Vissani Wine Cooler by Magic Chef

The Vissani Wine Cooler range is among the most budget friendly wine cooler units you can find in the market today. Having been made by Magic Chef, a brand under the MCA Manufacturing Corporation it has become a household name that most budding wine lovers turn to for its functionality and cost efficiency.

While I was doing my research on these particular wine cooler models, I came across several customers and potential buyers that were a bit confused between Vissani and Magic Chef. To bridge the gap and to avoid confusion let me point it out real clear that Vissani isn’t a brand name. It is in fact a line of wine coolers that Magic Chef has provided wine drinkers all over the world.

Magic Chef on the other hand is one of the three brand names that MCA Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing and marketing for over 85 years.  They have made a good reputation with regards to the production of easy to use kitchen appliances alongside its superb performance and great value for money.

Let’s now have a look at some of the Vissani Wine Coolers that the brand name Magic Chef has to offer.

17 inch 28-Bottle Vissani Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel

This simple yet highly efficient Vissani Wine Cooler is a mixture of classic and contemporary design. Its stainless steel trim door and handle exudes a good sense of modernity while its six wooden wine shelves give this unit a classic and timeless appeal.

Having been built for freestanding application, this unit cannot be used flushed inside your cabinets and undercounters. It vents at its rear and thus needs more space for it to breathe and work effectively. It comes with a reversible door hinge that makes it rather easy for you to make this unit adapt to your existing home décor.

You get to choose whether you swing its door open from the right or from the left.


This Vissani Wine Cooler has six removable wooden wine bottle shelves. This feature allows you to keep larger bottles of wine other than the regular 750 ml bottle. You can easily slide the shelves out for more versatile options to stack up your wine. Each shelf can hold as many as four bottles depending on the type of bottle stored.

How Cool?

This wine cooler is a compressor cooled unit with a manual temperature control. It has six temperature zones which range from as low as 39oF to as much as 72oF. Such range is more than enough to keep your red and white wines under their optimum temperature condition.  This unit is a single zone model and so you only get to keep one type of wine at a time.

My View

In spite of its manual thermostat, this unit still is a great alternative to more expensive brands. Not only that you can count on its aesthetics in showcasing your wine. It’s simple yet efficient features are more than enough to keep your wine in perfect condition from storage to your wine glass.

But if you plan on keeping two different types of wine at the same time, then it may not be a good idea to invest on this model as it only has one temperature zone. For that purpose, get a dual zone wine cooler, better yet two units of this model.

With this model priced for the most budget conscious, you shouldn’t have second thoughts on buying it.

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50 Bottle Vissani Wine Cooler MCWC50DST

If you are on the hunt for a wine cooler that can hold as many as 50 wine bottles, then this unit is a great and affordable choice. This spacious Vissani Wine Cooler comes readily available for both built in and freestanding applications. Its front venting system allows it to be used encased inside a cabinet or left freely standing alongside your other appliance or furniture.

It has a stainless steel door frame with tempered smoked glass door that helps keep cool air totally sealed off. That way you ensured that your wine is cooling to perfection as they sit side by side within your cooler. Not only that, with this model you get to wonderfully showcase your wines with its LED stage lighting that turns on and off at a push of a button.


This Vissani Wine Refrigerator has six sculpted wine racks that can safely cradle your precious wine bottles. Five of these racks are removable that you can freely slide them out should you need more clearance for larger wine bottles. With this feature you get to accommodate a variety of wine bottle types other those typical 750 ml Bordeaux.

How Cool?

This single zone Vissani Wine Cooler can cool your wines at about 39-64oF. With its single zone feature you only get to cool one type of wine at a time. Its temperature range however can cater to both your reds and whites. With its easy touch temperature control panel, you won’t have a hard time setting up the temperature to your liking.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with an auto defrost system that provides for ease of maintenance as you need not worry about ice and frost build up.

My View

What I really liked about this unit is the simplicity that this unit presents with regards to its total appearance and functions. It’s sleek and clean finish is sure to make this unit an elegant addition to any home décor apart from the ease of use its owners can get.

My only concern is that you only get to keep one type of wine at a time due to its single zone feature. This would be a great unit for people having a preference towards a single wine type. But if you love both reds and whites, you might as well get a dual zone wine cooler or have this particular model in two.

This mid range priced Vissani Wine Cooler wine cooler is is something that would level off the playing field with regards to wine cooler’s functionality and cost efficiency.

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Magic Chef 5.8 Cu.Ft. Wine/Beverage Cooler MCBC58DST

This 5.8 Cu.Ft cooler can hold either or both your wine and beverages. With dimensions of 33.4 in H x 23.4 in W x 24.4 in D , it is sturdy enough to hold as many as 178 12oz cans of your favorite refreshments.

It’s wine bottle capacity should be roughly around 45 bottles depending upon the shape and size of the wine bottles stored.


Having been built compatible for both freestanding and built-in applications, you will not have a hard time finding a spot for this wonderful vissani wine and beverage cooler. You can have this unit flush inside a cabinet better yet leave it standing right beside your kitchen fridge. With its front ventilation, you are ensured that your unit can breathe even when used encased inside a cabinet.

The MCBC58DST, is a great looking beverage and wine cooler. Its stainless steel frame and handle perfectly complements its luxurious tempered smoky glass doors. You can wondrously showcase your collection with it’s nicely LED lit interior, highlighting every curves and lines of everything that is kept inside.


This Wine and Beverage Cooler comes with adjustable shelves that give you a handful of storage options. It’s shelves by the way are made of glass and so you need to be careful on sliding them out and moving them through the slots on its side walls.  With the versatility that its three adjustable shelves offer you get to chooses what comes in and out of this cooler.

How Cool?

This Vissani cooler has a minimum temperature of 30oF and cool within the temperature range of 39oF – 64oF. You can easily adjust and monitor the temperature condition inside with its digital controls and LED display. It also has an automatic defrost system that you no longer have to worry about ice and frost build up.

My View

This wine and beverage cooler is a great unit for people who are quite low on a budget but is eyeing on having a beverage center of their own.

My only issue with this model is that like most single zone cooler models, you can’t bring in a variety of wines and beverages to their perfect serving temperature once they are loaded up inside together.

As being among the mid-range priced wine coolers out there, this wine and beverage cooler is certainly something you need to consider as an alternative to more expensive brands.

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Final Word

With the Vissani line of wine and beverage coolers, Magic Chef has proven itself to be among the best providers of versatile and affordable line of kitchen essentials.  Their units are a great option for wine lovers who don’t have the luxury of buying highly advanced wine cooler brands.

I just wish they could have a wider range of wine cooler products that can meet the different demands of every wine lover’s lifestyle.