What Is A Wine Cooler? A Guide to Wine Storage, Preservation and Service


Have you ever wondered how wine aficionados are paying attention to the manner they store and serve their most favored wines? As I have observed, people have always been fund of having wines on their tables. Sadly, only a fraction really knows how to handle and store them in the right way. In fact, most are at the habit of throwing their wines into their regular kitchen refrigerators. They think it’s enough to keep them chilled just the way they want it. But have you ever wondered if it is indeed the right thing to do?

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If my assumption is correct then perhaps you are well aware of the fact that your wines do not belong inside a kitchen fridge or a cabinet. Otherwise, you won’t be on your toes looking for a wine cooler and would not have landed on this page. Moreover, I think that you know that you’re growing wine collection must be stored someplace else, rather than what is often referred to as a “cool dry place”. It encompasses a multitude of different locations that aren’t well suited for your wines.

There are indeed a lot of ways on how you can put your wines in storage. However, you can count on your fingers which among them brings out the best in wines. One option is to use a wine cooler.

Before we get in to the details of what is a wine cooler about, you must know how wines should be kept.

How To Keep Your Wines

Wines are delicate beverages. It is a mixture of different flavors and aroma that delivers an intoxicating satisfaction to anyone who drinks it. It’s a product of hard work and the tedious process of wine making. It is in its simplest sense, a labor of love and should therefore be given high regard and value.

Knowing how delicate wines are and realizing the rigorous processes it undergoes, it is of high importance that they are held up in places where their natural flavor and aroma are preserved. Two of the most popular and probably the most appropriate way to do this is through a Wine Cellar and a Wine Cooler.

Which leads me to the next question;

What is a Wine Cooler and What Makes it Different from a Wine Cellar

The terms wine cooler and wine cellar are often used interchangeably. In hindsight you would think of these two as two similar entities that functions and delivers their services in the same way. Yes they are both efficient ways to keep your wines in their best conditions but they function quite differently from one another.

One difference that is often overlooked is on the matter these two keeps your wines. A wine cellar is designed for long term storage. It provides for a more climate controlled environment ideal for aging wines even up to several years. They come in freestanding cabinet type cellars or as a single room – built specifically for wine storage.

A wine cooler on the other hand is designed to keep your wines at a consistent and cool temperature. This way, you are ensured that your wines are kept perfectly chilled the moment you serve them. Strictly speaking they are not appropriate for use for long term storage purposes. They are handy for keeping your wines under constant serving temperature which your regular kitchen fridge cannot provide.  A few months of storage prior to service would call for a need to invest on a wine cooler instead of a wine cellar.

A wine cellar is most opportune for use for wine enthusiasts who have an enormous wine collection, intended to be aged for years. A wine cooler on the contrary is more ideal for use for people who had just started their collection and who frequently serves them on almost every occasion

So… What Is a Wine Cooler and do you really need to buy one?

What Is a Wine Cooler and Why You Should Have One?

A wine cooler is a home appliance built to recreate the conditions of a wine cellar. It brings you the same benefits of having a wine cellar but at a much lower cost and scale. They make an excellent option for newbie wine collectors who don’t have so much wine to keep yet wants the best conditions for their wines to cool and preserve its structure.

Furthermore, it also provides for a more space efficient means of storing your wines. It has the added advantage of being used even in small living spaces. Since it doesn’t take so much of your floor area, you can easily find a spot for it to sit.

Unlike other conventional kitchen refrigerators, a wine cooler keeps your wines free from premature aging. Oxidations of wines are affected by sudden temperature changes, humidity levels and vibrations. With a wine cooler you get to protect your wines against these external influences and thus preserves the delectable taste and aroma of your priced vintages.

So… now that you know what a cooler is, let us find out what is a wine cooler for.

What Is A Wine Cooler For and How Does It Work?

Your wine coolers are built to house your favorite wines under optimum temperature conditions. As the term itself implies it keeps your wines perfectly chilled from the moment they are stored up to the very instance that they are served. A wine cooler certainly is built for wines but there are some models that can be used for other beverages or a variety of it. But for this particular review let us focus on those wine coolers that functions primarily to keep your wines chilled to perfection.

A wine cooler works by keeping the temperature conditions favorable to your wines, depending on its types. You see wines come in different types and varieties. Each type has its own temperature requirement that helps bring out the best taste out of them. They help maintain a certain temperature to meet the cooling demands of a particular wine varietal.


