EER the more energy efficient your unit can get.

However, let me remind you that portable AC with higher EER are more expensive than those with lower EER. You should not be wary about this, for it will in turn give you more energy savings in the long run. They may be a bit more expensive but rest assured they are more energy efficient. It will help you bring your energy consumption down to a minimum.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Portable Air Conditioners obviously has an edge from Fixed AC’s when it comes to ease of installation. Little efforts are needed in setting up a Portable Air Conditioner. You also get to have the added comfort of moving them around from room to room.

But the question is: are portable air conditioners much easier to operate and maintain? The answer is – it depends on the type of unit you will purchase. As I have been mentioning Portable Air Conditioners are available in a variety of designs and features. Each model is equipped with different technologies on which operation highly depends on.

Apparently those units that come with remote controls and auto-evaporative systems are obviously much easier to use and maintain.   As what I have found on the product reviews I have written, usage and upkeep is much more easier on the most recent models.

Now if you want to enjoy your portable ac to the fullest with ease of use and maintenance then you should be willing to splurge on a little bit on your cooling device. If you are the type of person who wants to layover and rest on your day offs then getting a unit that is much easier to use and maintain is your best option.


Your appliance doesn’t only have to be efficient, it also needs to be reliable and durable. It is in this way that you get to enjoy the benefits of having your appliance at a much longer time. Get a portable air conditioner that not only looks good on the outside. Ensure that what you have is hard wired from the inside out.

It always pays to have a portable air conditioner with a long service life.  This can be achieved by choosing a unit from the most reputable makers of top rated portable air conditioners. To ensure that you get the most out of your units, make it a habit to choose a product brand that offers the best after sales services. Proper maintenance and support from its manufacturer guarantees the extended life of your portable air AC.

Keep in mind though that the way you use and maintain your appliance has a great impact on how your appliance will deliver its services. If you use your appliances with care then your appliance are sure to last longer than those who abuse it.


Do Brand Names Matter?

The question on whether you should buy a particular appliance based on their brand names has long been circulating among consumers. In fact, a great number of the buying public are left in a quandary as to whether they should put a strong consideration on the brand name or not.

I too have asked myself if high considerations need to be given on the brand names whenever you shop. My honest opinion is that, it depends on the items you intend to buy; and where and how these items will be bought.

Shopping for Portable AC’s at Appliance Centers

One advantage of shopping for your appliance personally, is that you get the opportunity to use your senses as you choose. You get the chance to inspect your options at a more personal level.  And as such, you can easily decipher which among the different brands has the best quality and design.  I think that under these situations you need not look into the brand name per se. Instead look into the product in its totality. After all, portable air conditioners are comprised of the same mechanical parts and would only differ on the design and features.

What is left for you to do is just to make sure you do your homework and conduct some research prior to your purchase. Now if you do as you are told, then you are likely to end up getting the best portable air conditioner that you can have.

Shopping For Portable AC’s Online

On the other hand, shopping for your portable ac’s online would mean a 360o turn on the way you shop for your devices at appliance centers. Unlike in stores, you don’t get to have the opportunity to have a closer look and feel of the product. It will be too hard for you to determine how durable and efficient your appliance can be. You can only trust on the photos that you see, and the descriptions indicated in the manuals.

As I have mentioned on the Portable Air Conditioner reviews, not all information you see online are honest and true. You shouldn’t quickly pass on a judgment on a particular portable ac model unless you have done an in depth research on the product or have read some reviews about it.

Not too many of you may agree with me but it is best to consider the brand name when you are shopping for your home appliances online. You need to look into the top rated portable air conditioners as they are in all probability have been tested through time. You cannot risk buying an appliance that in the end will give you so much trouble and regret for it failed to render its intended services.

The Most Reputable Top Rated Portable Air Conditioner Brands

As you know, there are undeniably a great number of portable air conditioners in the market to choose from. If you are an impulsive buyer then you are likely to end up buying a unit that will not complement your way of life. Impulsive buyers tend to make purchases overlooking the important facets of the products. They fail to make sound decisions by not looking into its ergonomics and aesthetics. It is under these circumstances that buyers often end up with regrets for making a wrong choice.

To avoid confusion and buying a particular brand and model that will not realistically fit into the demands of your lifestyle; you have to be well aware of the most reputable brands you can find online. As I have said, not all Portable Air Conditioner Reviews stand true to their claims. Fractions thereof are paid advertisements and marketing strategies.  Some will sway you into buying a certain unit without the assurance of getting the comfort as promised.

Do not be caught off-guard by the detriments of making a wrong and irresponsible choice. Do not be fooled by the thought that all Portable AC Reviews are true and reliable. Always be critical of the information that you will come across. Do not be blinded by false claims and biased information.

To help you make an informed decision, here are the most reputable brands to consider in buying a Portable Air Conditioner.

  • Honeywell
  • LG
  • Whynter
  • Portacool
  • Sunpentown
  • Haier
  • Frigidaire
  • Portacool
  • ClimateRight

Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners

Like you, I have been on the roller coaster ride of finding a Portable Air Conditioner. In fact, I have turned the internet upside-down, sorting an enormous list of Portable Air Conditioner Reviews online. The search has been long and hard, but the rewards are far greater than what you can imagine. Nothing can be more rewarding  than being able to find that piece that offers ultimate comfort and convenience.

In order to spare you from the hassles of having to go through the hardships of dissecting a religious amount of information, here are the top 10 Portable Air Conditioners that are covered by my extensive research and Reviews on Portable Air Conditioners.

  1. LG Electronics 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote LP1013WNR (New Model)
  2. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control – White
  3. Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)
  4. Haier HPN14XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 14000-BTU
  5. Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, White
  6. GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For Camping Tent & RV Camper
  7. ClimateRight Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, and Dehumidifier, 5000 BTU, Off White
  8. Honeywell CO60PM 125 Pt. Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – White/Grey
  9. Frigidaire FFPH1222R1 12,000 BTU Portable Heat/Cool Air Conditioner with Remote Control
  10. PortacoolPACCYC02 Cyclone 2000 Portable Evaporative Cooler with 500 Square Foot Cooling Capacity, Black


Final Word

When choosing a portable air conditioner, find that special piece that suits your lifestyle. Never choose your air coolers at the thought that any product will do. Always remember not to settle for something that “works”. You are likely to fall short of the comfort your appliance if you do that. Instead, look for a particular brand and model that will work for you best.

When shopping for your home appliances, always remain logical and critical. Remember that it pays to be cautious and wiseSmart choices and right decisions lead to a more convenient life. Choose your units from the Top Rated Portable Air Conditioners so you can live in comfort with no other things in mind but to enjoy the summer sun.

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