Used Kegerators: A Smart and Cost Effective Alternative to More Expensive Kegerator Brands


Most people are under the impression that just because something is old and used they don’t work as good as the brand new ones. True, however it is not always the case. You see there are some appliances that only tarnish on the outside yet remains functional and efficient even with prolong use. Among them are kegerators that you use to store and serve craft beer.

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One of the main reasons why people get swayed into buying a used appliance is the limited budget they have to spend for it. As you probably already know, most kegerators are priced quite expensively and not too many people can afford to have one. However, it doesn’t mean that just because you cannot afford to buy yourself a brand new kegerator, you just have to live without it in your life.  There are ways on how you can own a cheap kegerator and buying a used kegerator is one of them.


Is It Wise To Buy A Used Kegerator

A lot of people have put into question the efficiency and the functionality of preowned home appliances.  You are probably under the impression that used appliances won’t last long and that you may need to replace them in a few months’ time.

Apparently, it is not all the time that used appliances are at a high risk to malfunction. In fact there are some that get better and better through time.  More especially if the previous owners know how to use and take good care of their valued machines at home.

Knowing how expensive most kegerators can be, buying a used kegerator is one of the best options to own one. You will be able to find great deals by checking out on online selling platforms such as

Buying a used kegerator will give you great amount of saving, especially if you are just starting out to serve draft beer at home.  For beginners it would be wise to start off by using a second hand beer drafting unit. Well at least until you have decided on a particular model to use. Used kegerators are generally cheaper than buying new ones, it also spares you from the hassles of building your own kegerator. 


Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Used Kegerators

No Sales Tax

Like most used items, buying a used kegerator exempts you from paying sales tax. The previous owner already paid for the sales tax, therefore you no longer have to pay for it the moment the item is resold.

In simple calculation, you can save as much as 10% depending on from which state you are buying your item. Imagine paying for a brand new kegerator that costs 450 plus a 10% sales tax of 50. You now have to pay $500 for a brand new kegerator.

When buying a used kegerator you get to have a brand new kegerator at a much lower price with no sales tax. Therefore a used kegerator will obviously increase your savings.

It Costs Less

Used Kegerators obviously are cheaper than the brand new ones. The difference would be around $ 75 up to as much as several hundred dollars.  Used appliances are more often 50% cheaper than those brand new from the box. It can in fact translate into bigger savings if you find items that are sold 75% off from their original brand new price. Now you can spend less on your used kegerator and have extra money to spend on other beer drinking equipment such as a new table or seat for your home bar.

Reduces Waste and Pollutionused-kegerator-landfill


Buying a used kegrator not only saves on you money but also helps reduce waste and pollution. With a pre-owned kegerator, you will be able to recycle an old beverage dispenser and make use of it instead of being thrown out to waste and rust.

Helps Conserve Resources

A new kegerator would require the manufacture of new components. The production of these components requires the use of the earth’s natural resources including energy. Looking into a used kegerator for sale will help you conserve our natural resources without even knowing it.  This is a small step with a huge impact on environmental awareness and conservation that in the end will benefit you and the rest of mankind.


Pitfalls of Using Used Applianceused-kegerator-warning

Items Are Not As Described

One of the worst things that can happen to you when shopping for your goods online is to find out when that your item was not as it was described. It is very common that some online shoppers sometimes end up disappointed because they have expected too much from the used item they bought online.

This is the very reason why I recommend that you ask questions from a seller (most especially for used items) when you buy them. That way, you won’t be second guessing on what your used kegerator will look like as soon as it arrives. Learn how to manage your expectation and accept the fact that a used kegerator will definitely look like one. Unless, the previous owner has taken care of it really well and that it appears mint with minimal signs of usage.

Items Are Priced Higher Than They Should Be


Have you ever had this experience when you bought something that you thought was cheap only to find out that you paid more than you should have had? Sometimes our minds play tricks on us that what you thought will give you extra savings is in fact sold at a much higher price or within the range of a brand new appliance.

To avoid committing such mistake, do not rely on presumptions. Do the work, research and read a lot about the particular item you are considering for purchase.  Have a good look at some brand new items and from there you can decipher on which used kegerators are priced more reasonably than the others.


Nobody would ever want to receive an appliance that is broken or defective. For some reason there are some people who were unfortunate to receive damaged appliances. These defects may have been acquired as the item was being shipped or perhaps the seller intentionally sold them without disclosing its flaws. To avoid such occurrence, read on our tips on how you can buy a used kegerator without regret.