What Is Wine Cooler That Is Appropriate To Use For Different Wine Types?

In general there are different types of wine coolers based on the types of wines and other beverages that it can store. As I have mentioned, different wine types calls for different storage and service temperatures. And as such, you have to start looking for a wine cooler depending on the types of wine you plan on keeping.

Before you engage on a particular wine cooler, please refer to the table below that shows a variety of wines and their respective ideal service temperature. The information contained in the table will help you discern what type of wine cooler is most appropriate for the wines you intend to keep.

Table 1: Ideal Wine Service Temperature of Different Wine Types.

Wine Type Ideal Wine Service Temperature
Sauvignon Blanc 45 oF
Pinot Grigio 45oF
Chardonnay 50oF
White Zinfandel 50oF
Pinot Noir 50-55 oF
Merlot 55-65oF
Red Zinfandel 65oF
Shiraz 65oF
Cabernet Sauvignon 65oF


What is a Wine Cooler’s Temperature Range

As you know, wines require certain temperature for them to maintain their structure from storage up to the moment they are served.  It is very critical that you keep your wines within optimum temperature conditions to bring out the best in them.

Having known the variety of wine types available for your consumption, you have to find ways on how you can keep them under favorable environments. One way is to look for a particular wine cooler that is able to deliver its intended purpose.

Here are the different types of wine coolers with respect to the variety of wines it can store and their respective temperature ranges.  You can click on the links to find out more about them.

Before you take your pick  keep in mind that red wine’s and white wines have different service temperatures. If you want your wines to deliver its best tastes such that it plays with your senses in an orgasmic way, you need to store and serve them well. Remember that whites need to be around 45-50oF depending on the varietal. Red Wines on the other hand are served warmer at 50-65oF.


What is a Wine Cooler that Will Best Suit Your Needs?

It is hard to tell which among the leading brands and models of wine coolers best suits your needs. As you know, we all have different lifestyles and demands. What works for you, may not necessarily work well for others and vice versa.

It’s for you to tell which among the choices you have will best fit into the demands of your lifestyle. What I can give you is just a guideline that will assist you in identifying what is a wine cooler that will meet your expectations. For a detailed instruction on how to find a wine cooler that will best fit into your lifestyle, you can read my post on this particular topic by clicking here.

What is a Wine Cooler that is Worth Your Money?

Perhaps the hardest part of buying an appliance is the risk of splurging for it without the assurance of getting back exactly what you paid for. You see i will have to admit that sometimes, shopping for a home appliance is a gamble. You’ll never know exactly how they will deliver to your expectations or if they are indeed worthy of your money. That’s why you really should dedicate some time doing an in-depth research prior to purchase.

Like your television sets or refrigerators, wine coolers come in a wide variety of brands and models. Choosing a particular cooler for your wine cooling needs certainly is a difficult task. For you to have a god return of investment,  find the best wine cooler that you can find. Here are some of the most important things to look for in a wine cooler.


oYour wine coolers need to be made from high quality materials. More than its physical aesthetics and design it should be able to deliver comfort and convenience to its users. They have to be sturdy and stable and should be built from materials that ensures the safety of its users.


Nothing could ever be better than getting a wine cooler that functions to its fullest potential. It should be able to deliver to your expectations such that you derive maximum comfort and satisfaction. After all, appliances are supposed to make our lives easier and not complicate it.

Cost Effectiveness

Most people relates affordability to cost effectiveness. Affordable appliances aren’t always cost effective. A cost effective home appliance is one that delivers its services relative to how much they are priced.


In order for you to make use of your wine cooler for a longer time, it has to be durable. It needs to be hard wired from the inside out, able to withstand the impact of constant use. Appliances of course subjected to wear and tear. Getting an appliance with superior durability would ensure prolong use and service.

Final Word

Wine Coolers like other home appliances are something you really should pay attention to before you even buy them. You cannot discount the benefits of having a wine cooler if you have an innate passion for wines.

Your wines shouldn’t be treated the way you treat other beverages. You cannot just store them anywhere you please. You need to invest on a wine cooler that doesn’t only store them for future consumption. It also helps preserve its taste that tells the story of what lies behind each of your priced vintages. These stories are by the way are for you to enjoy the moment you savor its delicately intoxicating flavor.

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