Item Is Not Appealing

When buying a used kegerator you have to expect that your kegerator will not be as appealing as a brand new piece. It is more likely to bear some signs of usage such as scratches and dents. Although you will find it unattractive to your taste, you can easily resolve your issues about its appearance by redecorating it. Perhaps spraying on some paint or a DIY painting job might do the trick.

Item May Have Already Undergone Repair

Used appliances have a high probability of having undergone a repair. And as such they are at a higher risk to break down and malfunction. Not all sellers disclose appliance’s maintenance and repair history. You should have the initiative to ask to find out if the kegerator that you intend on buying has been brought to a repair shop or has been touched by a technician.

Helpful Tips in Buying Used Kegerators

You all know how difficult it is to spot on defects when buying for used items online. Well if you have been into online shopping for quite some time, you are aware that it’s the price to pay when shopping for you goods on the internet.

As much as online shopping is easy and convenient, it has some potential drawbacks one of which is that you don’t have the opportunity to inspect your item in person. As such you have to be extra careful and critical of the items you intend on buying.

When looking at used kegerators for sale you, it is important that you safeguard yourself against making the wrong choice. You wouldn’t want to spend on something that you thought would save you money, only to find out in the end  that you have just let your hard earned money go down the drain.

To ensure that you will come up with a smart choice, here are some important tips on how you should look into cheap used kegerators.

Do Your Research


Before you get yourself into buying a used kegerator, the first step is to research on the best brands and model that suits your lifestyle. The internet is a very good place to look for relevant information about the different kegerators out in the market today. Find some time reading product reviews from reliable sources.

Now if you are on a limited budget to spend on a brand new kegerator then you can have a look at some kegerator for sale in some online shopping platforms. holds some of the finest used kegerators that works as good as the brand new ones. Scroll through the different options that you may have and pick one that you think will work on you.

Buy From Reliable Sellers and Avoid Scammers

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As much as the internet is a reliable source of information and a convenient way to shop for goods, it has its own risks. It can be a place for fraudulent activities and scams particularly when it comes to sales. Not all online stores are legit and not all online sellers are true to their claims. Therefore, you have to be cautions on who to transact with.  Always buy your items from reliable online selling platforms, more especially if you are buying used items.

The best place to look for used kegerators is at In this platform, you can always buy with confidence.  What you will get is exactly how it is described. But like other things, it is not as perfect as what we all hoped it could be. It can sometimes be infiltrated with scammers and bogus sellers so always buy with caution.

Ask Questions


If you have found a used kegerator for sale that interests you, do not be afraid to ask questions about the product. This way you will be able to find answers to some of the most pressing questions that you have in mind. It is through this process that you will be able to know some of the most interesting facts about the kegerator you are considering for purchase.

Here are some of useful questions that you should ask from a seller.

  1. How long the unit was in use?
  2. Has the unit undergone repair?
  3. What is the reason for selling?
  4. Does it ship for free?
  5. What are the flaws of the unit?
  6. Does the seller accepts returns?

Do Not Be Afraid To Haggle

One good thing about buying a used kegerator is that you have the opportunity to talk to the seller and haggle on its price. You rarely find this option when buying  brand new items unless sellers offer special discounts and promotional offers. However, not all sellers are so keen on haggling; but off course it wouldn’t be so bad to ask around. Just in case the seller agrees to it then you get yourself additional savings. Remember that it wouldn’t hurt to ask, if the sellers turns it down you just gotta respect that.

Meet in a public place

If you prefer to have your purchases picked-up, arrange a meet-up with the seller at a public place. If the unit is too huge and heavy, always bring a companion with you. A companion will not only help you moving your new kegerator but also ensures your safety. You know how dangerous it is transact with people you just met over the internet.

Check If The Item Is Working

If you and the seller has agreed to meet your used kegerator for inspection, check it if its working. You shouldn’t just look at its physical appearance, instead plug it and test it if its compressor is running and if it is able to dispense beer from the tap. Make sure you test it especially if the seller wont be accepting returns.

If you purchase a used kegerator online, immediately give it a test run to find out if it is in good working condition. If not, then you can contact the seller and find a settlement about the matter at hand.


Best Used Kegerators To Find

Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser

Nostalgia KRS 2100 is among the best options for beer lovers looking for a highly efficient yet very affordable kegerator. It is in fact one of the cheapest 5.1 cu.ft kegerator available for sale in most appliance centers and home appliance shopping platforms.

To know more about its extraordinary features you can check this product out by clicking straight to the article about it by clicking here.

If you more savings then you can buy this product as good as new by clicking here.

If you want a brand new model, click here.

Versonel Freestanding Full Size Kegerator Keg Fridge Beer Dispenser Stainless Steel SPP155BDSS

If you are looking for a contemporary, sophisticated and stylish kegerator to complement your interior or wine bar, then this particular unit is your best bet. Its stainless steel door exudes a refreshing and cool view, inviting you to have a serving of freshly brewed beer served from tap.

It has easy rolling casters with locks that gives you the added advantage moving them around with ease. It is 6 cu.ft and can be converted into a bar fridge as it comes with 2 internal wire shelves. You have the option to use a smaller keg for your beer and place some other favored beverage under one single unit.

One interesting feature about this unit is that you can use it flushed in a wall. Its C02 can easily be placed inside it such that it saves you a relevant amount of space. Its temperature ranges from anywhere between 34o to mid 40’s.

How big is its CO2 tank?

It is around 2.5 lbs.

What size of kegs can fit inside this kegerator?

This kegerator can hold kegs of the following types, 1/4 Barrel, 5 Gallon, 5 Gallon D System and  1/2 Barrel Full Size.

Can you screw in different tap handles?

Definitely you can.

Does it include a C02 tank?

Yes it does, you will need to have it refilled though.

Can you use this for built in applications?

Possible you can for you can use it flushed against a wall. If you are to encase it inside a cabinet or have them installed under your counters, make sure that it has enough room to breath.

Can you use this unit inside a garage?

Depends on how how your room can get especially on summer days. Like all refrigerators they work harder when the outside temperature is warmer. This particular unit may not be able to withstand prolong use in extremely warm climates.

My View

What I personally love about unit is that it can hold other beverages aside from a keg of freshly brewed beer. It also gives you the added advantage of using it as a regular kitchen fridge. It has internal wire shelves that you can use to hold other types of beverages.

Since you can make its Co2 tank fit into its interior, then this is a space efficient kegerator that people living in small living spaces can make use of. Priced at serveral hundred dollars this is definitely a great buy for budget conscious beer enthusiasts looking for affordable used kegerators.

If you find yourself interested with this unit, you can check this used kegerator out by clicking here.

If you want a brand new model click here.

Midea WHS-199BSS1 Compact Single Door Kegerator Beer/Beverage Refrigerator and Dispenser, 4.9 Cubic Feet, Black with Stainless Steel Door

From one of the makers of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of home appliances-Midea,  comes its very own kegerator – the Midea WHS-199BSS1. This is 4.9 cu.ft kegerator that can easily transform into a regular kitchen fridge by making use of its 2 adjustable wire shelves. Such feature enables this unit to transform into a regular kitchen fridge that can house different types of beverages apart from beer.

It has an elegant all black cabinet finish with a nice looking semi gloss-single faucet tap, that efficiently dispenses beer right into your cups. This unit has a chrome guard railing on top that you can use to hold variety of glasses for your draft beer. It has swivel casters  with a break system that not only allows for ease of movement but also for placement stability.

Does it come with its own C02 tank?

Yes it does; but you must find a dealer to refill it.  Co2 tanks almost always ships empty.

Does its CO2 tank go outside or inside of the unit?


What types of kegs can it hold?

This particular kegerator will be able to hold most 1/2 and 1/4 kegs.

Does it have digital thermostat control?

No, Im afraid that this particular kegerator only has a manual control knob that you can use to adjust its temperature settings.

How do you find out how cold your beer’s are getting inside this unit?

It would help if you invest on a kitchen thermometer. One way to find out the exact temperature inside it is to place a glass of water with a thermometer in it.

My View

This kegerator is a great unit for those looking for a kegerator that will blend into their home interior with sophistication and class. Like other kegerators that offers the flexibility of being used a s a regular fridge, it is great for budget conscious individuals looking for affordable ways to keep their prized beverages cool to perfection.

It would be cool if somehow the manufacturer would update this model to posses a digital temperature display to keep track of your kegerators temperature.

If think this used kegerator is a good option you can click straight through to the product by clicking here.

If you prefer a brand new unit, click here.

Igloo FRB200C 6 Cubic Feet Beer Kegerator with CO2 Tank and Kit, Stainless Steel

This 6 cu.ft kegerator comes with everything you need to kick start your beer brewing and dispensing experience. Start serving freshly brewed booze among your friends with this beautiful single tap kegerator from igloo.

This unit can also transform into a regular kitchen refrigerator by making use of its 2 interior wire shelves. With this unit, you will be able to house in almost all sizes of kegs including a full sized 15.5 gallon and a pony of 7.75 gallons. Its work top is scratch resistant so rest assured your unit will be free from scratches and dents. You can freely keep beer glasses and and other utensils on top of this unit without some damage to your kegerator.

Does it roll out easily from place to place?

Definitely, it has 4 smooth gliding and heavy duty casters that will allow you to move this unit from place to place with ease.

Can you fit in the CO2 tank inside it? Can you keep the CO2 tank and keg stored simultaneously inside this unit?

Yes you your Co2 tank can fit inside this unit really well. But as to the second question it depends on how big your keg is. If you have smaller then both the CO2 tank and keg can snugly fit inside. But if your kegs are those a 15.6 gallon then only the your keg can sit right inside it.

Does it put in a lot of heat?

You will be very happy to know that it doesn’t.

How big is the CO2 tank and how long does it last?

The Co2 tank is small. It can fit inside your unit along with a keg. A Co2 tank usually last 3-4 kegs depending on how often you tap your beer and for how long you leave the tap open.

Does the door come attached? Or do you have to do the assembly?

It comes attached and you need not worry about assembling it yourself.

My View

What is great about this unit is that is space efficient. It is a great option for budget conscious individuals living in small living spaces. You can use this unit flushed against the wall while the C02 tank is kept inside it. It offers multiple placement options, that you wont have a hard time looking for a spot for this unit to sit.

If you want to take advantage of having this used kegerator for sale, click here.

If you prefer to have a brand new unit, click here.


Kegco Kegerator Commercial Grade Three Keg Draft Beer Dispenser – Three Faucet

This commercial grade kegerator is a great unit for somone who regularly hosts parties or events or someone planning out to start a pub. This unit has two towers, one with a single tap and the other has 2 faucets attached to it. With this unit your guests no longer needs to line up in long lines. Its 3 faucet feature ensures each guests, gets to have their very own glass of freshly tapped beer. This unit however doesn’t come with its own direct draw kit components. You have to purchase them separately.

This particular unit has a manual temperature control dial. However, you can easily keep track its internal temperature with its digital temperature display. You can in fact view the readings without having to open the door. It has an excellent cooling technology that ensures you and your guests gets a continuous supply of fresh tasting beer served in perfect temperature.

This particular unit is a perfect choice for commercial applications. It can hold as much as three full size kegs or seven quarter slim kegs. Eleven five gallon kegs can fit right inside it by using the external CO2 mount tank. It has an anti shock feature that gives it the stability  needed when using heavy and large sized kegs.

How much energgy does this unit draw?

It draws approximately 3500kWH per year.

Aside from the kegs and the CO2 what are the other components that needed to e purchased?

Apart from those mentioned you will need to purchase a keg coupler, a Co2 regultor, a beer line, an air line and washers.

What kind of refrigerant that this particular unit uses?

It uses an ozone friendly refrigerant 4143 A.

Will this unit cause a surge on my monthly electricity bill?

No, this unit inspite of its huge size is guaranteed 25% more efficient than other commercial grade kegerators.

Are there any special safety features present on this appliance?

Yes, it has secured door locks that keeps your kegs safe and locked inside away from unauthorized access.

My View

I highly recommend this used kegerator for people who regularly throws out parties to a crowd. This huge kegerator eliminates the hassles of guests lining up in long lines for a serving of freshly tapped beer. Even though it is second hand, it is available for sale at a very high end price. However, the benefits you will derive from this unit is far greater than what you will spend for it.

However if you are looking for a kegerator for your personal consumption a countertop kegerator is a better choice. If you occasionally hosts small gatherings and get-together, I suggest you buy medium sized kegerators.

To take advantage of this rare offer click here.

To own a brand new model of this unit, click here.

Final Word

Buying a used kegerator is indeed risky. However if you cannot afford to buy yourself a brand new one, a pre-owned kegerator is a good option. To save you from the perils of buying used appliances, take heed of the necessary safety precautions. Have enough diligence to research and read product reviews. It would also help if you remain critical of the information you obtain.

If you follow my tips on buying used kegerators then you are more likely to end up owning a particular unit that will work with you for a longer period of time. Rest assured your hard earned money wont go down the drain.



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